Kobe Bryant Ain’t Done Shit For Society So Why Is He War-shipped

Kobe Bryant Ain’t Done Shit For Society So Why Is He War-shipped

Paul Dienach predicted this in his diary (and plenty of others including the Great Reset, a boost in technology and limitations on civil rights in the near future)……

That said, I understand why these organic portal hiveminded drone idiots in our society war-ship these douches…..

In the British (they make goodt ?? tv unlike America’s lame ass big on action, no plot shyte) tv series Black Mirror, which America fuckef up later on, there was an episode named Fifteen Million Merits (aka $15 million dollars) where you can get up off the treadmills (allegory for typical jobs) and become an even wealthier slave in the system in which you will be used to keep the spark of hope in the system alive by your “making it”, even at the expense of your integrity like when the girl was told to cast in porn so as to avoid returning back to the mindnumbing drudgery of running on the treadwell.

Daniel Kuuyula was then treated to a fake view of Earth where he sat in “luxury” as a higher earning wage slave, pimping propaganda to keep the others on the treadmill appeased…..

Deification was the word I was looking for…….


I was looking at this article here with oversensitive Vanessa Bryant about to pull a Streisand Effect (please do) by, stupidly, taking the deputies who, as human nature would have it, took pictures of some dead people – just as dead as everybody else’s corpses (their $ellebrity don’t make em special) to court which will then make the pics public record for all the world to see ???


Deputies – please release it! We need another Nikki Catsouras whose death photos were leaked by CHP (CHP if one of you’se got Kobe Bryant death photos please leak)…..

Kobe’s domestic mail order bride (I remember when his old ass married that young girl at 17 and his ass was 31 and folks really think he can’t rape anyone)……

You all deify these people like they are fucking gods when he has done nothing for you all but throw a fucking ball for much of his life (don’t tell me about his charities cause those shits are tax write offs….)

He ain’t no fucking Tesla who died poor because he had a heightened consciousness which he used to try to help humanity and got stunted at every turn by greedy rich ogliarchs who wanted to keep humankind in the dark due to their shallow need for control and power via wealth……

He ain’t no fucking Madame Curie who discovered radioactivity (which was again used against the best wishes of socieyy by evil mofos seeking to keep humanity in the dark)….

They weren’t no fucking Alexander Fleming – the man who created pencillin who then sold it’s patent for $1 so that vaccines could be widely accessible to everybody (which in turn, again, got scooped up to by greedy corporations looking to make a buck who now sell cures for $1,000,000× the 10th power)…..

Society is fucking sick and you all are the dumb fools supporting this sickness…..

This is why I can not be around you idiots nor tolerate your presences…..

Anytime you put fucking people who have contributed nothing to society – not philosophical thoughts like Plato, Aristole, Nietzsche – or the person who wrote about you mofos here aka organic portals (which is why you mofos are intolerably incapable of getting shit cause you all are innately dumb)…..


….but people who have done no real good for humanity except serve as deviation tactics from real issues along with merely being cogs in the wheel of a corrupt, fucked up system…..

There is a problem…..

I mean fucking Kobe Bryant quite possibly raped a young lady…..


I mean you can’t find shit on it in the search results on Youtube…..

– I mean they got this man wearing wings like he a saint who helped humanity you all are sick when he quite possibly raped somebody ??‍♀️…..

This speaks volumes with regards to how society perceives and treats women with you all’s rape culture cause you all are already putting the wrong fucking people on the pedastool so you all might as well put a misogynist rapist up there while ya at it since it truly symbolizes the sickness of you all and the fucking society you all support as beams for it……

This is why I post my fucking website on my fucking window. I enjoy the stunned reaction when dummies thinking they are gonna get a “good time” end up seeing I am not what they thought I was – that my consciousness supercedes their, that I say “offensive” things that are true – esp. about wetbacks – and come away, disappointed cause now the low vibratory scummy ass attributes they falsely projected on me, their low vibratory expectations got stunted like a mofo – and they may just end up being the focus of the blog itself ??

