I Whipped A Perv Couple’s ASS

I Whipped A Perv Couple’s ASS

Don’t come around here with that shit cause I’m with the shits….

– Shit HE LOOK like a weirdo ass perv chomo looking gook motherfucker…..

This the type of mofo that be doing upskirts when he think no one looking and shit…..

I caught this gook gangling around, loling around me. I remember him being around early in the morning pulling that ish. As I said before I may go shirtless but I ain’t tolerating perv shit! Like a true perv who thinks his prey is weak – he found out later on he didn’t want nan of these hands ?? – got indignant and upset for being called out so he called his punk ass enabling gf to “handle” me and we both went to the ground and I was punching her in the face. I was so proud of myself.

I was beating her ass so bad he had to step in!

I then went back to my vehicle to place my cellphone in my van. Meanwhile his dumbass threw HIS GIRLFRIEND’S PHONE into the ocean thinking it’s mine ?? then they called the cops.

Later on I think they were around and as soon as she saw me solo (I was solo she ran ??‍♀️ back into the ocean)…..

That said right after the universe blessed me. I STAYED getting mo-nay ? all nite! I LIT made $77 last night! Even this bug that had been bothering me fled my vehicle cause it didn’t want nan of the smoke from these ??

Then later his faggot friends consisting of a “non binary” el dyko nigger bitch and two wetbacks showed up to play loud music – as if that bothers me ? then took off!

These assholes must not be good people anytime the universe was blessing me over their defeat ?? I wonder who they fucked over to deserve this?

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