In Honour of My 37th Birthday Fuck My Ancestors and All The Gods and Goddesses

In Honour of My 37th Birthday Fuck My Ancestors and All The Gods and Goddesses



Look at the procession of cards behind my card, “The Empress”:

– Just like the Empress, I live outdoors!

Also, right behind the devil card is the new beginnings card, The Fool:

Also look at where and how the devil card landed when it fell out:

– I take it as a spiritual sign:


Basically it means that this life’s challenge is to overcome these so called “gods and goddesses” esp. the most tenacious – towards me of all – satan – AND the demiurge so I can come into My GodSelf, The Empress!

Funny cause the word I just used, tenacious, was my fav word to use in high school and reminds of the band, Tenacious D that was set up as a parody by Jack Black (cool name) in the 90s:

– Beelzebub is who they owe their material success too, alot like the makers of Gorillaz owe to the Sumerian demon pazuzu:

– Note the “save us from him” sign below!

That’s what happens when you fuck with that shit!

And they were devil influenced!

I ain’t gonna lie.

There’s times where I have thought about committing suicide.

I’ve always wondered if in another reality I woulda been happy with all the material gain I woulda acquired.

Knowing myself now, I would be happy with material things as long as I got it on my terms.

I’ve gone thru alot, taught alot but I won’t lie – cause of something that happened to me when I was 16, a teen, it has created a vacuous hole in me which made me sorta empty and was the springboard that caused me to question alot of things….

That brought me to the real me and now, with my awaiting the soul retrieval of that soul piece, I’ll become me again and will be free.

There’s freedom in not giving a fuck about what people say and think.

Low key, subliminally, subconsciously – that’s why folks want money so they can be free not to struggle in this system, speak their minds and not be obliging to anyone.

But oh, as you see and hear with so many sellebs, as I explain from what I have seen via my own astral visions, there is always a price to pay if you want to make it in mainstream (lamestream) society.

I talk about it below (and more):





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I also forgot to mention, given my early visions of seeing my old childhood home covered in roaches, a demon saying I woulda been a senator’s wife (in another life), a devil chilling in a beachfront Malibu home I woulda had in a close alternate world as an actresa, I woulda still had to make deals with evil entities to get the kinda life I woulda had in those alternate lives.

I wouldn’t of been free, and I woulda been bound to entities in the aftelife as well:

– That’s how she got her fame!

People think shit’s a game, simply cause I am aware I got shit chasing after me as evidenced here when my brother got pulled into the lower part of the hellish realms of the astral cause shit wants me!

They got a bounty on me.

You can listen hear:

But cause I am spiritually Power-FULL, THEY ALLL attack me!

Like ya boy in The Devil’s Advocate, Al Pacino said: “War-ship dat (them), never!”

– Al Pacino look STRAIT demonic in that photo here!

Probably possessed to do that performance. They all do!

Here is Nicholas Cage being possessed by presumably the death Voodoo Loa Baron Samedi:

That said, I know myself well and want! I am independent, don’t want to be bothered.

I hate men as I talk about here:

And will ‘woke they ass just for saying, “Hello.”

I am at a point now where if I get money, wealth it has got to be on MY terms and nothing else.

That’s why it is important looking in hindsight that I focus on my spiritual growth cause I am quite certain in that other timeline had I achieved great material success I woulda been beholding to those evil entities that were always there, waiting for me to make a deal so they can steal my soul!

It’s just me and my dragon….

Watch the vids!

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