Proof That I Saw In The Past A Mikey Hernandez Sacrificing Me To Santa Muerte

Proof That I Saw In The Past A Mikey Hernandez Sacrificing Me To Santa Muerte

Funny I saw this a long time ago.

My own blog – and astral visions – I got back then were a forewarning:

Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

Here is Mikey Hernandez:

Alex (funny the entity that sacrificed me’s first name starts with “Alex”) or Mikey Hernandez and the skeleton actually represented where I were to be in the future:

“Afro demon” was either me or my higher self:

Turns out the beaner who got placed in the roach realm was me:

When them entities first visited me to ink a Soul contract:

Here are the people at that Santa Muerte shop at 8704 Broadway Blvd by 87th and Broadway in South Central I believe whom sacrificed me to her:

– use 614 hz to 617 hz as well as 7000 hz to remove any roach attachments they may use to disguise themselves as well as 114 hz to change something back from being a roach attachment.

Shop location:

They were using an ancestral spirit of Mikey Hernandez’s named Dan Arcienega (use 6666 hz and 432 hz or 666 hz) – who from what I understand is attached to him as well as the folks who put this curse on me – who looks like this and first appeared at a bus stop by Manchester and Figueroa:

This how he looks:

He is attached to my spirit guides, my dad, ancestors, his spirit guide, my and his higher selves and spirit guides etc.

With that being said, being put up on by the folks who cursed me, I understand that he had cut off Baron Samedi’s head and my head – as well as slit my throat last night – many months ago and removed me from my astral body, in part being prompted by the folks who cursed me:

You can see death in my eyes, how sunken in they are:

From what I understand all this was in part part of a greater plan on by Santa Muerte and that woman’s higher self, a Maria Santana, to steal my and Baron Samedi’s spiritual powers as well as by the folks who cursed me in order to as a greater plan steal black ancestral magic.

I saw that coming here:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

Use 694 hz and 925 hz for discernment.

3400 hz to fix frequency.

3517 hz or 3571 hz to revive a dead body.

115,115 hz, 155,155 hz, 165,165 hz, 117,117 hz to remove spiritual barriers.

114,700 hz to 114,730 hz and 117,730 hz to disable frequency and 117,700 hz and 114,715 hz to enable frequency.

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