If You Got The Corona Virus VACCINE Drink Vodka To Get Rid Of It

If You Got The Corona Virus VACCINE Drink Vodka To Get Rid Of It

Because these mofos here laced my ice cream with that shit (I know it)…..


I learned to remove the death vax ☠

Don’t Take That Covid Shot: Man DIES After Taking Covid 19 Flu Shot

Fool Colton Wood’s Pro Vaccine Video ONLY CONFIRMS The Covid 19 Vaccine Produces Corona Virus Symptoms IN PEOPLE

….And They Just Keeping Lining Up For That Death Shot

North Carolina Revokes Covid 19 Vaccine Shots Due To Folks Getting Seriously Ill


By drinking vodka since it affects your RNA as does the death vax:


Russians are some smart mofos.

Since vodka is pure alcohol (my fav brand is New Amsterdam ??) I drunk that shit to remove that shit out my system. Here is what happened…..

I peep when I first came here LAPD was spying on me (they weren’t around till an undercover spotted me):

Here is the rest of my day spent

I ain’t gonna lie. I grew up seeing MS 13 on tv and I see em as celebrities honest which I know is weird.

They are also satanists as I once were:

I throw those hands up too at times to show…..

That said satanism was instrumental in me “putting myself back together” and healing. It also is the melanated person’s version of the rising dragon kundalini as I break down here:

White People Are The Devil And How To Use The Satanic Energy Against Them

Baba Bobby Hemmitt breaks ish down here further in his “Satan Ultimate Darkside Lecture”:

Also a friend within days of getting that vax started inexplicably bleeding profusely. Don’t get that vax!

Also, I partied last night:

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