Sexual Harassment by Reliance Home Services Driver

This is why people hate niggers:

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Niggers claim that they detest stereotypes, yet they are at the forefront of supporting their VERY OWN STEREOTYPES, ESPECIALLY NIGGER MALES!


Here is the ignorant mofo's contractor license's no, and phone number to his company
Here is the ignorant mofo’s contractor license’s no, and phone number to his company

The other day, as I was innocently minding my own business, driving down Wilshire Bvd, I was accosted by a Reliance driver (whose contractor license no. is 193955), a NIGGER in the driver’s seat, who said to me, “Can I suck on em”, referring to my tits. Now, I have encountered white men, jewish, men, asian men and never for the most part had these problems except with nigger MALES who feel that they are entitled to your body based on the way you dress. Even when I am in regular clothes, like average, everyday, all covered up clothing, etc. I still get nothing but negative, nasty, scathing reactions from NIGGER MALES who feel like they are entitled to pester you and will threaten physical violence if you do not give in to their fancy.


And they wonder why people call the police!


They wonder why people need the police. We need it for them. We saw what went down in Ferguson a couple of weeks ago.

Ferguson Riots

Without the cops, there will be total anarchy in nigger infested areas and the only way you can keep law and order is to keep niggers like THIS in check, which is why they be hating the po po so much!


PS I am a black female and here is his contractor license No. #193955 along with work number, which is here: 1-877-527-8117

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