The Enemies Who Cursed Me Cut Off Baron Samedi’s Head In The Astral Plane And Needing Clarification

The Enemies Who Cursed Me Cut Off Baron Samedi’s Head In The Astral Plane And Needing Clarification

That being said from what I understand they worked with an evil entity, an ancestral spirit of Mikey Hernandez’s named Dan Arcienega that was let in by my Raziel as well as Mikey Hernandez’s and a Sandifer ‘s – someone else on the PCH who cursed me – to cut off his head – as he had done to me and tried to do to my parents many months ago – and placed him in a hyperbolic chamber in the astral plane where he was made to explode over and over. That same entity has been pulling me out my astral and spirit body repeatedly while working with Mikey Hernandez’s Santa Muerte’s, the woman who I got that tarot reading from’s higher self’s Santa Muerte (her name is Maria Santana), as well as the real one from what I understand (I heard that broad’s highest self cavorting with the real Santa Muerte as well as her own supposedly on how to steal my and his ancestral money).

I will say this:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

I wrote a blog years ago saying that them wetbacks were gonna take over our black ancestral magic by taking over – and replacing – Baron Samedi and thus setting the stage for them wetbacks who cursed me to take over voodoo.

Here the people behind the attacks:

They use roach attachments to disguise themselves so use 614 hz to 617 hz as well as 7000 hz to attack em then use 2160 hz to attack them

Here are some more people associated with it:

She actually tried to pay me to leave and I saw in the astral plane that she has alot of my stuff:

Her name is Catherine Mara I believe and I heard she was the one who went to some wetbacks (I heard the female works at Sam’s Hofbrau at 1751 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021, 213-623-3989 now and their name is Barbara and David Reina or Cuevas or Alcala) in Malibu who human traffick lil kids for Malibu elite mofos who drive a brown Range Rover (license plate number B165SAB) who are known to do dark evil sacrifice magic who put roach attachments as well as sacrifice angels on me (from what I understand they say at the top of Sunset Mesa and placed these entities as well as an entity attachment resembling Ingrid Hibert in my crown chakra):

They were stopped right here from what I understand one night:

Here is where Sunset Mesa is in Malibu, right by Coastline Drive:

It was right by the Getty Villa, a site reported to harbor kids underground for human trafficking.

Here he is admitting he a warlock:

When they rolled up on me one day I knew they had weird intentions. They were saying their engine messed up, etc and I was right.

With these, I got a Navarro at Time Warner.

These people here, Barbara and Joel Hipps – the name of their organization which is also known as “The Church of The Rose which sounds like a cult – run an organization called the Southern California Psychic Institute which from what I am now understanding uses super sentinent roach attachments that connect to their higher to highest selves – CIA level spiritual techniques – to take control of people’s consciousnesses and kill them in their sleep. I did a blog on them awhile back:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

And here are the people I got sacrificed to who work with these people apparently (from what I have seen in the astral plane it seems these folks do remote viewing for the CIA and other more unscrupulous things). From what I understand in the astral plane they have homes – as my spirit guide showed me – designated where they feed off of me by stealing my blessings and so forth.

Zendaya aka Zendaya Coleman a major one:

I am not the only one as seen in the astral whom she sacrificed:

I Saw In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Sacrificed Angus Cloud

Kevin Turen Another Blood Sacrifice of Zendaya

Something Weird Going On With Zendaya (Hollywood Sacrifices)

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

Madonna whose real name is Madonna Ciccione is another one:

Her and her daughter, Lourdes Ciccione:

I also heard some family and my ancestors got sacrificed to her as well.

Her dad name Silvio Ciccione:

Her mom and dad:

Her siblings, brothers and sisters:

That said from what I saw of her, her highest self actually came to me to steal my shit and I noticed that like Zendaya there are entity attachments of hers (in Madonna’s case she or the folks working with her placed a demon attachment – use 925 hz, 694 hz for discernment and 432 hz and 6666 hz) in my Soul consciousness set up by them evil mofos who put this on me designed to steal my shit – in my energy body – at will and due to the roach attachments they work with and an evil and pathetic spirit team – which I will talk about later (I never had any spirit protection outside the bare minimum of making sure I stayed alive and outside of a poor sad child spirit guide and roach attachments all of my higher to highest selves were to my understanding getting paid to look the other way, torture my ancestors and family by placing them in hell realms and the biggest attacks coming from Baron Samedi and another entity that is supposed to comprise my spirit team so I have no spiritual help, hence why my defences are none and why I look schizo – because internally I have no help).

That said she is an extremely arrogant and entitled mofo whose career was built off of stolen blessings and like in the case of me, stolen spiritual powers and, running in tandem with what I used to talk about, about the demiurge, as is the case with me and this curse, she was protected by God, the demiurge:

How The Pact With The Demiurge Aka Yah Caused The REAL BLACK Hebrew Israelites To Have Their Identity Stolen

Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

The Demiurge And WHY Christians Face So Many Demonic Attacks

I wonder if the god she and the illuminati (and the people who put this curse on me) work with and make offerings to is Xenu or Satan?

