June 25, 2022 Tarot Reading And How Do I Get Rid of This Dan Arcienega Entity

June 25, 2022 Tarot Reading And How Do I Get Rid of This Dan Arcienega Entity

That said I am being damn near wiped out and killed by an evil sadistic entity that is an ancestor of a Mikey Hernandez named Dan Arcienega who got killed by Mexican cartel members in 1986.

That said he is connected to my dad especially, my ancestors, Mikey’s highest self and spirit guide. He devoured mines, a child (use 6666 hz and 432 hz). He uses chili powder and gunpowder. He devours your astral body parts and consciousness and moves you out of your body. I believe that happened to me. Anyways I am trying to figure out how to get rid of this evil mofo.

This is how he looks:

I first saw that pure evil mofo here at two bus stops in physical form: when I got on the bus I noticed he was at the Manchester and Fig bus, sitting there after I had arrived though he had never gotten on the bus:

He also takes on this appearance like the creature in the background of the first pic in “Monsters” or this could be how my poor dad looks in the astral plane due to this evil schitt constantly getting attached to him by Mikey Hernandez and them evil bean bags at that Santa Muerte shop:

From what I understand they are using an entity attachment connected to this poor lady here who also had an EVIL entity placed on her by a wetback which took the form of a duck, who Mikey Hernandez and them evil wetbacks used to fuck with me (it’s in the back of and is connected to their consciousness):

Here are the people who put this on me. Mikey Hernandez:

And these bitches at that Santa Muerte shop on 8704 Broadway St by 87th and Broadway in South Central, LA.

This is where the shop is located:

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