What I Did For My 37th Birthday: Go Into Deep Contemplation Mode

THIS is a VERY powerfull pic here:

This one is, too, representing where I’m going, the road of life!

I ain’t gonna get all philosphical but as an addendum to here:


I made these two videos here yesterday:



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That being said, certain things I’ve resolved to have play for the rest of my life: I don’t plan on getting married – or dealing with men EVER! I love my dad and brothers but the buck stops there ?

I won’t have any kids (that fate woulda played out in the other timeline too cause of past life causes).

Don’t play with me on this. I am a woman of my word! Any dude who comes up to me with that shit (usually out of a desire to control a strong and powerfull woman usually outta some bs male dominance shit or this here) gonna get your ass beat. Don’t play with me.

I plan to play out the rest of this life preparing for the next one. I plan on healing my energy body so I can become more powerfull so that I can break any energy blocks I could be born with in the next life as I was born with here. I plan on figuring out my energy body so I can come into my Goddess Self and make a way for my fam to have a good place in the astral! Most importantly I plan to overcome all these demons and entities (I already severed satan’s ass) who are gnawing and chomping at the chance to attach themselves to me for energy by pursuing me to get me to work with em, etc.

Won’t happen:

I’m too powerfull for that ?? witch is how I was able to cut him off. Reps (reptilians) are next!

That being said, I’m wealthy. I ain’t materialistically happy but I got inner contentment and that is more than what most – even those with all the money in the world – got!

I look back on my life and I really don’t have any regrets. As I explained to two young ladies last night I do get torn between appeasing my parents vs following my way.

Baba Bobby Hemmitt once spoke on this during a lecture.

See, before you incarnate – you agree to certain things, certain stipulations to be here! That being said, we are beings apart from em. As much as I regret that I can’t monetarily take care of em – looking at everything in perspective – I do help them spiritually which matters most, mainly helping (via paying a shaman) to rescue my lil bro from the hellish underworld and breaking deals with beings who seek to keep me in a morass of negativity so they can have me and get them too.

I already got what I need.

I’ve always been a simple person: tf you need a 10,000 sq mansion with 50 mil rooms in there. I have always called those spots edifices to the ego!

– Not to brag but I get this view for free!

I mean, what’s the point? Why have shit that’s meant to practically cater to the ego and ultimately serve as an edifice to seek validation (ie acceptance) from others via status?

I don’t get it! I don’t get materialism.

My parents were materialistic. Understandibly so cause they came from harsh beginnings: my dad was a cop who knew ALOT of big people on the force back in New Orleans and my mom a nurse who came from the Desire Projects. Nothing to be ashamed of but because of a traumatic experience in which a bitch driving a beemer nearly ran over my mother when she was a child and blamed my mother for being poor for why her poor attitude ass nearly ran over her, a child, my mom grew to become materialistic as she got older since – due to the experience – the accruement of material things = respect!

Respect has to come from within and it comes from knowing your true Self and being COMFORTABLE ie content with your true Self!

For instance, I am by material definitions poor, I live in my car but my energy commands respect. People may not like me, even envy me but they still respect me nontheless.

As I always say, when you look at the dynamics of a pimp-hoe relationship, the hoes bring the money yet the pimp who ain’t making shit (and usually not doing shit for em) get the respect!

That’s why they say “respect ain’t earned!” ?

That being said, I am very content with where I am. I actually gave some money away for my birthday – to my mom and to my brother (who has helped me out graciously – thank you Kerry ?). I don’t need a whole lotta shit. I got alot of inner work to do but unlike most who live lives of lies and have a tangled weave map of denials within em, I’m honest, pretty blunt with myself and don’t have that much to do. It is what happens when you live independent of society, society’s expectations.

Who are you if society went to hell is the REAL question you all should ask yourselves? ??

That said, here is how I spent my 37th birthday:

I cooked some food ? (well, marinated)


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– See I eat good cause I eat healthy; I don’t fuck with cooked shit and try to eat source shit as much as possible!

I had to pimp this fool here for fucking with me for going topless:


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– I woked his ass too. I later found out that he just “up and left” irrationally. He was also chilling one night with another gentleman – very nice guy who isn’t conventionally houseless with a sweet aura – and a poor dude who was obviously ENSLAVED to drugs with a real bad habit who was nodding at the wheel (it hurts me to see that – addiction no joke):


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Imma say this, right before I got out my car, I heard a young man tell some young ladies to “Leave him alone.” I thought it coulda been a dead body or someone hurt. When I went to check it out, I saw a demonic entity standing next to one of the wooden parking “warning” signs across the street. I call em necromancer demons or necromancer magi (magicians). It looked like this:

– Films be telling us things! That’s a screenshot from America Horror Story: Coven.

