You Will Overcome Anything June 13, 2024 Tarot Reading

You Will Overcome Anything June 13, 2024 Tarot Reading

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I will just say this. I don’t feel like I am in the world of the living and I noticed that I was being held in a dark place, a realm by Santa Muerte and her followers (she is a tupla so get rid of her followers as with all thoughtforms they make her and she has to attach to your higher or highest self to have meat, plus black tourmaline, obsidian, 451 hz, 452 hz – it defeats energy vampires, 960 hz – which raises vibration, and 865 hz – which neutralizes energy) and I was able to defeat her and break through. Also to remove barriers – frequency is magic – use 114,700 hz to 114,730 hz as well as 117,730 hz to disable frequency and 117,700 hz and 114,715 hz to enable it! 12,000 hz can also do the same.

That said I thank you all for all the well wishes and prayers and good vibes. Thank you.

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