Sexually Harassed By Truck Driver With Studio Picture Vehicles

Sexually Harassed By Truck Driver With Studio Picture Vehicles

This mofo threw a cup at me and before called me the n word cause he sexually harassed me:

As a feminist my stance is that regardless of how a womban dresses no female deserves disrespect.

As I stated here:

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

Mofos feel that cause I go shirtless am black and am female they got cartè blanche to think they can do whatever! They esp. feel like cause I am strong – cause I have to be – I am a challenge. Not I bitch:

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I practice black magic and I have killed people with this shit!

Because of how people treat me I got to dominate. I have no choice. I am an innately affable person but folks bring the devil out of me.

It’s like today a punk who refused to answer my questions then decided cause he was in a good mood he wanted to dance to that bullshit merenge with his old ass and I shut his ass right the fuck on down cause he thought that cause I am black (he was hispanic) I am a “good time girl” and that I was sexually available as I heard him say “I wanted to have sex with ella” he got an attitude. I am so tired of mofos looking at me like that. I grew up in a conservative home and still have those values. I advance shirtless female rights as an extension of womben’s rights and feminism, not for male titlation. I honest don’t like men and honest feel the world would be better without em!

There are soooo many intersections of race, gender – and when you are an empath like me, a heyoka, you can feel it deeply – it gets to you. This world is fucked up, esp. with regards to the way they treat womben, and esp. black womben. And like a cop who walks their beat daily and see atrocious things, the underbelly of society, you can’t help but let things get to you. It hurts. It really hurts and when you have a deeper understanding, emotional understanding of things as an empath esp., it hurts you more.

Now I understand why I drink:

Fuck an entity attachment; it is a mental escape from this fucked up ass world, how fucked up and unfair it is!

People wanna see you vulnerable and shit but then…. take advantage. Cause of my race AND gender I can’t do that.

I am a very loving person but can’t do that cause folks will take advantage.

These dudes feel like they win when they see me vulnerable so it can’t be.

But I will do it for me.

Like this idiom says…..

They wanna dominate and control strong womben. Men are innate predators.

Men Are Innate Predators

With us black womben, we esp..get it the worst!

I just can’t be me and that frustrates me.

I can not be loving self cause I am constantly on the defence and having to “prove” myself in a patriarchal, misogynistic, white supremacist world!

You get hypersexualized and mofos thinking they can touch you inappropriately cause you are just being yourself!

How else do you respond to this?

That is my reality.

They don’t even think you are worth money; they just wanna fuck you cause they have stereotypically concluded cause you are black female and shirtless you just want it?

How can I respond to this? How do I?

That shit makes you bitter and angry when you can see as an empath the differentiations in how they treat you based on race AND gender. It is an attack.

Like many lgbtq, esp. transgenders (which is why I love that community), they treat you different. How can you not see it as anything other than an attack when people wanna deny your dignity cause your black?

I understand why I drink now.

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