I Understand……

I Understand……

I totally get it…..

This is why all throughout my lifetime I have had 4 abortions in total: including one induced by entities during my satanic period aka “chemical abortion” and another induced via my third eye……

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

I don’t understand how mofos can’t see that a fucking fetus that is not viable that relies on being solely in the womban’s womb for sustenance is not a parasite:

– Fucker don’t even look human.

That is the spitting definition of a parasite, a virus:

Womben go thru literal hell having you basturds, including me ??‍♀️

Womben suffer – as I have experienced – faux nausea induced by the little basturd pushinh your body to the limits, imposing it’s food desires on ya, only to have it renege and say “I ain’t hungry” after you done purchased expensive amounts of food, not to mention pustule bumps, hot and cold flashes (which folks typically experience when they are about to die), terrible terrible pains, back aches…. I know I’m not even close to how bad it gets…. read here:


Patriarchal ass WebMD wants to play it off like the pains ain’t shit…..

You know a man wrote that shit…..

That said the “joys of pregnancy” meaning it’s horrors gets played down cause….. as I said here……

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

Men want to dominate womben for their reproductive benefit (thank goodness I only attract gay men and I wanna keep it that way)……

….Gay pryde gay pryde all day gay pryde all dayyyy ???️‍?

I gotta make a transracial flag for my people next ??????

That being said, this is why I handle men the way I do. You gotta dominate their asses first before they can dominate you.

I peep they’ll even go after straight confirmed butch lesbians (I’m butch) cause it is a form of domination.

Truer words have never been spoken…..

This is very true……

I’ll never forget that time when I used to look like this how I got told by a cop basically that I deserved to get sexually harassed and chased like a dog down the freeway by a mad mofo who felt entitled to me cause I looked conventionally beautiful at the time and said, “If I didn’t like it, don’t be out in public”……

I have also heard that cause I walk shirtless and look “manly” aka natural looking that I should be happy for any male attention – like I am doing it for them – and when I show my confidence that I don’t need their validation, I love me, I don’t need a man to validate – cause it is about control issues fpr them they wanna go the violent route (well, bitch, let’s dance ????????

This is why I mean, I can see, but I can’t see – HOW THE. FUCK females can deal with males….. I overstand (cause I have an overconsciousness) that they are trying to find their “masculine half” but these mofos – even the best of em – even ones with consciousnesses like I – are toxic! Men are some innately toxic mofos. The male entitlement, boss womben around about our looks (esp. wetbacks and latino males – machismo is a staple in them male patriarchal cult-ures), the feeling entitled to make you uncomfortable in your own spaces, as you walk down the skreet, minding your own business, feeling like they got the right to kiss you without consent, impose themselves, I mean, wolf whistling at us like we dogs, trapping women for their phone numbers who don’t want em – men need to be cancelled ? I’m dead serious.

They some toxic mofos. That is why the only way I can EVER deal with em is as a prostitute (Imma put up a sign today denoting this – ran they asses off the last time). I can only deal with em at arms lenght, as a prostitute, like Aileen Wuornos:

Anything outside of that, hell to the fuck no!

Ain’t no way!

They’ll try to impose their toxic ass energy, mentality on ya – even the best of em – in low key ways and, if you a strong womban ??♀️ like for example Gloria Steinem, who got beat up by Christian Bale (actually it was ma who got beat up – still this man disrespects the womban who gave him life, which is why I am a firm believer in abortion)……


See, that instagram idiom a coupla paragraphs up is true: they snatch up strong powerful womben who could make a real difference and in the case of womben they use wealth to capture em so that their voice, their powerful voice will be shunned.

That’s why I am happy that I am developing Christ Consciousness after healing significantly (I peep energy vampires are being more detoured now) cause, my energy along now is enough to repel the wrong people, esp. men in general, away from me.

Healing works cause then you experience innate self love!

In the past, I was speaking – and acting – from being imwardly constrained by other people’s feelings and emotions – on a subconscious level without realising it, allowing mugs to parasitically feed off of it.

Now I am developing (damn the word count says 777) God consciousness, I am not constrained by wordly bullshit anymore.

That being said, returning back to the pregnancy thing – men just, I mean, it goes back to womb envy really…..

Men’s Womb Envy

Why Womben Need To Avoid Niggaz With The Baby Boy Mentality

I mean you gotta have womb envy to use a womban’s vagina as a reference of weakness (“You a pussy”) given what we go thru to have you……

I mean, ya’ll mofos your damn selves say hell no to enduring what we endure with childbirth etc. (that’s why I had abortions ?? Fuck that!) so how you gonna call a pussy weak while calling balls – which you kick to escape from a rapist – strong as in “He got balls” ??‍♀️

I mean it’s womb envy! It is what it is! No way around it!

