I Think Colton Wood Is Dead

I Think Colton Wood Is Dead

*The sun came out after all so I could get ky shit done…..

I had been warning that boy….. me and a coupla other people….

Eye Sea That The Dark Side Of The Spirit World Is Trying To Reach Out To Docta Canis Aka Colton Wood

Colton Wood Eye Sea The Dark Spirits Are REALLY Coming For You

Colton Wood Is Headed Towards Destruction Unless He Turns To His Spirit Powers To Fight Them

You can see in the last coupla vids on his colt45caliber channel folks coming out at him….


I hope what I saw with my third eye (witch ??‍♀️ has been dead ?⚰? accurate) ain’t true…..


The truck I saw as I said in the video I saw his body get thrown out in what looked like this….

This is what I saw after he was thrown out the truck…..

They carried him to a shallow watery grave in a pond somewhere up there…..

I think they are killers for hire cause I saw the dude on a moped carrying 4 other bodies so they contract killers of some sort.


When I threw tarot cards last night and asked if what I saw was true the “fallen” card fell out…..

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