Two Weird Calls Overnight and The Next Day After Filing Lawsuit Against LAPD

Here is something real weird!

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Over the weekend, well, this weekend just past, I got a phone call which I received from two people via my ‘hooker line” where one stated that, he in all seriousness stated this, too – that he wanted a little kid, a nine year old girl, specifically and another in a very monotone voice stated that he wanted to see me, kept pressing for my address when I told him to call back and confirm (he didn’t) and just overall came off as a legitimate client but wasn’t (he called the day prior to which was Saturday night then proceeded to call me first thing in the morning at around 7:15 am as he stated he wanted to since he wanted an 8am appt. and then flaked out, but before then he kept pushing for my address, which I felt was really, really weird.). Could it be cops spying on me? I don’t know. WTF do you think?


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