Exclusivity Is Key πŸ”‘  For Soulled People Living Amongst Organic Portals

Exclusivity Is Key πŸ”‘ For Soulled People Living Amongst Organic Portals

I think this mofo was clapping for these assholes one night who were sexually harassing me so he got ‘woked right along with them which will be profiled in a future blog post…..

Looka that front bumper: whole fucking car a ‘woke and need to be thrown in the trash πŸ—‘

Cussed his ass out when he tried to speak to me…..

You do not speak to the qween πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ¦–

Fucking wetback.


That said, new (c)agers, more accurately – organic portals – like to say all that shit about “you gotta project peace and love” and that even if you ain’t feeling it, you can exude confidence and establish healthy boundaries without doing the inner work which is wrong!

You gotta heal within for that air of confidence, exclusivity, the energy of “stay the fuck outta my way” to exude.

Imma say this right now, people are wrong on narcissism and I will dare go as far as to say, sociopathy! As explained here once a while ago….

How To Become A Psychopathic Empath

– I’ve heard crakkkas say that about me cause they can’t get my energy and that’s really true of them fore they are the colonising, conquering sociopaths who steal whole continents and feel entitled to subjugate whole groups, races, of people then turn around and project on those very same people after stealing their land and their bodies as well…..

They also want you to care about their opinions so they can have power over you via you wanting to seek their validation as a result…..

Narcissism I feel, esp. for those unhealed, I feel is a stepping stone to protecting yourself emotionally for us empaths so we can reach intuit status where we don’t have to inadvertently feed these energy vampires also known as organic portals by being empaths…..

That said, another thing I wanna touch on is this: a gentleman recently said ignore those who disrespect.

MAJOR mistake!

Now it is true you gotta do work within cause most often if you have a Soul what these organic portals do is often a reflection of what is going on within and the type of work you need to do to heal so that the bull will stop.

As a wise black gentleman once said to me, you gotta come into your power so that these fuckers can not access you energetically and once that is done, they will quit!

I’ve seen it before, even when shirtless….

That being said, until you do…. like in a zombie apocalypse, you know evil entities are working through those mofos so in self defense you gotta shut their asses down so they do not harm you! Cause they work from a hivemind, this is very crucial because if you don’t something, words gonna spread in that hivemind and they will do more cruel shit to throw you off.

Think of how in jail folks “test” other folks to see if they will fight back by bullying them and you either stand up or fold and if you fold you will be seen as an easy mark to get picked on….

That is what happens when you don’t fold disrespect early on…..

This happened when I let my guard down:

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

Being black and female, I damn sure can not afford to be on that false peace and love hippie shit, esp. living around racist wetbacks and crakkkas…..

They’ll prey all over you as have happened when I got drunk when my guard got totally obliterated….

That is why it is important that I stand in my power and let no one or anything come into my energy and comprise me, as talked about here…..

Why You Can Not Be Around Folks Who Are Spiritually Not Like You

With that said, as I grow closer to ascension – I gotta get this “Satan” archon sacrificial head program off the right side of my crown chakra, note how these wetbacksagain it is always them – are attracted to the lights in my van as they lighten up in spiritual symbolism of my soon to be ascension…..

They are symbolic of the dark energies, the organic portals, who wish to feast on us Soulled people when our light shines through:

Don’t let them. That is why I use the darkness to keep them out πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–πŸ‘€

Even “Jesus” aka Yashuah supposedly used Beelzebub, an Ars Goetia demon, to cast out demons…..

Think about it…. they are attracted to your light. It is like walking in the hood with a million dollars in jewelry on. So how the fuck you gonna run em away with the very light they seek 🀯

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