It Pisses Me Off That Female Clothing Is Made For The Male Gaze

It Pisses Me Off That Female Clothing Is Made For The Male Gaze

Smdh! ??‍♀️

Aside from the New World Order “Go inside but get your order outside for your safety” irony at the beginning of the video…..


I couldn’t help but notice that female clothes are made for the male stare while men’s clothes are created androgynously (which is why I shop in their department while looking for clothes).

This subtlety in misogyny really tees me off….

It pushes rape culture by perpetuating the notion that women only exists to be mere sex toys for men’s amusement and not feeling, thinking autonomous beings with our own thoughts and emotions who exist outside men’s desires…..

It’s why I permanently walked away from sex work…..

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

I mean look at the inherent selfishness, raw entitlement here…..

Glad I dropped his ass…..

I ain’t perpetuating that shit!

That said it’s a shame that down to what we wear – I notice that for the sake of making females look “fashionable” to the male gaze many female clothes, even fairly loose ones have no pockets for the female’s convenience – we are made solely into objects for males to fetishize. Our clothing isn’t practical!

This ig post unfortunately makes fun of it…

The Male Gaze, Sexual Harassment and Toplessness

When I first started my topless activism and thus this site years ago one of the first articles I created broached this topic in which I pointed out the unfairness and inequality in females being forced to wear tops in the same wear women in those Islam countries are forced into wearing burqas: cause of the perception that a woman’s body is meant for the male gaze.

This shit was uttered by this gas station attendant in Van Nuys when I went in their topless…..


That whole scene pissed me off but I ‘woked their ass: nigger got arrested later that night and that gas station everytime I pass by ain’t doing so well.


I don’t fuck around!

You don’t say that shit to me and really any female!

That’s why I stay to myself (and run mofos – HELL NO TO WETBACKS – I WON’T EVEN GIVE THOSE SATANIC DEMON SEEDS A CHANCE TO EVEN WALK PAST MY SPACE – up the s(kr)eet) cause I know most mofos are dumbasses – I can read people like a card cause I’m psychic, an intuit, and a very powerful empath cause I can absorb folks energies and pass my shit onto you, blessings, curses and all (they call me a heyoka in Native American culture)! I have a very low tolerance for people’s bullshit and will not tolerate folks smiling in my face while pushing themselves in my space.

I’ll wipe that smile (sadistically) off your face like I did this dumb white bitch here:

If You Are NOT Black, Stay Off My Social Media

Leave me the fuck alone. I’m a loner. I’m fiercely protective of my space.

Another thing that pisses me off is – okay, I know why females will concede to males they aren’t interested in by giving fake numbers, feigning interest and shit……


Fuck that shit. One good thing about growing up in a family full of boys (with a dad in the home and a strong female presence – fuck she IS the man lol) is that you don’t tolerate bullshit. I’m cut and dry with mofo: If I just sense your ass is coming my way Imma pull out a knife (I need to get a hot gun) and call you all sorts of crakkkas and wetbacks (esp. them mofos) – I don’t do that to black men cause I respect my brothers ✊??? – and chase your ass till you are out of my sight and the threat is neutralised.

Look, I made this wetback cry……


Waaaah waaah go back to Messy-co bitch ??

Look I ain’t gonna lie I’m actually a sinister mofo who get off on hurting mofos feelings and crushing their egos while absorbing – and transmuting – that energy for my benefit ????????

Anyways, ya’ll need to start fighting back ??✊?

One thing I learned while working out as you can see here……


This shit was funny I ain’t gonna lie ??


PEEP the mofo in the first got THE. FAWK. after I pulled out dem weights. Shows I can hold my own to him. That’s why he got the fuck!

See, this made me realEYES and it manifests that dudes are innately quite possibly predatory due to testosterone – a hormone more so dispersed in males which increases emotions – hence why they are really punks.

When you show you can fight back, they stand down.

That said I hear murmurs around here: I am both desired for my strenght and feared for it, envied of it. These dudes when I first came around – like so many dumb fucks – had me pegged as being ugly and desperate so I am supposed to be doing my topless activism for them.

No bitch!

First off, I am a narcissist, I won’t lie. Actually, a very self actualised person. This is why I don’t really need anybody and, not only that, folks will use me as a crutch for themselves for my strenght. My motto is I love me that is all that matters.

I know my tendency towards INTENSE self love gets to em. It acts as a shield to their bullshit. So we have dumb fucks who projected their insecurities out on me. I don’t live up to their expectations based off their insecurities which sets em off and leads to their asses waiting till I am in a vulnerable place for theor weak asses to sexually assault me like last weekend – but I don’t let shit slide. I take my power back ????

I’m da Queen ????

Just as my mother posited about myself, same way I see myself!

I love me and that’s all that matters.

It pisses these mofos off and I don’t care.

Let me also not get into these mofos actually saying that cause I am topless they ASSume I am doing it for them cause that’s how their organic portal dumbasses been programmed.

No bitch.

It’s the same way dumbasses think that women dress for them.

No heaux.

ESP. IF YOU A WETBACK (cause I don’t like those demons period) – where tf you get off thinking I do this shit, sexually? Bitch! Fuck on outta here before I “reprogram” your mind when I hit you with my 25lbs dumbbell!

Let me tell you something about me: I’ve spiritually ascended which means I see myself as being above most people cause I have achieved spiritual heights most people wish (but will never cause of most of you all being organic portals) wish to achieve. I look at you all from the same paradigm of someone who studies ants which is why I am such a good student of human nature and can figure your ass (and your intentions) out in a NY sec.

See, when dudes put down, attack women for calling em out – they think you’re dumb! Inferior and you are supposed to fall for the bull. Isn’t that insulting for someone not to respect your space and boundaries but to demand you “respect” really obey their ego by being obedient to them and yielding to their desires in which you see you as a “prize” and not an autonomous human being with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions? That incenses me and why I cuss mofos. I feel that energy of entitlement underneath their propositions. Get the fuck away from me! I’m taking my power – you ain’t getting it! ????

It’s a power play and one where you are both the player and the pawn.

See, I think very deep hence why I have low low low tolerance for bullshit and why I won’t allow a fool to think you can fool me. I will shut you down! I’m better than you. How dare you!

You are not worthy of me. No one is. I’m God!

That said, after my lil sermon, don’t you find that shit insulting? That’s how them mofos, incel mofos – of which all men have crawling in the back of their minds subliminally – think of you!

This is why I live to intimidate them!

Why I Enjoy Intimidating Men

It is a defense mechanism!

That said, ladies – ya’ll need to re-get your power! We got power over life and death (via abortion and down below I teach you how to use your third eye to abort a lil motha-fawker!):

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

That’s right I can Shang Tseung your ass and steal your Soul! I’ve done it before. It kills a person. Physically!

That said, you don’t need to make concessions to these mofos. From my experience with prostitution – they need us more than we need them!

Stop dehumanizing yourselves for dick, because society told you!

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