VERY Important Info Coming and Important Spiritual Information To Tell June14, 2024 Reading

VERY Important Info Coming and Important Spiritual Information To Tell June14, 2024 Reading

That said I say something spiritually in the video that could get me fucked up and killed in my sleep regarding the demiurge, the Gooru system, a sacrificial realm named Istanbul and the evil schitt the people who put this curse on me are under, what they war-ship. That factoid about Istanbul may especially get me killed so please do send good energy my way, pray for me.

I may talk more about it tomorrow.

Here are some articles speaking on the parasitic system I mention:

The Kingdom of God Is A Kingdom of Astral Parasites

How The Gooru System Works

Alex Nacimento, how he appears.

This is the entity that is an extension of it. Goorus, like the person who placed this curse on me (use 1185 hz which transmutes hell realms, 125 hz to raise yourself up out of one, and 156 hz to break spirit jars and shackles to break yourself free from them), place spiritually powerful folks in hell realms for energy vampiric entities and people to energy and astral body harvest as told to me, low key, by an entity attachment that appeared as Issac Mizrahi, one of the folks I understand who sacrificed me as part of this curse in 2022 right when I was in jail – and lost everything.

I even encountered him in the past, RIGHT before the curse commenced:

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

And funny it mentions a blonde haired German bitch – whom I saw in 2014 with a skeletal entity which I mentioned in a past article in a nurse outfit – I believe her real name is Ingrid Hibert – right before the curse hit. My third eye saw it coming.

Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

Archon Attacks ARE Stepping UP As I Break Free of This Matrix And Teach Others To

David Reina’s Higher Self Gooru Has Been Stealing My Money

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

To look for me in the spirit world – I STAY getting blocked from being seen by Baron Samedi and Santa Muerte and from what I have seen in the astral I am in either Santa Muerte’s consciousness or the people who put this curse on me, Sandra Pimental, “Barbara and David Reina”‘s consciousness as my astral body upt destroyed as mentioned last night (usd 3571 hz to 3517 hz to revive read bodies) – 694 hz and 925 hz are your friends as well as 114,700 hz to 114,730 hz (117,700 hz and 114,715 hz enable frequency) especially 1135 hz are GREAT for breaking barriers.

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