Moving On Towards Better June 19 2024 Tarot Reading

Moving On Towards Better June 19 2024 Tarot Reading

I will say this. It has been getting worse with my situation.

I wanna say this: it seems like I am trapped between worlds and that I am trapped in the realm of Santa Muerte and that woman’s highest self whose name is Maria Santana who gave me that reading months back at that Santa Muerte shop on 8704 Figueroa Blvd by 87th and Broadway.

That said, also the evil fawkers who put this curse on me – who watch my channel to see what to do next to me – are doing something with, working with Baron Samedi to take control of me and I feel something akin to mk ultra take control of my mind and that was scary cause it means no control of yourself whatsoever.

So I am in a way reaching out for help cause it is getting serious with this.

That said to see what is going on use 694 hz and 925 hz for discernment.

That said To break barriers use 115,115 hz, 155,155 hz and 165,165 hz.

To disable frequency use
114,700 hz to 114,730 hz and
117,730 hz and to enable use 117,700 hz or 114,715 hz.

Thank you.

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