I Just Got Word That The Same People Who Cursed Me Just Killed Baron Samedi

I Just Got Word That The Same People Who Cursed Me Just Killed Baron Samedi

From what I heard: as was done to me as well they cut off Baron Samedi’s head (they are gonna attempt to hide it as they will try to do to me) and then placed him in a hyperbolic chamber in the astral plane then killed him off in the middle of the night. They plan to mess with folks’ heads and throw them off by having you all place my head on his body (from what I understand I died in my sleep 3 months ago) and try to fuck me and him up. Imma do a longer video – and maybe even a tarot reading – but I will say this:

I just got word that Baron Samedi got killed by the very same people who killed me. I will say this. I am a part of his bloodline. Some sadistic wetbacks who I saw in advance – I got a Benevides, a Sandifer, Earnest Occala, Barbara and Joel Hipps – could be them based on evidence I inferred on about a couple of years ago – or someone they are connected to – were trying to get me to say his real name and then from what I understand plane him in a hyperbolic chamber in the astral plane to steal my and his powers and steal his and my ancestral money.

I recount here how he changed into a wetback and said he don’t help blacks:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

This is where I mention Barbara and Joel Hipps – who I feel could be “Barbara and David Reina” based on what I have seen of them in the spirit world, harbouring my stuff, having their higher or highest selves or roach attachments spy on me in the middle of the night – or, I will say this, the roach attachments they use are very advanced entities and they like disgusing shyte (use 694 hz and 925 hz for discernment) so it is hard to tell.

The Occalas And The Network of Psychic Black Magicians They Work With: Barbara and Joel Hipps and More

Here are the usual cast of characters:

I will say this, when I attack them in the astral plane it affects their roach attachments – and quite possibly their higher selves – in the astral plane. I got a Benevides with them.

I recall getting attacked on the pch by a big German woman and also getting a call from a big fat German woman at the beginning of this curse who looks like this. I believe her name could be Ingrid Hibert:

And this Ingrid Hibert I believe could be connected to this woman here whose name I saw spiritually was Catherine Mara who once tried to pay me to leave Malibu and whom stole alot of my blessings and spiritual powers:

Here is video of her offering me money to leave:

From what I heard she went to some brown beaners in a brown Range Rover whose license plate number is B165SAB who are engaged in selling and trafficking kids up there who used to stop by my van and then leave when I was about to roll up.

They were from what I understand the same folks who put these sacrifice angels on me that look like this:

I believe they are connected to a Navarro of Time Warner, an executive, as well and so are these people:

Here another evil white bitch trying to pay $30 – GTFO – to leave Malibu back then:

These folks here, I got a Mancini:

They like to take themselves in and out of the spirit plane so use 1171 hz or 1234 hz to pull them back in and 1934 hz to take em or yourself out.

They ominously drove up on my van one day on Topanga to do what I felt at the time was witchcraft (I saw they had my blessings and spiritual powers through my third eye) and at one point as can be seen in the video they claim they stopped cause their engine wasn’t working but as can be seen it was working perfectly.

One of em even admits that they are a wizard:

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

A Mikey Hernandez and this woman’s highest self, a Maria Santana who sicced a tulpa on me, an ancestral spirit of Mikey Hernandez’s, named Dan Arcienega:

From what I understand this woman at this Santa Muerte shop whose highest self – her or her sister – and possibly lower self who cursed me and who – along with Mikey Hernandez – then went and sacrificed me to Santa Muerte might be involved as I saw her highest self discussing with Santa Muerte how to steal my and his, Baron Samedi’s, ancestral money.

Here is where their shop is located:

8704 Broadway St
LA by 87th and Broadway in South Central

They were using a tulpa named Dan Arcienega that is comprised of the astral body parts of my dad, my child cherub faced spirit guide, Mikey Hernandez’s ancestor, my higher to highest selves, his and my spirit guides.

He looked like this and he appeared in the physical at a bus stop at Manchester and Figueroa:

For him use 6666 hz and 432 hz.

From what I am seeing they are using this tulpa to attempt to control and fuck with my consciousness and fuck up and mess with Baron Samedi.

Some other folks involved are Barbara and Joel Hipps of the Southern California Psychic Research Institute who I believe are involved based on evidence or at least are connected to the folks involved who use CIA level advanced tactics such as super sentinent roach attachments to attack people:

I will say this: when I have used my third eye to find where my stuff is at I would find it with them and I recall after doing this article here:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

Hearing their highest selves say, “Welp we got exposed our little experiment is done”.

