A Meeting of The Minds Coming June 12, 2024 Tarot Reading

A Meeting of The Minds Coming June 12, 2024 Tarot Reading

I won’t lie when I say this:

Early this morning I had a large chunk of my consciousness pulled out which was done by Baron Samedi (of which I am unsure as to what is going on with him in this which I will explain later) thus as this curse gets serious – and scarier – and deadlier – early this morning I found my astral body – for the 19th time, destroyed and mutilated by what was supposed to be Baron Samedi in the middle of the night after being told that these evil entities – and three evil people (as I will show you below I sense and know more people are involved) with the attacks usually occuring in the middle of the night, especially against my lone spirit guide which is all I have (use 694 hz and 925 hz for discernment and 117,730 hz, 114,700 hz to 114,730 hz to disable frequency – all magic is is frequency – and 114,715 hz and 117,700 hz to enable it) after being told as conveyed here they these motherfuckers plan to kill me in my sleep and they damn near made good on that threat (you can use 3571 hz to 3517 hz to revive a dead body in the astral and I have done it before and I will say this, Baron Samedi and these evil people keep disabling my access to frequency (you can use 3400 to correct it and 125 hz, 1185 hz especially – it transmute bad to good – and 156 hz – it breaks binds in the spirit plane – to rescue folks from hell realms):

The Power Is In You June 10 2024 Tarot Reading

That being said here are the people I suspect are involved:

I am gonna do a longer article on this in the future but let me get to the big ones.

I will say this: I believe their names are “Benevides”. That said everytime I astrally try to get my stuff back, I notice that if I attack them, I get my stuff back and I am guessing they disguise it at first (as per this curse they are VERY big on disguises):

I heard through a sort of telepathy via an entity attachment we all have (as part of this curse they connect you to these people via manipulation of your DNA which I explained here, allowing them to tap into familial bloodlines and attack you from there:

I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

The Pineal Gland Is KEY To Breaking This Schizophrenic Curse

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

These two folks here who founded – and run – the Southern California Psychic Institute who also double with a weird name that sounds very cultish – the Church of the Rose – ran by a Joel and Barbara Hipps (interestingly that was the name of a roach attachment made from an ancestor thrown in a hell realm at the commencement of this curse and she had/ has a sorta British accent like her as well):

To make a long story short I recall when I first called them for a reading hearing her accent and realizing she sounds just like the Barbara the roach attachment I encountered – and fought – in the astral realm I heard her husband, who sounded just like the guru entity associated with another parasitic, roach attachment named Alex Nacimento who looks like this:

I saw him and this fat German woman I believe whose name is Ingrid Hibert, right before the curse struck:

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

Say to here, “Don’t do a reading for her” and when I finally got them to redo it – it was general bull with the exception of a perceptive Hispanic dude who knew what was going on but was holding back from saying it – the husband said, “We only talk about good things not bad” which reminds me of mk ultra mind control do which is fracture and fuck up then reprogram your mind which is exactly what these roach attachments there folks use do:

I Am Starting To Think That MK Ultra Is Involved In This Curse

They Are Using MK Ultra Tactics That Got Me Going Through Hell In My Own Mind

This is the type of shit used to kill off celebrities and enemies of state latently, CIA level schitt I been saying:

The Situation Is Real Serious Now: Nanobots Being Placed Into Me To Make Me Get Possessed By Barbara’s Computer Program

That being said, interestingly, when I called them out I heard the higher self of Joel Hipps say, “Alright, our lil experiment has ended ” and then said “Let’s see if George will take over” (all throughout this I was told that a David Reina or Navarro – I know an executive at Time Warner was involved – said that he wanted to turn me into a remote controlled prostitute and and my parents which made me think that name, “David Reina,” mighta really been Joel Hipps and that intention reeks of mk ultra):

My parents.

That said from what I understand the higher and highest selves of the people involved place roach attachments in you that resembles them in many cases that is designed to compromise and pilfer the timelines and blessings and spiritual powers from your consciousness till you die in your sleep.

This is no ordinary curse.

I talk about all that here:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

That being said here are some other folks involved.

Imma make this short: I am trying to figure out what is really going on. From what I understand the folks who put this shit on me are pressing me to concede to stating Baron Samedi’s real name, I am getting wetbacks (who wanna steal and dominate black folks’ spiritual powers in the spirit plane as well as steal his and my ancestral money and spiritual powers) and I refuse.

