Eye Sea That The Dark Side Of The Spirit World Is Trying To Reach Out To Docta Canis Aka Colton Wood

The lady here is trying to warn ole boy wassup with warnings about demons attaching to our energy bodies and inducing addictions….

I been noticing that he has been sounding a lil drunk lately and it is because EYE ? recognise that the darker side is coming at him…..

– The symbolism on those alkie-hole drinks is the devil and Baron Samedi, the Voodoo Loa of death, on the Voodoo Ranger IPA drinks…..

Also notice the colors on the vid he watching looks like flames = hellfire…..

The same dark shit that is around me is coming for you….. they are just missing a few reptilians…..

That is even the official thumbnail for his vid so they (the spirit realm) is letting him know…..

I notice that the numerological numbers 19 and 33 (means the highest level of enlightenment a human can attain) is showing in that vid!

This nigga listening to Future Mask Off which we all know is an illuminati node to “Eyes Wide Shut” and the masked ballroom dance scene…..

– Holy shit this whole thing a straight ode to the corona virus that is happening 4 years from when this song first came out….

Mad Max symbolism….

This was indeed the fucked up dystopian future the illuminati wanted…..

The Corona Virus Fake Scare Is Designed To Lead Us Into Martial Law Then Agenda 21

– They call ya boi “Future” cause he is used as a pawn to lay out the agenda the illuminati wants for our “future”…..

As I explained here they wanted to us (amd still do) to get to a point where we rebel against being forced to where masks (which has become mandatory in some places like Santa Monica or you get a fine or even worse) in an attempt to justify martial paw by engineering through social engineering and manipulation riots like the George Floyd Riots, which was there next plan since no one was violently rebeling against the mask and the unconstitutional social restrictions that initiaply followed with the covid-19 PLANDEMIC:

That shit was the fucking purge…..

Looking more at the video – which I never did before – it was an illuminati forewarning of the George Floyd riots and the fake ass corona virus plandemic….

Again, it also doubled as an ode to the Eyes Wide Shut ballroom masked orgy scene:

Mask on (code)…..

– Anonymous symbolism, letting you know who they work for (and this was 1999 WAYYYYY before “Anonymous” was known)…..

They letting you know Anonymous IS an illuminati psyop!

– Devil symbolism, of course!

Draco Reptilian symbolism…..

Even the title of his vid let’s you know what’s up…..

American “diet” = sex and alcohol, two of America’s fav pasttimes!

Just like with Black Bugatti, me and that other black lady, Wine Baby Tarot, BOTH see what is coming up for you in the spirit realm! You got really dark forces vying for you! As I speak right now I feel a strong tightening at both the front of my forehead and my back energy body after trying to open certain “portals” in my energy body that will lead to spiritual empowerment early this morning.

I fought with the demiurge aka “god” last night:

I honest feel like I can’t fucking breathe, like I am blocked in (they are doing this so it will be easier to give in to alcohol to temporarily relieve myself of this block).

That said – and I am addressing this to Docta Canis straight – you are very spiritually powerful! I saw in the astral realm that your crown chakra is open. That is why you have so many foes unnecessarily trying to fight you because, like me, the demiurge KNOWS you have great spiritual power but don’t want you coming into it. You are a God! You are a soulled being! I said this going back a year or two ago:



You are a starseed. That is why I love you like a brother cause I sense you are part of the same soul family as I! That being said you are special and that is why you are being targeted by the demiurge aka “god” cause that basturd doesn’t want you to know your true self and true purpose on this Earthrealm! You are here to do great things, more than just “service dog rights.” Your energy along is enough to affect an area. You are powerful like that. That is why they are trying to kick you out of Lake Forest.

That being said I notice that you are looking more drained and dustier than how you normally look – healthy – when you are tokeing and drinking. Me and the wine baby tarot lady are here to warn you that you have dark spirits who are, at this important time, looking to co-opt your abilities…..

His aura was blue and white here but you can see in his face something is trying to tear him down….

I saw in the spirit realm a tricky ass demon in which had a gris gris bag with the name of Jackson and Feltenberger, communicating that it could fuck up my rapist, too! It was trying to make a deal with me. I don’t know if it did anything to Brent Feltenberger but if they didn’t they were trying to use me to lure you into making a deal with em…..

They are the cause behind why folks are unusually hating on you, attacking you, a “homeless” man and you don’t deserve it……

Just don’t give in! There are ways to fight this! Don’t give in!

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