Pure Evil: Crakkkas Go Around Throwing Eggs and Spraying Bear Mace At Homeless In LA


This is why there are homeless encampment fires….. They won’t tell ya about this in the news.

– I mean no matter how fucked up a person is most folks won’t burn their own living space…. I knew of folks on tweak who had RVs and never burned down their shit…..

LOL they missed the brother and in the second round the egg landed safely in his lap…..

Here they throw an egg at a Mexican man merely passing by for being Mexican….

Here is their site:


I came upon them through this website here ran by a former tweaker now turned shamer (why THE FUCK do these former druggies get the gull to look down upon their fellow human wallowing in the same follies they once were wallowing in) named Tweakinontheweekend, whose site is hilarious I must say (and he don’t do the evil shit these dudes do from what I’ve seen)…..


And this mofo caping for em is practically homeless his damn self…..


These guys here are pure fucking evil…..


That reminds me of this degenerate rapist here who I am still looking for……

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

This here really hurt me seeing them throw that shit at these brothers. My poor uncle lived in a junkyard in his car when I was growing up. He was amazingly talented as a singer. Used to talk shit on Sadè and her big head lol! He hated her for some reason…..

They call fucking with innocent folks who ain’t fucking with them, “karma.”

This hurts the most: two dudes threatening an obviously weak guy to rao for $5 or he gets egged…..

Their license plate, as seen through my third eye, is California license plate number 3SLV425.

Here are clues to their identity as can be gleaned from this video:

KNEW one was blonde…. with that accent perhaps not from here.

They harass homeless in the Skid Row/downtown area.

Their fans need to be ‘woked too! Looka this…..

Perfect example of organic portal (lack of) thinking….. Look at “seetheirweed” comment…..

How you encourage folks to spray paint homeless folks’ faces then say “good vibes save lives” on your profile page…..


These bitches gotta be ‘woked!

A Curse Has Finally Been Lifted

That said, as I know all too well, addiction is usually a spiritual affliction, casted upon those of us with Souls and designed by the demiurge in his matrix kingdom to keep us down by putting into us archon programs designed to have these etheral, astral parasites grafted onto our bodies and embedded in our energy, auric fields and in some cases our Souls so that these parasites can feed using addiction to alkie-hole, which comes from the arabic word meaning Soul eating spirit, drugs and other low vibrational behaviours and actions such as loveless, connectionless, selfish sex of which prostitution and hooking up are examples of to get their loosh (negative energy) fix.

As noted and witnessed all throughout my blog, addiction is really not the fault of the person. When those archon entity attachments come together to conspire to feed off of you – and as noted here while attached they will create EGREGIOUS vile cruel cycles of captivity, I say captivity because these events are literally designed to keep you stuck in this conundrum of negative morass where you stay chained to the addictions like the devil tarot card in the Rider Waite deck shows…..

Why You Can Not Be Around Folks Who Are Spiritually Not Like You

That said, both these guys are evil. As seen through my third eye one has a reptilian head for a “soul” meaning it is an organic portal and the other has a sacrificial head that looks like Nosferatu, meaning that mofo a Soulless hivemind organic portal too.

Things don’t happen for nothing. I was meant to “stumble” upon them for a reason, for Divine Justice as I myself work with dark dark shit 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖👤 that effectively keeps folks of my ass.

That said, again there California license plate number is 3SLV425.

The info to LAPD headquarters is:

100 W 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Good day and take care 👋🏻

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