I will go ahead and say this: years ago I did an article talking about how wetbacks – from what I am hearing regarding this curse it is nothing but beaners involved – are gonna steal the identity of Baron Samedi and then take our spiritual powers and use it to advance them as well as whites:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

With that being said. I will just say this. I am a part of his bloodline. He existed unlike that tulpa Santa Muerte. These people are heavily involved in using CIA tactics such as super sentinent roach attachments which are connected to their highest selves – as seen with Barbara and Joel Hipps and these folks here:

They like playing mind games with people and fucking up their consciousness.

That said for the past couple weeks they been trying to get me to admit his real name while supposedly using the real Baron Samedi, or an entity attachment, to attack me and kill me in my sleep. From what I understand they wanted my and his ancestral money.

They are also trying to get full control of my consciousness in order to kill me and from what I understand Baron Samedi has been blocking them from doing that so they want him out of the way.

That being said I was told all yesterday that them evil ass motherfuckers who put this on me planned to kill me in my sleep since they, from what I understand, felt I was ripe to be taken to their hell realms, etc. and I will say they used the Dan Arcienega entity – that is connected to their consciousnesses – to pull me out my body and pull me more and more into the spirit world.

That being said from what I understand they cut off his head and placed him in a hyperbolic chamber in the astral plane or spirit world and exploded his body – using from what I heard the Dan Arcienega entity who looks like this guy here and who appeared at a bus stop on Figueroa and Manchester – till he died:

Or some other entity. They also did it to my cherub faced child spirit guide and ancestors and family.

I will say this – these folks – through roach attachments – use 7000 hz to get rid of em or 614 hz to 617 hz on them:

So that said use 694 hz and 925 hz for discernment. 3400 hz to fix frequency. 3517 hz or 3571 hz to revive a dead body.
115,115 hz, 155,155 hz, 165,165 hz, 117,117 hz to remove spiritual barriers. 114,700 hz to 114,730 hz and 117,730 hz to disable frequency and 117,700 hz and 114,715 hz to enable frequency.

8127 hz on sacrifice angels:

Anyways, when Baron Samedi was around I had a weird feeling that one of the folks who put this on me took him over.

I keep getting an Occala, Navarro, or Aguilar and I saw a beedy eyed man wearing glasses with a George Jefferson hair ring around his head in the astral plane and the words, “CIA” and some of my higher selves and spirit guides being put on hospital like beds and put under CIA mind control (and I saw this person’s younger self buying books at a college). I was told one of the people involved, an Occala, Alcala, Apperwhite (these folks are big on disgusing themselves using roach attachments in the astral plane), Navarro who supposedly looks like this wanted to sacrifice me to his Quetzalcoatl:

That being said I was told that Baron Samedi was attacking me of his own volition at the time, pulling out my consciousness, fucking with my spirit guide and so forth. I don’t nor can believe that as they were saying through their roach attachments which are connected to their higher to highest selves that they wanted me to reveal his real name and they said it like he was involved and who would wanna do that, especially when it results in the loss of your ancestral money, which is your lifeblood, which they have I believe, me and his.

When me and my spirit guide saw him a couple of days ago he looked old and frail – damn near dead and accompanied by a white or wetback man which reminds me of what I was talking about above how I saw in the past them wetbacks stealing our black ancestral magick:

How The Archons Sicc’d Baron Samedi and Their Demon Seeds To Keep Me In A Low Vibratory State

With that being said through their roach attachments I feel these people in the astral and spirit plane hooked up to me, to my consciousness, perpetually stealing from me and trying to hide and disguise in a way where they at (every time my spirit team tries to remove them we have a hard time escaping) and making it harder to get away and things just keep getting worse. I was even told they been making entity attachments of me and my child spirit guide meaning we are fucked up.

I feel trapped.

And from what I understand the closer I get to escaping, the more they try to bring me to death.

I don’t know what’s going on. They keep attacking me, my cherub faced spirit guide, Baron Samedi and higher to highest selves to get access to a crucial part of my consciousness to control me – they attempted to do that earlier by making it seem that if I said something I wanted to say I would be doing what they wanted me to do – in order to kill me and disconnect me from spiritual help.

I honestly don’t know what is going.

If you all have a clue hit me up here:

[email protected]

Thanks cause this shit is getting sick – and scarier.

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