Undercover Cop Across the Street From Me?

This was taken a while ago, last week to be precise, in which I spotted what appeared to be a cholo dressed in all black clothes…

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Or was he?

I kinda suspected that he is an undercover cop. Why? It is because undercover cops speak with articulation, are intelligent (not saying cholos can not be) and was spying me while donning a USMC sticker on his car, something that is counter to what most cholos stand for. Plus I have seen an undercover at the Wilshire Community LAPD station on Venice Blvd, exit an employee area dressed maybe not as similar to but looking pretty similar in the face along with somewhat the same manner, and style of street clothes as this guy was wearing.


Also of note, while I was spying the cholo, a NIGGER later on came up and sexually harassed me, saying, “Why don’t you pull down your pants”, while I was telling his ugly black ass that I LIKE WHITE MEN! And they wonder why people shoot them up; they don’t give in or listen when people tell them NO and they wonder why they rank high for rape stats, etc. It ain’t because of RACISM, it is because of the animalistic way most black men ACT! If you act like animals, you will get treated and so thus profiled as such – as the animals that you are. You can’t take no for an answer, damn, next time I will make sure to have my 40bs dumbbell on me in case a gorilla from the mist of that raggedy ass car like he was driving rolls up and decides to sexually harass me again. Fucking niggers!

Nigger Yard Ape
Here is a picture of the yard ape!
Nigger Yard Apes Car
Here is a picture of the yard ape’s car: note the license plate, which is 5DAZ096
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