I Conquered

I Conquered

Crazy thing is…. I saw a reptilian hand imprint in my bed early this morning….

Crazy too cause, the other day, I kept seeing 999 which means completion in numerology……

I conquered…..

Remember this…..

Vons Kicks Me Out Cause Fake Khazar Jew Wetback And White Supremacist Has Problem With My Red Mesh Shirt

I was totally wine’d out that day 🍾🍷

My friends had a baby so I took care of em…. they love their children I can tell…..

– Them fuckers devoured that whole chicken in one day:

One of them fuckers look like a wolf:

– S/he look like s/he about to pop my ass if I come any further lol in defence of the black one lol…..

They all do that with me.

Crazy is like my mother she got 4 kids (kittens) too and, crazier – that day they TOTALLY excluded papa from the feast.

Very female dominated family I see she got here:

Her essence is here:

– I see two cats now.

Yeah, they are very protected – all of em!

Later that night, when I came out my drunken stupor I had a gangstalker who drives an Xterra CA license plate number 5SQD064…..

Call on a pill popping wetback – whom you can see is popping pills here to run me over……

His license plate number is CA license plate number 63963X2…..

Wait a minute….. this mofo that came at me and a brother with a butcher knife awhile back…. I wish I had the presence of mind to file a police report and report him cause this isn’t the first time…..

Masked Wetback Comes To Rape Me But Brother Averts It

– It’s crazy too cause I was thinking about this incident – heavy – for the past week.

That’s why I hate them motherfuckers…..

Now I got his license plate and face now…..

…..It drives a grey pick up truck!

He also has work equipment – some steel pump thing as can be seen here in the back…

Anyways the dude in the grey truck called him and next thing you know this thing shows up….. you can watch the incident here:

Dirty funky junkie wetback demon seed ass loser…..

That said I said I conquered because I finally removed a reptilian attachment that was long causing me loss and suffering that was attached to the right side of my face. It was helping me with my elocution (Antichrist spirit) but at the expense of my happiness and sanity.

Unlike in past days no one sexually assaulted me, nothing bad happened and the alcohol urge wasn’t that bad!

That’s why it’s important we learn how significant a role spiritual things play in our realm.

What goes on in the spiritual is what causes stuff in the physical to happen in the first place.

It took awhile but I found the right words (spellcasting) to remove it.

A Very Strange Astral Vision Of Folks Who Walk In The Light Being Abducted By Reptilians In UFOs

I wanna say this as well……

I feel like, on the eve of my 39th birthday, some timeline change has taken place.

I don’t know if it is the removal of that entity….. I feel like for the past coupla days there’s been a timeline shift in my life.

All the depressing energy once heaped on me is mysteriously gone. My money is still not right and my businesses aren’t going anywhere right now but I feel a diversion – at least the start – of a diversion into a better timeline.

Without using my third eye I am sensing that the really powerful entities that had long been holding up my path for a major reason are now leaving….. I made the decision for myself and others to go more towards a lighter direction that is meant for my Soul mission and not to be used as an illuminati aka “G” pawn. Due to this they heard loud and clear so now they are leaving….


The Illuminati Comes To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist Who Will Destroy Humanity

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