You Will Get What Is Owed You

You Will Get What Is Owed You

I just posted it today but I will say that I am battling some intensely evil shit – apparently because the people who put this curse on me are jealous of my spiritual powers and abilities – despite being attacked my psychic readings are dead on accurate – that said in the middle of the night I had major aspect of my consciousness going all the way back to childhood removed by Baron Samedi and had my timelines, consciousness given to Santa Muerte to render me a sacrifice – to get rid of her all you have to use is black tourmaline and 6666 hz and 451 hz and 452 hz as well as 690 hz, which raises your vibration.

I will say this: go after her followers to get rid of her as that is all she has as her strength as she is a tupla, a thoughtform derived from the Mexican oversoul consciousness, and she derived her strength by literally connecting to other people and folks’ higher selves and her followers etc.

That being said, I had my lone spirit guide try to put me back together as much as possible. Apparently Baron Samedi had tweaked the frequency – 6000 hz – to where I can’t use it to help me and instead it got tweaked to murder my lone spirit guide and my consciousness, this disconnecting me from God, The Source, ancestors and spiritual help.

As promised, I will say this, I can’t help but shake the feeling that I died in the spirit plane last night. Baron Samedi or his entity attachment – I will say this the folks who put this on me want his and my power and I did a video talking about it and I am still trying to sort through all of this what is truth and what is fiction. That said I am hearing that he is helping but is being held hostage in a hell realm and told by these people – as I noted in a future video it is a bunch of wetbacks and whites involved – that he has to fuck me up, fuck up my child consciousness – the last remaining consciousness I got left – as well as my spirit guide to get his ancestral money, his real name de plume while he was alive – unlike Santa Muerte a tupla him, Oshun, Elegua were actual living people at one point – so that he can get his popularity and other stuff back, which me and my spirit guide helped him get along with rescuing him from a hell realm, which he did in fact try to return the favour one day with help.

I am getting mixed messages – and having my consciousness destroyed in the process – so I don’t know what is what.

That said, I do need spiritual help which I have been getting blocked from getting (you can use 114,700 to 114,730 hz as well as 117,730 hz to disable frequency and 117,700 hz as well as 117,700 as well as 117,715 hz to enable it witch is what all magic is.

That said I do need help, plenty of spiritual help but hopefully with help I can triumph this.

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