I heard they, the people who cursed me, work with something dark.

Given what I am spiritually going through, Imma try to figure that part out.

PS Remember that period when she had that faux English accent, stolen blessings taken from someone from England:

That said I heard and saw in the spirit plane that she molests them lil African girls from Malawi that she adopted, including Banda:

From what I saw, she tells them girls every evening, “Let me lick that cat” and have them prop themselves up in her bed for a half an hour and rapes them then has her dogs lick them. That’s why they never smile. she barely feeds them from what I understand.

That is why the government of Malawi instinctively did not want her adopting any more black kids:

These kids just didn’t know what was coming for them.

Hell with glitter and gold in her mouth, culture vulturing blacks:

– That thing around her neck, that iron cross, means someone is illuminati status and is on par with what they war-ship.

Even her own kids, Lourdes and Rocco, conceded the same thing:

A colonizer (Madonna and her higher and highest selves in the astral plane have a colonizer mentality like she did with my ancestors where she had an entitled attitude of “I treat you right you owe me” as she does them girls) with an entitled attitude to everything is what she has. She sees blacks as props, not humans, nothing more and folks as a means to an end.

Another one I learned is Issac Mizrahi (from what I am learning he apparently has a hold of an archangel Michael entity that was around me) who from what I understand placed an entity attachment of a leprechaun in me I believe to steal my blessings.

Another one, a major one is Tim Burton whom I heard is under Satan himself and, let me explain how this curse works.

They place roach attachments in the astral plane to your body (your whole astral and spirit bodies as well as physical are living organisms) that are comprised of your enemies or of folks who sacrificed you (your ancestors and family are supposed to be there), usually by compromising your astral DNA as explained at the start of this curse:

I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

From there folks can go about their day, energy harvesting you, meanwhile you are going through hell in your own head that can have as I have experienced very real consequences such as death.

That said they connected Tim Burton, his roach attachments, in the astral plane, to my consciousness and I had to physically fight him off to get my stuff back, making me look schizophrenic.

That said the entity responsible for cutting off Baron Samedi’s head is an entity that I am battling now that is supposed to be the ancestor of a Mikey Hernandez named Dan Arcienega who was a Mexican cartel member who got killed by them in 1986 who looks like this and who I saw physically many months ago:

He was seated at this bus stop at Manchester and Figueroa and before that another (but did not take the same bus):

He is an extremely evil entity (you have to use 666 hz, 6666 hz and 432 hz on him to defeat him) that has been tormenting the hell out of me and pulling out my astral body parts and consciousness in an attempt – from what I understand he already did a couple of months ago – to kill me in my sleep and from what I have seen ultimately remove me from my physical body which has already happened and he has been killing off my astral body and then my spirit body for Santa Muerte every single day while I and my lone spirit guide and sometimes my ancestors – if I can communicate with them as they block me from doing that (you can use 115,115 hz, 155,155 hz
165,165 hz and 117,117, hz to remove spiritual barriers and 113,730 hz {or 117,730 hz} to disable frequency as well as 114,700 hz to 114,730 hz to disable frequency {114,715 and 113,700 – or 117,700 hz – to enable frequency})- will help.

From what I understand he is attached to the devil or Xenu (I believe the folks who cursed me) and is part intranquil spirit that is fused with evil shit designed to eat and tear away at your consciousness and astral body till he kills you. He uses gunpowder and chili pepper to attack you.

With that being said, he was brought in by my Raziel as well as Mikey Hernandez’s Raziel as well a Sandifer (someone on the PCH who is part of this coven that uses roach attachments and wanted to steal my shit) in an effort by my own spirit team to keep me as a sacrifice and keep me under heavy curses as well as to keep me from escaping it.

That said he was brought in by an Alex Nacimento, an entity and spirit that fucks with folks’ consciousnesses to keep them under heavy curses and heavy spiritual and physically spiritual attacks till they die in their sleep. This is how he looks:

I once saw him put a Mexican woman who worked at a Walmart through various obstacle courses dubbed “The People of Walmart” and other hell realms placed in your consciousness (you go into your consciousness when you die) made to emulate places you have gone to in your life where entity attachments – I saw my grandmother, Dorothy, there:

She in the bottom far right.

And other folks there hunting her.

I actually pulled her out a hell realm while I am under this curse.

That being said I removed his evil ass and that is when he came back with that evil motherfucker. They were claiming it was his “higher self” and again he was given permission to come in via Alex Nacimento and my Raziel to keep me under extreme curses and spiritual attacks from within so I can stay a sacrifice.

I am gonna say this right now and do a video. I have no spiritual protection (outside of a child spirit guide, roach attachments of ancestors and sometimes ancestors when I can get them).

