Alex Collier Predicted That The Corona Virus Is Going To Lead Us To A Totalitarian State Back In 2016

Alex Collier Predicted That The Corona Virus Is Going To Lead Us To A Totalitarian State Back In 2016

4 years before the plandemic broke out he predicted it:


You can listen to the full video here:

I’ve been warning ya’ll here:

That said, you can see it in the news:

Avalon Shakti, a Seer, saw it coming:

She talks about it on her site

I fear this shit coming now, for real!

I’ll never forget how back in 2009 we had SOPA legislation that was about to get introduced that was designed to wipe away our internet freedoms!

– Go online and you can’t find SHIT about it now!

That being said preeminent Youtubers at the time like the Amazing Atheist, even Fred came out to speak against em:

– Now you don’t hear shit from em anymore.

That said, there was wide public outcry against it and it got shut down.

Come 2018, the reintroduce it again under FOSTA right underneath our noses via the Backpage bust as a trojan horse meant to errode our rights by taking Backpage down for supposedly engaging in teen human trafficking, though I know from experience (having advertised on it as an escort) that they had monitors who’d shut that shit down real quick when child sex trafficking got reported:

– TF they got them men in a cage for like they’re Hannibal Lector? That’s symbolic….

Symbolic of the eventual corrosion of rights on the internet that ensued afterward.

They censored Alex Jones:

– LOL fucked up Youporn dropped him!

Then they came for Farrakhan:

Then they came for The Daily Stormer

– That fucking website is FUNNY! Reminds me of encyclopedia dramatica. Fuck, reminds me of me:


Also, don’t the founder look a lil black with that wide ass nose (he from South Africa):

He an ugly lil flat faced squirrel ass looking mofo!

That being said, they came for David Icke, who exposes the reptilians:

– Then they are gonna come for all of us!

Some would say these are merely shills being put to early retirement ?

That being said, this shit is not accident, it’s by designed!

I got the first warning back in 1999 when I input the theoretical natal chart of someone born in 2018 in (since the one for myself turned out to be sooo accurate which I will explain later on):

It stated that those born in 2018 will, in their generation, experience limited freedom and will do things out the ordinary (astral projection) to get it.

That’s why, like Alex Collier said, ya’ll got the power ✊?✊? to stop this shit Now ?

TF we need face mask for:

– even the fucking BBC low key telling ya’ll what’s up!

The shit’s the fucking FLU as even the World Health Organization states:

Just google the shit. Hear, I did it for you:

I peep they just changed it and are referencing the crooked ass CDC whereas before the World Health Organization even said shit not that serious!

Imma say this now! This shit is a test run to see how we react to martial law, as if we are animals in a petri dish. Watch they come back some 10 to 20 years later and enforce the real shit like they did with SOPA!

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