Weird Bitch Tapes The Topanga Public Works Site And Gets Defensive When I Tape Her

AS SOOON as I record, the suv with outta state tags rolls up to the lady and picks her up:

Here the tape:

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She then rolls up on ME after I film and starts throwing shit back at me as if to deflect from me finding out what her purpose is:

– As always I threw cards on the situation:

The first thing that came to me was “cult” and then it kinda got confirmed when she said that “they” were looking for a new spot (compound):

– I mean, why have outta state (it looked like Oklahoma) license plates???? I heard ole dude driving yell in an exacerbated tone, “Shit” so I know these mugs ain’t up to no good!

If they were city they woulda had official city tags indicating who they are.

I sensed something funny.

I think a cult!

My cards kinda say it! ???

****UPDATE: DESE HEAUXZ JUST CALLED THE POLICE ON ME. Now I know they up to no good!****

I’ve also been getting followed by at least 3 FUCKING BLACK SUV’s after my encounter, with this one driving slow right next to me after parking for a prolonged period of time near me!


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