Play 6000Hz To Get Rid of Entity Attachments and Open Your Chakras

::JUST NOW A BIG ASS ROCK HIT MY CAR! The reptilians are pissed. IT’S WORKING::


I woke up in the middle of the night (it was so peaceful) and went online before going back to sleep.

One of my fav channels is 2Circles who exposes the shadow, SHADOW government aka archons, reptilians, redheads (ya’ll don’t know bout dat), nordic aka tall white blondes (they offset the Hitler shit) so I felt inclined to go on there witch ??‍♀️ I hadn’t in a while….

That said, I stumbled upon his video titled: “Defense Frequency Range Against Reptilians”

Ya’ll go check out his channel….

Basically, what you do is, to rid yourself of bad entity attachments and esp. reptilians play 6000hz frequency:

I peeped as soon as I did I believe I awakened some shit. I felt a tightness at the side of my hips. I also felt a similar tightness there a looong time ago back in 2012 when my baby brother died which coulda been my psychically picking up his pain after he had died! I also felt immense pressure at the forehead.

I also felt my throat chakra which has been long blocked started to bubble meaning it was opening along with my third eye. I played it in part to unravel a major energy block that extends from the lower side of my jaw by my teeth all the way to the crown chakra! Funny: the Monroe Institute, started by Robert Monroe, teach you to use I believe this frequency to astral project:

They are the forerunners of the binural beats folks can play today to offset themselves to astral project:

This my fav:

Anyways, after playing the 6000hz, I felt the vibrations to astral project.

That said, let me tell you the downside of what may happen when you play this!

2circles mentioned this part here about folks who are controlled acting violent towards you:

– No wonder Karens don’t like loud music. Always sensed their responses were demonic:

I had to turn the sound off so that I could go to sleep (that is part of the reason why it is appealing for astral projection in which the goal should be to keep your mind awake body asleep) and then, these assholes showed up:


I NEARLY GOT OUT MY CAR SWINGING, WANTING TO KILL THESE TWO METH MONSTER morons cause just when I was about to sleep I heard him say, “Move” in an angry, violent manner repeatedly.

Stepping out of my car, as you will see – as I saw – both these mofos were strung out on meth (prob. ain’t slept in like 5 fucking days if even that), probably ain’t bathed and fucking each other no between the sheets but the funk!

Man seeing their state I called the cops – played a “karen” (why people use “karen” which sounds like caring to describe a chronic complainer? That is a psychological psyop!) so they can get they ass.

I saw via my new and improved third eye that they did indeed pull they asses over and pat they asses down!

That said, I’ve had people do that and I don’t mind cause sometimes based on the intent behind it which some folks I can tell say it to get me out my car to see breasts, how it is said and the intonation and mostly energy behind it can be funny!


The lady there turned out to be nice. Poor thang! I complained about it while back tho, people waking me up to see breasts…


In this case tho., this mofo was hateful, there was an e-vileness to it! The reason being is cause of reptilian entity attachments!

That’s why I don’t like this bitch, peridot, here ???

When you do meth, you attract negative entity attachments with the worse ones being reptilians:

– See that mofo that looks like a T rex to the side – I’ve seen it! They are evil manipulative mofos who will attach themselves to you…. They have also acted like they were helping me yet I saw them do fucked up things to my brother in the astral.

That said, I have a habit of instinctively reacting negatively towards those with reptilian entity attachments.

When I was in jail for instance they had this hispanic young lady with real auburn hair and she was in there for beating nearly to death her boyfriend. She was nice enough but I instinctively did not like her. A psychically gifted Afrikan shaman (who helped me while in there) said that she had reptilians around her. Nuff said!

That said, I woulda dismissed it as a wetbuck thing if it were not for a homeless crakkkaroach who is around here who ordinarily don’t say shit to me pass by my car and say in a hateful manner, “Leave.”

– Alot of them ARE under mk ultra influence.

I knew right then and there that I was dealing with either my own entity attachments OR – more likely – external shit that had long been fucking with me who were looking for a new way to feed my contriving these scenarios to keep me in a low vibe, not low carb state.

I also just saw this weird bitch with ROACH attachments – I saw it with my own third eye – just circle around on the otherside twice (my cards tell me that at this point this mofo a zombie for whatever is controlling him):

I see the devil card peeking out just now a few minutes after writing this:

Bitch better keep his ass to the other side before he gets whipped – this time with dumbbells – again!

That being said, it is important to keep a high frequency, as much as you can. Know the source of WHY those fools are acting like that and ignore them if you can. Lower level entities feed off of negative energy so the objective is is to not give them any food so they can get off your ass! Thus avoid shit that can allow you to become possessed such as drugs, ESP. meth – alcohol – and try to stay as high vibe as you can. I notice even when I wanted to ‘woke those fools I didn’t feel like it strangely and my car smelled better (remember I said yesterday that it smelled of rotten eggs) cause those entity attachments were being removed.

I wanna say meth is the worst. I have heard crack will have you seeing things but meth it is said will open whole portals to the demonic spiritual realms.

– Can you tell the difference between meth and quartz crystals….


– Very educational!

Here a demon coming from up out of meth smoke:

This article by James Bartley famously called The Grand Strategy of the Reptilians basically talks about the correlation between meth and reptilians and how they could have potentially created that drug to use as a portal to host themselves into humans who take it:

One thing I wanna say before ending this:

I peep in 2Circle’s vid he shows Venom and how it takes over a human host to get him to do his will!

– I want to say that when I have astral projected to an underground lair in the Rothschild’s astral bunker (somehow I believe I might be of their bloodline cause they have come to me many times in the astral to recruit and I do have ashkenazi jew ancestry) I have seen beings that look like venom guarding it. Also the way it takes over the guy is similar to the black goo scientists have discovered and how parasitic entities in the astral have appeared such as when this ink blot turned into Rubion which I talk on in the article below:

– Peep in that article it says that shit smells of sulfur = from hell!

Peep this site trying to play it off like the sulphur part isn’t real meanwhile the Atlantic – a legit news source, says it is!

Black Goo starring in Creepshow’s “The Raft”

Imma end this by saying this: the energy blockage by my lower mouth extending to the crown chakra is no longer there. Thank you ??

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