I ain’t enduring that shit and I’m female. Fuck that. I’ll wait till men get pregnant or they create incubators to incubate the lil fuckers like eggs…..

And then you got misogynistic males against that cause they want womben to suffer and be forced to have kids that ruins our bodies which they will in turn body shame…..


I mean the psychological just, terrorism men wrought on us – how tf can the rest of ya’ll womben deal with this and keep your head under water to not see how fucked up they got you, treat us…..

This is why I be embarassing the fuck out they asses, cursing them out, beating them up…..

Pumping Iron And Pimping Non Blaq Niqqas

Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

This Is Why I Say That Men Are Innate Natural Predators

Men Are Innate Predators

That said, I wanna end this by saying I’ll nevar forget the trial of Andrea Yates – a womban who was pushed over the edge by her demanding, resulting in the deaths of her kids at her hand due to him……

I remember my mother used to talk about the trial, saying how much of a sick pedantic mofo he was, pushing that lady over the edge…..

You wanna talk about war crimes? Men have committed the most fucking war crimes against women then got nerve to wanna project and impose blame on women for their shit, like rape victim blame (“She wore a short skirt or she was shirtless”….. “SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT”)!

As this idiom conveys, womben get blamed just for being out at night, for just existing……

As I said before, my physical fights over my shirtless activism hasn’t been with womben, it’s been with men……

Dude Tries To Attack Me For Being Topless THEN Calms Down

STRAIGHT Demon Seed L.A. County Beaches and Parks ILLEGAL Employee Inserts Evil Entity Into My Sacral Chakra After Staring

Black Sellout Dating Fat White Founding Fathers Looking Bitch Gets Jealous of My Going Shirtless Falsely Calls Police

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

This Is Why I Say That Men Are Innate Natural Predators

I mean, recently a lil insecure Aztec skantè warrior with control issues wanted to war with me to control this area and I ran his ass out! All of em, including Richard the Rapist who felt that cause I got shirtless that gave him the right to stick his fingers in me without permission and then got mad when I put him on blast.

They all got pissed when I put em on blast after having me committed.

This is the bullying energy I deal with: they can do unto me which I can’t do unto them.

That is the mentality of most males hence why I come off as a bulldagger aka bulldozer to assert my dominance.

The thing that kills me the most is when I told skantè warrior that most of my fights over shirtless activism have been with males, like a mindless (wetback) robot he repeats over and over, “I bet women fight you huh!” Well, bitch, you one of my examples now…. and will be made one tomorrow!

I am like my brother I don’t explain shit, I do!

That said, you wanna talk on reparations men owe women a whole lot, for the shit ya’ll put us thru! I mean womben and grrls just can’t fucking be without you punk mofos sexualizing us and denying us bodily autonomy for your reproductive benefit which extends to abortion…..

I mean mofos hate my ass virulently out here cause I am powerful and strong, literally a fucking Goddess……

It ain’t womben I got an issue with. During the night of the fight between me and Aztec Skantè warrior (I won lol) his gf with 4 keeds for 4 other niggaz was laughing at his ass. She he a joke, lol!

I mean I can’t tell ya being a straight butch how many males come up to me wanting to dominate.

It’s like bitch go dominate your child support, go dominate the keeds you already got (I notice and have heard of mofos wanting a womban to keep a baby and then abandon her when she bares it which goes back to how I said men wanna use us for their reproductive benefit), go dominate your own fucking life niqqa (really wetback and crakkka). They hate my ass cause I know the wassup and I tell em straight up.

That said men owe womben more than a dick and a smile. Ya’ll need to be annhilated cause this shit here, what ya’ll do to womben, is innate and you can’t argue with a mofo who just got it in him harm. We got world wars, society polluted, fucked up cause of ya’ll. Misogyny even begot racism:

As Dr Francis Cress Welsing explained fear of white genetic induced racism (and fear of black male dicks) due to whites being genetically the weakest so the males imposed a series of bullshit rape victim blaming gender based mores to keep their womben under their control for their reproductive benefit, which extends to the bullshit pro life thing which was borne in the 60s during the Civil Rights Movement out of white male fear that their womben are gonna fuck black men once we black folks finally win our civil rights and lead to the death of the white race…..


I mean womben ain’t chess pieces…… I mean this misogynstically points to the commodification of womben’s bodies in men’s eyes as no more than chess pieces for control and domination without our own thoughts and feelings and emotions – as we are entitled!

This is why I stand with this womban:

And it’s good she killed a male child. I stand with this energy ✊?✊?♀️

Womben, we need more of this….. Cause of this ??

As the temperance lady told females not to fuck men to bring about prohibition, I encourage all you ladies to stop having male kids to bring down the patriarchy. Abort them. We are at war.

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