That said I am tormented by my own spirit team. At the start of this curse and even now my higher to highest selves and even my own “God”, a Roman soldier – I learned that your God or connection to him is supposed to be a cloud and if it takes the form of a human that is a curse and that is what I am dealing with – are getting paid to look the other way and do the bare minimum of merely keeping me alive so that I could sustain someone named “Ashley Hampstead”, a Jessica De La Torre, or Veronica Gilgli in the timeline where I got pulled out of my body and timeline by Alex Nacimento, I also heard Satan, the devil himself and I believe another entity and placed in a hellish timeline, the roach realm, where I was to stay for 7 years and never leave until that time and when the time came have no blessings and live a life in poverty and misery.

This is how she looked while alive. She is supposed to be from Destrehan, La and died in 2016:

This is how she looks in the astral:

This is evil the more I think about it.

The only time these evil mofos have ever fixed me is when I wake up hence why my consciousness is all fucked up and distorted, and then while working on me – since my consciousness is so thin and frail – blame me for “working” then via intrusive thoughts and having anxiety, full of anticipation, while being physically worked on from the spirit world and using that as an excuse to leave me to die since them and some other entities want me dead.

I recall seeing an entity drive that “Veronica Gigli) to my timelines to take over my body.

I will say this, all I have to work with is a lone child spirit guide, one I had to create, for fear of my higher selves as well as other spirit guides and archangels stealing and selling my blessings and timelines. I created her to protect them. And I will say this, every single day (and night, usually in the middle of the night) they try to kill her off and sell off her astral body parts, Baron Samedi, Dan Arcienega, Alex Nacimento, higher to highest selves as well as my astral body parts and I will say this because she is a tulpa I have to keep my consciousness exposed (cause I have no spirit team here to help and nothing but energy vampires as a spirit team designed to destroy me) and that puts me in harms way and keeps me to stuck to the curse. If I try to fix it, these evil mofos, my higher to highest selves, spirit guides start to attack her like demons and try to destroy her. I will say this, they have already killed off my child spirit guide.

Outside of a few ancestors and family, I have no spirit team that has my best interest at heart. Baron Samedi, Zeus, Hekate and her dad, higher to highest selves, none of em have my best interests at heart.

From what I understand, my connection to God is fucked up as it was Zeus and Baron Samedi that set the tone to keep me stuck under heavy curses and to be a sacrifice (they write Soul contracts and set me up with child like spirit guide roach attachments designed to give me very little protection when it came to my blessings and basically set me up as a sacrifice.

That being said my higher selves and spirit guides (except that lone child spirit guide) have allowed my entity attachments of the Heru, ancestors, angels etc to be stolen and placed in the consciousness of the people who cursed me:

With that being said, this sadistic entity, Dan Arcienega, which is attached to my Raziel, Mikey Hernandez’s Raziel and a Sandifer’s Raziel, was placed under the control of Baron Samedi and is connected to an Aztec god named Huitzilopochtli – who from what I recall was part of a sacrifice curse dating back to 2013 in my old neighborhood in Miracle Mile, either mine or Mikey Hernandez’s:

It is an evil spirit like alot of wetback Gods.

… being allowed to tear apart my consciousness, which I can feel physically feel and completely destroy me and be totally adversarial.

He is allowed by Baron Samedi and Huitzilopochtli to tear apart my consciousness, steal parts of it and give it to Mikey’s family and ancestors and put me under even heavier curses to keep me stuck as a sacrifice all as part of a campaign to, I will just say this, kill me and work with the folks who cursed me, which I know Baron Samedi did in that original timeline where I died in my sleep on August 22, 2022 as well as here.

I am down to my Soul consciousness cause of this sadistic entity whom my protectors – Baron Samedi and Huitzilopochtli and higher to highest selves – let run amok because they want to see me dead. They even let him murder my child spirit guide and tulpa so that I have no spiritual protection. Alex Nacimento, who was let in by Baron Samedi in 2013, removed my ancestors so that I have no spiritual protection:

I will just say this: these evil mofos punish me when I talk about the evil shit they do so, so it’s a major risk to talk about it.

This is how Dan Arcienega looks:

I believe either he – or else my dad takes the form of that creature in the background due to so many attacks by that Dan Arcienega entity:

This how he looks:

This is how the people at that Santa Muerte shop, whom I saw cavorting with Santa Muerte about how to steal Baron Samedi’s and my ancestral money, look:

The one who gave me the tarot reading’s highest self is named Maria Santana. All of their highest selves got the last name Santana.

This where they located:

That said I am just gonna say this. I am surrounded by a lot of evil entities that do not have my best interests at heart and spirit guides that honestly want me to be sacrificed. I have no spiritual protection. Outside that lone spirit guide and a few family and ancestors and a few roach attachments, including some sicced on me, I have no spiritual protection. Baron Samedi, higher to highest selves, Hekate (it’s got something to to do with the color of my skin and me being a sacrifice that got her not wanting me as a successor), a very sadistic entity that is around me that seems very hellbent to keep me stuck in hell (when I was 9 he let a wetback steal my blessings saying I wouldn’t become shit due to the heavy curses that he and Baron Samedi and these evil folks who put this shit on me – whom Baron Samedi set the path for – set up for me) I have no spiritual protection so no way of sifting through the truth.

That’s why I say pray for me!

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