Look BartmanhomerThe7th YOU BEEN CURSED

Look BartmanhomerThe7th YOU BEEN CURSED

Anyways, I don’t like to get into petty fights with low vibratory ass, uneducated ass (about true spirituality) wannabe kitchen witch occultists/trendy new (c)age spiritualists – but I gotta say something about this fool cause e-vile spirits, in an effort to recapture me back into the wheel of samsara aka the realm of the demiurge soul wise (by recreating a karmic debt/contract) has this lil coke bottled glasses wearing gnat fly named BartmanhomerThe7th – he an African and I wonder if he the one who caused me the hip pain (I now think it’s from working out AND plus the red rock I threw away which I talked about here) – who has become obsessed with me all of a sudden…..

– He removed the channel where he had TWO STRAIGHT VIDS TALKING ABOUT ME!

Here he is straight trying to be me, mimicking my ‘woke theme song(s) and now focusing on working on his abs, body!

This is hilarious.

Honest tho I once did ‘woke him so I can also conjecture it is an aspect of “my” energy gleaned from this mind parasite that took him over (explains why he popular)…..

Astral Vision Showing That Etheric Fungal Hivemind Parasite Took Control of The Right Side of My Body

I believe that the entities that fuck with me will transfer my blessings over to others willing to work with em as I noted with The Migos awhile back….

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

Saw it with Patti LaBelle too….



That said, you can watch his channels here:

And here:


Is this nibba cursing Alexa, lol!

This nigga cursing autistic victims lol ??

I mean just look at this ish!

I mean not one iota of positivity, nothing uplifting – just constant negativity (or shall I say niggertivity in his case lol ??)……

I mean, he reminds me of this joker here – Spiritree aka James Brown:

She another mofo who is on that petty kitchen witch “spiritualists” low vibratory level who tried to put some shit on me (I unraveled it with my third eye ?) and now she back to doing her Youtube vids in the shadows again, looking like James Fucking Brown, letting them evil and petty spirits misguide her (that’s why I don’t fuck with that shit):

In the honourable words of the dude from Tweaker Hunters: “The fuck is this shit?”


This is why healing is important – that lady has let her past wounds define her:

How Childhood Rejection Can Hurt A Person: The Venita Davis Spiritree Nyemma Case

And now these petty ass spirits are draining her…..


– This why I don’t fuck with this low level petty nigga nigga shit…..

And these spirits (that I bounce back on her when she curses me) go back to feeding on her (and having her look like James Brown)…. I mean she saying don’t be a witch. Why?

Poor lady. I feel sorry for her. She is so entrapped in her wounds that she can’t see the forest for the trees and she can’t see how these asshole ass entities are using her AND her energy to try to procure more victims aka energy adherents to war-ship them (so they can feed off of em) just as they do her, just like this fool here…..

This is why having an overstanding of spirituality is key to having better discernment in matters like this.

Look, I understand folks got different re-ligious, spiritual beliefs but I suggest you all read the nag hammadi popularly known as the gnostic text please so you can have a greater macroscopic understanding of this world beyond the microscopic “smaller” albeit biased “truths” found in popular re-ligions and spiritual systems please!

That being said, having the overstanding which I do – this guy is being lead by a very evil spirit – two actually! One was a brachiosaurus headed female reptilian and the other a, I couldn’t tell cause the image I saw of her was amorphous, a black haired creole/black looking lady. They were BOTH haunting him, chasing him down and making him spiritually attack people, hence the obsessions with curses you see prevalent on his site.

I quickly removed em!

That said, I coulda been petty – cursed him back but from my experience that only creates karmic contracts further indebting you to the wheel of samsara aka the demiurge realm:

I don’t wanna reincarnate. I don’t wanna come back to this mofo! That is why I am quick to abort – let a piece of your Soul in the form of a kid linger around and via dna you can called back into this realm!

That said this dude has the tell tale signs of someone infested with bad shit, bad spirits!

The way he looks at the camera, like he has no Soul, all glassy eyed cause something is speaking thru him as 2circles’ video on possession explains…..

He notes her unusual tendency to blink…..

The nerve….. looka them buck teeth and coke bottle glasses….

Yet he flags MY shit

I mean this is so fucking ridiculous and this kid doesn’t understand he is digging a mighty hole for himself.

See, again, folks like him are used by the demiurge, the archons and their lil avatar gods and goddesses of the matrix to ensnare Soulled beings by playing on our weaknesses (“need” for revenge etc.) so we’ll make karmic contracts to get the said person who initially cursed us back!

It is similar to how the illuminati, like during WW II, funded ALL SIDES OF THE WAR!

Well, the illuminati war-ships “god” aka the demiurge and that’s how they play people.

Like the other day I saw in my tarot cards a coming a disaster in which I would be in a fight. I asked my third eye to show me the entity that is manipulating that fight in the astral and I used said third eye and The Source energy to evanesce it out of existence and then – nothing happened! Last night was beautiful:


I was highly energetic and all…..

Not only that, but earlier in the night I noticed that I had 3 WATER JUGS instead of the one I thought I just had the other day after checking into the trunk. Same situation happened with an extra peppermint oil bottle appearing serendiptuously! Cause I averted the fight I changed the timeline and got extra resources in exchange.


This is why you can’t get caught up focusing on the low level petty spiritual shit. You gotta have an overstanding of things to trode on into this realm if you are gonna deal with higher plane shit!

In all honesty – I feel sorry for this joker. I didn’t and won’t allow him to ensnare me back into the wheel of samsara HE is stuck in, which he is trying to pull others into. I am sorry I will not let your entities ude me to curse me by cursing you. Sorry won’t happen.

I hope that I have taken them entities off your back and I bid you inner peace ✌??

Update: I don’t think this fool gonna learn till it’s too late…..


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