Why I Have No Tribe

People like myself with the spiritual gifts I have – I have no tribe: No “black, white…” NONE OF THAT SHIT! EVERYBODY hates people like me because of the special, outta this world spiritual gifts we have. They note on some level that I may look the same but on some level know that I am “different” and that is because I am ABOVE THEM in the spiritual world!

– To add, I find the most WOKE people are the “reprobates” of (sick) society: people I met in jail, homeless folks – amongst them (cause it’s not ALL PEOPLE) I found are the most woke people. The outsiders – that’s my tribe.

That’s why I don’t like talking to most people cause my vibratory level gets INSTANTLY LOWERED just from talking to them.

– Those are my thoughts for the day…

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