Homeless Kneegrows And A Serial Rapist Who Don’t Like Me Decides To Stay Around Me

Homeless Kneegrows And A Serial Rapist Who Don’t Like Me Decides To Stay Around Me

I’m about to put sum ‘woke on these kneegrows….


‘Woke em back to segregation….

And the fuck away from me…..

Anyways, I played 4000hz frequency (over 6k hz frequency) to see if 4k hz frequency will run out niggers as it does wetbacks…..


….And it did! But the crakkka serial killer/rapist still remains!

I saw him cavorting with a family of wetbacks – same mug who was low key saying “go” early but acted like he was saying “no” and directing it towards his anchor basturd – later on while on the beach:


With that being said it totally pisses me off when organic portal mofos – well, in the male mayate’s case – all out of order energy mugs decide to settle around you even though they don’t like you while trying to force their presence on you.

What kicked it off with the take-a-kneegrow is, I heard him yell “Go”, the eponymous statement yelled, bellowed by homeless mugs who don’t like me being around.

So I later yelled something as he passed by about his half bred keeds (where the ma?) and he tried to be friendly saying he got his own restaurant shop and given that, since I see past shit, I don’t tolerate shit I quickly dismissed off and said fuck you, his basturd keeds said fuck you back (lol – remind me of me and my brothers, esp. my brother Bryan, when we were bad ass “Bebe’s Kids” – ‘member that film, lol) and went on his way.

The energy I got from him – I actually felt sorry for the brother – is a chaotic energy like his energy is all over the place.

I just got thru healing myself and consolidating my energy (to keep it from leaking) and mending myself.

Thus, I don’t tolerate other people bullshit and you will not thief my happiness!

Look, I understand: it is typical organic portal behaviour to get close to those they don’t like to thief energy – but still, it pisses me off!



Looka all them surgical black gloves….

This his van…..

Here his face:


He look like Shane Dawson’s pug faced (they both got pug faces) homeless twin:

Look, I’m not gonna lie. This dude got frustrated serial rapist/killer ALL OVER HIM! That is why I made a point of documenting them black gloves all around him.

The sense I get with him is he is someone who has this disdain yet simultaneous lust for what he perceives to be morally “loose” yet STRONG ?? womben! He is attracted to yet repelled by it…..

Funny thing is based on my cards he came around here with sinister intentions to abduct me…..

That explains why that heaux don’t like me but keeps circling me as you can see in the vid here……


Parking RIGHT behind me…..

That said that is not my problem! As I have said before keep your hell to yourself or I will send you there thru ‘woke ✊??

Good night!

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