….AND cause they can’t make heads or tails of me (cause they are not on my consciousness level to be able to do that), they dumbasses come away with thinking I am “crazy” which is a dumb person’s way of trying to make sense of something – or in my case someone – who is beyond their comprehension.

I am surrounded by idiots….

– I stay ‘wokeing those idiots like a slam dunk and enjoy the virtual INSTANTANEOUS effect, like this morning….. ????

That phrase was my refrain as a child and it still is now……

I look down upon idiots regardless of socioeconomic level because consciousness is where it’s at ????

The more I read the Diary of Paul Dienach, the more I realise that I was born way too early to be in this insufferable world surrounded by morons who can not see what I can see cause they lack the consciousness level I have…..

….This is why I ‘woke people cause they are too stupid to understand me so I use it to keep em in line…..

They say in the future great people suffer and it is those banal people who may have died in obscurity during their lifetimes who will be remembered in what that future society refers to as the samith for the great leaps and bounds of knowledge and so thus expansions of consciousness they have contributed……

This is me alll the way…..

– Read that end paragraph……

In that future society, they speak of how people like me who are thought to be crazy in this (sick) day will in that future society be seen as prophets….

This is why I am proud to be seen as “sick” in your sick ass society…. I can now take being called “crazy” and “crackhead” – though I have never done any crack nor is their proof I did it “crackhead” is a more racially toned derisive way of saying “crazy” because it is associated with black people and their are cases of crackheads in fact acquiring super abilities due to their use of the drug…..

There was a crack user (I won’t use the term crackhead as it is racially denigrating) who lives in North Carolina who was known for being able to get cars working again just by using his hands……

I can’t find it but this should suffice….

…..anyways, I now take being called “crazy” and “crackhead” as badges of honor and acknowledgement that I am better and smarter than you crazy mofos who are stuck on that crack of wanting to thrive in this crazy society……

I sincerely think I am, given my consciousness level, homo occidentalis novus which will be the next step in human evolution after homo sapien which is where most of you are at who will have heightened sensory abilities, psychic abilities, spiritual, expanded consciousness – you know, kinda like what I and other folks who work thru and have their higher chakras got (most of you are organic portals so you lack it hence why I disdain you all)…..

My experiences dealing with the “spirit world” aka astral plane, their effects on all of us banally, how to remove em – this pretty advanced shit that I am teaching that no one talks about…..

Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

I Think I Am FINALLY About To Rid Myself of Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub And How To Do It

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

Agent Smiths In The Matrix Have Been Putting Blob Shadow Creatures On Me To Mind Control Me

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

….Aside from ‘wokeing I have actually used my spiritual talents to heal people of spiritual afflictions like entity attachments, esp. those who suffered great addictive urges and they were of the ethnicity I am perceived to not like – messycans…. – AND I did it for free, including for 1 person who did me wrong (to be fair we were both wrong) while he was in the vice grip of those urges…..

And I am good and do ALLLL my work via the third eye ???

I go online and nobody really talks about this shit. Because this is way too advanced for your minds (and due to your lack of spirituak development), I get called crazy for talking about this…..

That being said, they also said something else about how that future society will reject $ellebrity war-ship for what it is: monuments to a person’s ego and not for any positive contributions they have made to humanity……

This is why I support “essential” workers who were always essential even before this pLandemic (which is an evil necessity witch ??‍♀️ lol you can read here) like the good doctors and nurses at UCLA who stitched up my neck from the knife attack by the wetback that night……

I will bid you all with this……

There was an old mafia film called “A Bronx Tale” which had a scene in which an Italian kid came home boasting of Mickey Mantel winning the world series. The mafia man sat him down and asked him that, if he needed something, would Mickey Mantel help him……

What has Kobe done for you!


And it’s the SAAAME shit with that Nipsey HUSTLE ??

Nipsey Hussle Was Set Up To Become The New Age Jesus Christ By The Illuminati

Something not right about him and I always sensed that thanks to being homo occidentalis novus, an early precursor of……

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