Don’t Fight The Homeless Fight The Elites

I had to sink my teeth into this:

A homeless got MURDERED in cold blood by this asshole in the suv here:

Like rape victim blame…. THE COMMENTS is what got me fucked up!

Before I show particular examples, what kills me is, okay, many of these mofos are RENTERS. They don’t even own shit, as this roach would say:

That said, the day or tomorrow, like dese folks found out the hard way here:

This man AND his chile both got jobs:

UNLESS YOU OWN YOUR SHIT your ass can be out of a place, too!

Goddess forbid you get some unforseeable disability, you lose a relative that fucks up your mind – SHIT HAPPENS and beating on folks who are already at a low point who do not control the system is low!

Take it up with the system!

That said, here some more fucked up shit including by so called “activists” aka ACTORVIST who never called about the homeless who use em almost a la munchausen by proxy so they can get youtube/instagram clicks and monies:

Here the bitch I think who did it based on their banter (too real for me) here named Isley Walker @izzlebay:

This a fucking (illegal immigrant) sociopath right here:

– How you gone quote buddha, buddhism and think this way:

This guy here LIVED in a tent with his SON on skid row yet he laughs at the very people he was once like, who those bloodthirsty mofos want killed:

What’s even more fucked up are so called “homeless advocates” caping for this homeless dude’s violent and deliberate murder:

This dude here @la.homeless is one such person (he himself was formerly homeless and when I first saw his page I got the sense that he was an eltist, sociopath no conscience mofo energy vampire who was filming the homeless to feel better, superior to them – wait till dat ‘woke set in):

– Many folks on his page call him out!

Here another, this “Homeless Lives Matter”:

You can LOOK and see the cold dead stare of a sociopath in his eyes:

Here he is justifying the death of a homeless man he calls himself “caping” for:

I remember he approached me years ago and I shut his ass down! That’s why I tell peepole to go fuck themselves when they call me crazy for going off on mugz cause I intuitively know I am right and then later on what I sensed they will see ?

Here more picking on the helpless aka homeless:

Even this whyte bytch I got into it with over fucking with me about that “Hello Sexual Harassment Homeless Bum” shit, even she showed fucking empathy:

Adrian Waite’s a fucking CONVICTED RAPIST AND MURDERER who tried to get with me in 2014 (ALLLL the way in California from Arkansas) and I exposed his ugly, slow witted dusty ass:

There were a few sensible humans with empathy like this man here who linked to the @SantaMonicaPD like I did:

Then you got some asshole blaming feminism lol:

Anyways, before I get to the main point let me say that alot of this shit is about envy:

Envy a mofo! I went thru it in high school and experienced it firsthand in the real world:

Gotta Matchbox 20 flashback – boy I used to watch VH1, get high off of listening to music (cause my parents kept us locked inside) till I was on reality tv on there I the late 00’s.

He was cutee ?

And Rob Thomas is so called mentally ill.

You can see it in the eyes. He looks young but emotionally, mentally harried.

That said, I heard this shit when I attended the Malibu appeals 2 years ago:



I broke it down here:


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Many of those mofos were upset cause – how dare we – the PCH homeless – live right. by the beach. free while they (insane) asses gotta pay all this ludicrous amounts of rent on something they will never own!

They had one jewish dude who low key had me cracking up, saying, “I oughta just give up my apartment, move down to the beach and live there” lol ?

That said, like cowards ?? they point their fingers towards the symptoms and not the problem and you will never find a solution if you are beating on mofos who are already low.

The drug addicted homeless dehumanizely get called “zombies”, I mean even this fucking reddit story sums up the inhumane way folks see us:

– This is scarier than fucking zombies!

Who can become us at any minute due to losing a job, having a disability, etc.

As the old saying goes, “We all one paycheck from homelessness.”

