Introducing The #WokeOnWetbacks Food Truck Edition

Introducing The #WokeOnWetbacks Food Truck Edition

I want to preface this by saying…..

If you see an illegal wetback please do not hesitate to call I.C.E. at 1-866-347-2423!

Speaking of which I can’t wait to get my I.C.E. shirt tomorrow…. ???✨????

I.C.E. I.C.E. baby ????? YEEEEAHHHH

Anyways, I remember how these mofos stay calling the police on me (while I call I.C.E. on them ?????), sending tow trucks to snatch my car (Eye see ?) while their illegal asses operate illegally without a permit I heard:

This Is Why Blacks Are Justifiably Beating On These Illegal Mexican Vendors

Well, they got ‘woked:


Don’t play with me!

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