They Are Now Releasing Human Clones Into The Population To Surveil Us

They Are Now Releasing Human Clones Into The Population To Surveil Us

Remember how they “installed” Gucci Mane, his clone, as a test subject to see how an unwitting and unsuspecting (well people kniw something wasn’t right about “him”) populace will receive an obvious clone of Gucci Mane.

I guess in prep for this blog post my subconscious was playing “Traphouse 3” ALLL last night and I couldn’t understand why:

– She his handler!

Another victim of this I touched on is Kanye West:

Hollywood Reporter ADMITS Kanye West’s Blonde Hair SHOWS that He IS UNDER MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL

Kanye West’s Soul Is Being Held Hostage In A Deep Underground Military Base By Aliens In the Astral

Now, diverting from talking on $ellebs, let’s talk about ordinary folks….. coupla days ago, in a blog, I talked on black organic portals like this “black barbie” something character – literally, character, on instagram!

NOTE they attack me on a post that thrives on trying to influence folks to succumb to the system of materialism and thus warped superficial shallowness and a lack of a desire to delve into Oneself on a deeper level that deals with actually dealing with Oneself on a deeper level from whence healing from the societal toxic quagmire can commence!

Looking at their pics – there is a deadness, a dire lack of energy in them!

Those are clones.

That said, I covered this here when I covered fake van life Youtuber Jennelle Eliana:

There’s symbolism in them strawberries…. I am sensing kinda like a sacrifice of a sexual kind in the future……?

Here and that snake say ALOT…. #ReptiliansInHerVessel

World domination IN ALL CAPS = Reptilians will (already do) rule us…..

I want you all to note these sets of photos that are supposedly of “her” and her “family”!

– That’s a polaroid. Look at the SCRATCH MARKS that look like white light to our left side!

I want you all to note these are polaroids. “Jennelle” is supposedly 22 now (which means master builder in numerology – see how they hide shit in plain sight?). Since she is 22 these pics would put “her” at around 7, 8, 9 which would be 2005, 2006, 2007. People stopped using polaroids in the late 90s as digital cameras became popular which folks just uploaded to their computers at home instead of running to Walgreens (like my mom used to do with us – I remember those trips) and paying $37 to have them developed and waiting WEEKS to get em!

Also, during that time cellphones started to have cameras in em! I recall it being a sort of status symbol in which, in my mind – cause I was such a big fan of that film, “Hostel”, using my cellphone and in ny head taking on the aura of the two dudes in the film!

I also took this with it, too:

– And another one that this Freddy Krueger handed entity (it had three sharp claws) made me remove from my cellphone camera by possessing me – it had it’s right hand on my right breasts and it was a white ghostly outline of his hand!

That said, nobody was fucking with polaroids I am trying to get at.

My poor ass – who was near homelessness in NY, had a digital camera.

That said, she and these other folks are clones. They create em underground in what are known as Deep Undeground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S. for short) from genetic material either stolen from kidnapped individuals or $ellebs, like Kanye (that’s why he went from being real to preaching buy-bull verses – dat a clone!)! Phil Schneider talks on this:

That said, these clones are being created underground to be released aboveground (with Gucci Mane’s being the most famous) to surveil us in the future.

The plot of Us was about this:

– I saw what they did there, having a more European coiffed type African style hair appear as “good” while her more “wild” afro be treated as “bad”!

That said, given the inundation of surveillance in our society – shit is gonna get scary:

Kanye West’s “Famous” vid revealed these clones….

….They letting you know in plain sight!

With that said, the “Famous” video was showing you what they do in those D.U.M.B.S. in PLAIN SIGHT!

Those are the real actual clones that they use in place of $ellebrities, politrickians (in the past they were stand in look a likes) who you can discern by their Soulless eyes and very android, lacking in human fluidity movements:

Taylor Swift is believed to be cloned from the famed satanist Anton Le Vey’s daughter, Zena Le Vey who, her and her boyfriend later on got the fuck away from that shit cause it is – designed – to cause poverty which I am stuck in currently – just like Aleister Crowley was stuck in, along with addictions……

Looka the black goo on Kanye! To make his clone, they are showing they used a material called black goo which is composed of droves of nanobots to make him:

– Looka the symbolism…. 227, like that old show that came out in the 90s:


In numerology 227 = master builder in the Spirit Realm hence the 22 = master builder and 7 = spirit realm! They were masters at war-shipping the demiurge who was the god they war-shipped in that show:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

That said, speaking of which – remember when I first started my topless activism:

My Experience being Female and Topless in L.A.

…..Man this is just bringing back POSITIVE ? memories…..

Miss that place and esp. that apartment ?

That being said, as I become more spiritual and my intuition grows I am able to see alternate paths like here:

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

I could see what would happened had I gone down the path of “living up to societal expectations” aka political corrections and not living, speaking my, really, THE fucking TRUTH (esp. on wetbacks)!

I remember back then when I first launched my lawsuit against lapd, actually before for topless rights:

I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

Two Weird Calls Overnight and The Next Day After Filing Lawsuit Against LAPD

….lol Imma smart mofo – did it ALLLL on my own….

5th Incident of Harassment by LAPD for Being Female and Topless In Public In L.A.

Second Video of False Detention by LAPD OF My Neighbor on April 4,

Film Footage of the First False Arrest By LAPD For Being Topless and Female In Public

….So many memories….

That said, I remember before I filed the lawsuit – Everything happens for a reason – it was out of the question of getting a lawyer at the time cause the ones interested in my case were gonna delve deeper and see (out of compelling reasons) that I had to prostitute and, given the cops could spin that either way – AND given the lawyers were near the deadline requisite to file it (they wanted to file in state court, I filed in fed where laws get changed and things added to state law)….. I knew they were not gonna take me.

So I took it on myself to learn procedural law, case law to do this shit on my own (shit law is complicated AND abysmally boring).

That said, as I said, everything happens for a reason….

I saw that had I gone down a politically correct (lying) path, deceiving myself instead of being true to myself – I woulda been made the face of the movement and, cause I was not always politically correct, my old shit woulda been put out there, I woulda been killed – like Furry Potato – then “reborn” as a clone.

So here I sit, poor, black, and “homeless” but still here – with my original soul in me.

I ain’t no clone, I am real, so that says something…..

That said, I been warning you all about this shit, this 1984 shit that is to come:

Ya’ll Dumbasses Are Laughing Yourselves Straight Into George Orwell’s 1984

1984 is a GREAT film and esp. book!

I suggest you all tune in to both:

Look! They are gonna sow these clones into our society amongst us. I believe in 1984 the young lady the dude fell in love with was one.

They will be your secret police when this shit gets jump started:

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