I saw that same mofo the night I got stabbed:

They usually appear when a disaster is about to strike! In that photo – looking at it more it looks more like “the hat man” – it appears when disaster is about to strike such as the night I got stabbed when that hat man shadow thing appeared. When the kkk hat wearing all black entity – as I sometimes simplistically call em – appeared, this happened:



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New parking regulations, which wasn’t so bad but shocking to see ON my 37th birthday. That night when I passed the entity by it smelled of rotten meat. I also while walking towards the trashcans on the landside of the PCH I smelled a strong swamp smell which means reptilians were around that night ??

I felt like it was to fuck with me considering where the cones were posted which was not further up where other folks slept:

Here another pretty view:

When I was going to get meats I peeped this: don’t the DTLA skyscape look like the twin towers that used to stand in NYC:

– I used to live in NYC.

I also kept seeing spiritual signs like the #9 and, peep the word, “Self.”

9 in numerology means completion. It deals with both the physical AND the spiritual and the intertwining, like a snake, of the 2. It’s a number that’s been following (just now while spelling “following” the number 9 appeared in place of the second “o”) me around for quite some time. It’s where I am at in my spiritual journey. When I tried to change a password to “22” I felt my consciousness significantly dwindle so I kept it to an aspect of 9 that day! Even the pump showed 444 = 31.44 with 3+1=4. That’s acc my numerological expression number but for me, 4 means traumatic endings and beginnings plus it resonates with the norp energy of those who like to maintain the status quo, which ain’t me!

Those are very pretty pictures. Anyways, you gotta fuck with what resonates with you and not what folks tell you you should fuck with!

Here’s more (this look magickal):

When I tried the norp “preparing it perfectly” way it failed cause see the light not hitting right like it did in the other ones.

You gotta do by your higher self and not your lower self (ego) to get shid right! ??

That’s why I say fuck logic I ALWAYS go with my intuition – and cards:


I remember the “devil” dude had rudely bumped into my car, as if he were being influenced to do so by something!

I also saw a whale in the ocean which are good luck signs:


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– 3 popped up in the form of a triangle (something that keeps following me) which I take to be a spiritual sign!

I also peep the screenshot was taken at 10:33 = 1 meaning new beginnings and 33 meaning the highest level of enlightenment a human can obtain in numerology and freemasonry:

I also saw this STRAIT energy vampire here – it’s crazy cause as soon as I noticed him got picked up real swift by this van. You would think him being a senior citizen she would be with him 24/7 so I knew this wasn’t an ordinary thing. When folks talk about reptilian gangstalking, this a blatant case of it. There is a difference between staring out of curiosity (I understand cause I am different) vs staring THROUGH a person as if they aren’t there (cause the entity operating inside of em threw their souls out a looong time ago so it can take over) which is what the predatory stare is which is a form of energy vampirism and psychic attacks:


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Here is a GREAT example of a reptilian driven person staring at a black football player in order to use it’s third eye to steal his (melanated) energy:

– That mofo didn’t even look human!

That’s why folks wear evil eye amulets! It is a powerfull way ?? to knock out spiritual attacks!

Play 6000hz, 4000hz to 9000hz frequencies to run em off (or loud music in general):

That’s why I got the Eye of Ra subconsciously as a tattoo after contemplating for a year what I wanted as a tattoo:

It is supposed to be a symbol of good luck from ancient Khemet (Egypt). It also symbolizes the destructive power of Ra in the form of his daughter, Re:


I think I may be wearing the Eye of Horus tho.

Since Re is supposed to bring destruction, I wonder and have always wondered if this tattoo is bringing me bad luck?

Also the reptilian eye been following me:

– look like a crocodile.

I keep seeing alot of one eyed symbolism, AND PYRAMIDS in the form of triangles:

My life is anything but ordinary. That’s why I hate – and ‘woke – those who try to pigeon hole me into shit.

I got great power I just need to figure this shit out.

Anyways, I chilled with a friend, got saged at his place:


– I’ve lived a good life!

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