Colton Wood Is Headed Towards Destruction Unless He Turns To His Spirit Powers To Fight Them

Colton Wood Is Headed Towards Destruction Unless He Turns To His Spirit Powers To Fight Them

I heard a woman’s voice speak here, saying, “Help me”:


– Wear headphones to hear better….

You can watch the full video here…..

That said, me and wine baby tarot here……

BEEN WARNING HIM to take a more spiritual approach to the malaise that is happening around him, the utter chaos in which evil spirits feeding off of him are then transferring to the people around him to manipulate them into fucking with him…..

The more you watch these – it’s sad cause it’s like he ain’t operating in reality……

I mean it’s sad to hear his defeated voice (after getting defeated) while trying to stand tall and delusionally making out like this is some grand scheme by some “troll brigade mafia” and some chomo named Richard Crowell when I elucidated here that it is a spiritual issue wrought by evil entities working against……

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

What makes him even more delusional and, worse, crazy is that he decries others for their “conspiracy theories”, calling us “conspiratards” for speaking on gangstalking, yet he calls on that exact label when rightfully so calling shit like this out!

He’s cutee ?

Yeah, he is straight being gangstalked….

I mean, like right here – does he not get that them people hate his ass…. it’s like a brick wall (#buildawall) has been formed around his noggin to keep him from picking up on energy cues (aka intuition) that them people – from the security guard he calls “nigger” to the cops out there – hate his stupid ass?

I mean, I’m looking at his interactions with this white boy here acting like a cholo…..

– I saw a black and purple entity attachment along with a ghoulish skull female entity attached to the white surfer cholo dude (lol) up there.

Them people don’t give a fuck about the high minded philosophies his waxing and wanning…. none of that shit that’s important to him. That shit falls on deaf ears when dealing with them fucking robots he around.

The sense I get with Colton Wood is he is someone with a SEVERLY wounded inner child which comes out after reality hits him (like the fights he just got thru being in recently) and then trying to talk “sense” and his own world’s philosophical goobleygok – trying to tell em about Richard Crowell’s pedophile stalking services, telling em not to be on his side (he accused me of that shit here):

Dog Rapist Colton Wood of Lake Forest California Turns On Me And Threatens Me For NO REASON

And talking his own damn self about conspiratol shit – telling them poor old Asian people not to be MAGA and pro Trump when their community is already going thru shit as I profiled here:

Wetbacks Racially Attack Asians And Why I Feel Crakkkas Are Putting Them Up To It

I mean, I admit, he also causes his own issues by starting shit with people with different philosophies and political opinions – insulting them – only to stop once that Asian man whooped his ass (gigga was huuge – gigga is a word my friend came up with meaning “gook-nigger”)…..

The answer here is he needs to become more spiritual.

I admit I think I am part of the problem cause awhile back I ‘woked a Starbucks that was giving him a hard time out of pity. As so went with my ‘wokes back then, as explained here – these evil entities that are fucking with me then went to him, at first rewarding him with money, having people like him and then – as with me back in 2015 when I fucked around with satanism and went downhill materially from there – all sorts of synchronicities started happening designed to concoct a concert of perpetual, unending chaos in my life (it’s getting better as I heal and fight it ??? and ESP. these mofos here ?? ? the catalyst of it all)……

Bad luck, challenges to fight even when unprovoked…. I mean look at how them folks gang up on him. That is my life….

My Demons Cause A Gang of Wetbacks To Hit A Wall After Calling Me A Nigger

It is made worse by the fact he refuses to acknowledge the spirit realm!

– If he knew how to work with the spirit realm he can mitigate alot of these issues just as I have via ‘wokeing ??

See, he grew up in a family of mentally unstable religious assholes who were wealthy and illegally adopted him (he said he as an adult had no SSN and was not in the system) and did foul shit to him – like let him walk without shoes – over some re-ligious shit…..


That being said, this (mk ultra programming) did something to make him confuse spirituality with religion (neither are the same) and caused him to outright reject it with a narrow minded fervor indicative of a hurt child.

That being said, when I conversed with him – he told me that the only time he dreams is when he goes to jail cause he constantly drinks…..

That said, he is headed down a road of terrible destruction unless he starts to recognise the spiritual issues inherent in these psychic attacks purveyed against him by these seeming “random people” aka organic portals being brought together by archon forces designed to undermine him and cause him to self destruct. I find getting rid of the possessing entity that caused my alkie-hole urges in conjunction with doing inner work and healing on myself – something he really needs to do – has drastically helped change my path for the better.

I do what little I can to help (while fighting off shit my damn self). I have also helped heal others…..

I know all too well from personal experience this shitshow of a life will continue for him unless he recognises the spiritual side to the woes he is facing and then from there to proceed to fighting it, spiritually!

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