Spiritual shit and some crazy shit that happened back in 2016 got me homeless which you can read here:

Basically, moved into 637 Hauser Blvd Apt. #5 in mid city LA otherwise known as “Room 1408”, in 2010, my income inexplicably went down though I was doing all the same (and right) as I did back in my older apartment in MacArthur Park. I was a prostitute aka escort. When I moved to the new (haunted) place from old I went from charging $300 per hour to $200 FOR 2 HOURS then I went on a spiritual journey blah blah….

I believe that placed lied on negative leylines cause when I saw the energy grid for that area I saw brown gated like etheric lines belying it.

Miss it but wouldn’t wanna go back tho. It served it’s purpose.

Now I am living in my car. I’ve been in the city since 2008 and I will say something: I always liked living in cars. Even when I was going to school back in my parents’ old home – my childhood home – I’d sleep in my car for 2 to 6 hours. Sometimes till dark. I did it when I had an apartment. That’s just me!

That’s why I get appalled when folks act like we are just cogs in a wheel and are supposed to move “cause we homeless.” We don’t all work (or in my case ‘woke) the same beau ? I’m not gonna justify my life to you ⚜ We are not all the same. We are meant to have different tastes and lifestyle choices. I just so happen to like living out my car while you like being a systemhead and being part of the system and being a part of – and maintaining – the status quo, which brings me to my next point….

All this shit with the homeless, increasing rent prices is designed to lead us into Agenda 21:

This why we got this corona virus shit going on:

– Even your government says it’s nothing to worry about!

Agenda 21 is designed to herd ALLL the people into cities where we can be easily controllable. That is why they have arrested folks for living off grid or for having small farms just for themselves:

That’s why folks are getting arrested for sleeping in our cars cause we can move fluidly and they can’t control us like they can a more pedestrian bound homeless person #Agenda21

That said, before they do this officially, they are gonna to implement something called “universal income” where we all are gonna stay home and not do shit:

They gonna do this by first having robots replace us, of which Amazon warehouses (where humans are treated like slaves – another test run ::wink Hunger Games wink::) are a test run:

– I tell ya they ain’t ashamed of shit!

This FAKE corona virus along with the $1200 stipend is a test run for this!

That being said, they are pushing the middle class Californians out – deliberately – so that the high prices and some say dismal policies that Californians vote on will continue to other places, hence why in other states like Texas esp., Idaho even and of all places…. Portland are talking shit about us!


My point is, you dumbasses are raising your ire at the wrong people! Focus on the mofos who can make a difference.

This is your shadow government, the Rothschilds doing this shit!

I see it coming!

Just as they tried to push SOPA (to censor the internet) in 2009 then snuck it back in the form of censoring the internet via shutting down Backpage, then Alex Jones, then the Daily Stormer, Louis Farrakhan and now David Icke – who talks about reptilians – they are gonna re-implement this martial law shit to bring about an oligarchy ruled by the extreme rich with all of us being poor serfs on their land!

They were telling us this with the Hunger Games:

They use divide and conquer as their tactic and by dividing us – now based on class – they are setting us up to TOTALLY not recognise the danger that we are all collectively in as they implement their plans….

– Don’t say I didn’t warn ya ??

That said, I want you all to watch this youtube channel called “The Centre for International Innovation which basically talks about a depopulation agenda – hence all this fake “global warming” talk!

They let you know within the first 5 minutes their depopulation agenda:


HEAR the full video:

Here their channel:

That’s who ya’ll need to be fighting and not kick mofos while they are down like fucking bullies!

You may feel good, but it won’t solve shit.

We all are gonna be poor with no rights once all is said and done.

I recall back in high school in 1998 a site called that had a natal chart section. I input my birthday (May 14, 1983) and all the shit it said would occur in my generation such as gay rights and gay marriage did come true (this was a year after Ellen Degeneres got fired for being gay so who woulda seen this). Now when I input the natal chart for someone theoretically born in 2018 it said they would grow up with a future limited rights.

Think about your kids, you future and don’t waste time squashing the symptom by doing e-vile shit like this:

We all are gonna be homeless with no rights as long as we keep ignoring the problem:

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