With that being said, from what I am understanding, this Botanica located at 8704 Broadway Street in South Central, LA, on 87th and Broadway, where I got a reading from months ago (they got harassed by that Alex Nacimento entity attachment I showed you all earlier):

Well, the highest self of the woman here I believe:

Here is where the shop is located:

From what I understand saw what was going on but decided to come after me because I am black.

It was prompted by what she saw happen to a Mikey Hernandez who, when I saw – and felt – him put a curse on me that drained me to the point of death (my spirit guides showed me that he planned to set me up to get raped on the PCH and beat up and put a curse on me that would kill me) to run me off the PCH at the time, I preempted and fucked him up:

That being said, the highest self of the woman you see pictured – from what I understand she was a racist wetback in her past life who hated blacks – feelings mutual #Trump2024:

Decided to come after me and from what I understand she has been working with the wetbacks and whyte folks who put this shit on me. She – like explained as part of this curse – combined with my highest self from what I recall.

And I will say I have reason to believe that going back a couple weeks she killed me in my sleep and sacrificed me to Santa Muerte (I also got Quetzalcoatl):

Using a tupla comprised of my cherub faced spirit guide (use 432 hz to revert) combined with his highest self, my little brother Bryan’s higher self and a couple of other entities and an ancestor who looks like this:

. – he had “indian” tattooed on his forehead

I saw him posted at the bus stop by Manchester and Figueroa and he got there from another bus stop while not having taken the same bus as I and in a short span of time.

I actually saw him, his name is Dan Arcienega and I did an article on him awhile back who hated black folks (I present astrally as white and he was nice but when he saw that physically I am black that wetback wanted to kill me and I believe he did).

I see cars passing by with folks sleeping at the wheel and sometimes no driver or folks with a white mask (I have seen Aztec masks and even heard a guy play the Aztec death whistle) all conveying I am dead in some form.

That being said he is some type of parasitic entity that devours your Soul consciousness before killing you in your sleep and removes you from your body – I believe a dyybuk as my Jewish ancestors observed – and parasitically takes it over. From what I understand Mikey put this dark entity on a guy named Jeff Bollinger, who a spiritualist helped a couple of weeks ago, in another timeline from what I understand.

He has been blocking me, along with that lady’s highest self, from returning back to my body (you can use 3571 hz, 3517 hz to do that) as well as from my timelines ever since:

Her and Santa Muerte, a racist tulpa (I heard she posts the darker Messycans in her hell realm). All you need is black tourmaline, 6666 hz, 666 hz, 451 hz and 452 hz as well as 960 hz – which raises your vibration – to get rid of her racist tupla wetback bean bag ass.

That being said, I encountered my future self as a bloodied version of her (from what I understand she derived from the Messycan oversoul consciousness and so thus to give “meat” to her they place her on folks like they do with that Baron Samedi 99 cent rip off Jesus Malverde or whatever his name is such as Patrick Swayze and from what I am learning, now, me) despite the fact that from what I learned as part of this curse I am the incarnation of the Goddess, Hekate (and I am related to the Egyptian royalty going all the way to the Gods) begging me for help, saying that in the future I or my spirit guide will be placed in hell realms of hers (I feel I am already there) and made to look more like a wetback (cause they don’t like us in their culture as well as their oversoul consciousness and the feeling is mutual) and have MY powers used to do her shit.

From what I am understanding Santa Muerte, the “real” one, teamed up with this wetback’s racist highest self to make me a sacrifice and steal both me and Baron Samedi’s ancestral money and use me and my powers while paying these wetbacks who put this shit on me for use of my powers like a slave, which is what these wetbacks who put this shit on me call me and him in the astral, which is why they want me to tell Baron Samedi’s name and I’ll be damned.

I look down on her, I look down on that bullschitt “culture” they got – like the food it’s a cesspool – their nasty ways (I learned them mofos vibrate at a frequency of 4200 in the spirit world which is the root chakra which is why they are obsessed with drinking and sex and have a penchant for rape) – I am MAGA hat wearing, ICE shirt wearing (I learned that ICE shirts and MAGA make very good spiritual protective wear against em 🇲🇽) Trump supporter, tf I wanna be THAT when I am the next Hekate. That’s beneath me. Them fuckers run 🇲🇽 when you play 6000 hz frequency, a frequency that only works on evil spirits (but works on them as a people), the fuck I wanna be associated with that for!

Wetbacks Play 1 Note Mariachi To Mess With Me 6000 Hz Frequency RUNS EM

Chasing Off A Pedophile Wetback Beener Playing 6000 Hz Frequency

Running Wetback Biker Gang Up The Skreet With 6000hz Frequency

Get the fuck outta here!

Anyways I’m trying to figure out tf going on.

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