LAPD Officer Estevez Promoted to Sergeant After Violating Topless L.A. Woman’s Civil Rights

This happened quite a while ago obviously, but I am just noticing the change now!


Anyways, go and look at the link to this video here:

Notice in that video there, he has two stripes, which indicates a PO3, which you can see down below:


Now, look at this new video here and look at the twitter and note they are naming Mr. Estevez, Timothy Estevez that is, as a SERGEANT!

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span style=”font-size: 12px;”>Despite his flagrant abuse of my civil rights by his power, he has been made and promoted as a sergeant from a PO 2 from the last time he encountered me, which was April 6, 2014.


Basically, he is being rewarded for bad behavior. As the tape, video, shows, LAPD has a bad habit of rewarding bad behavior. Officer Solanas was elevated to a Captain and STILL KEPT HIS JOB in light of the Rodney King beating (Rodney King was, admittedly,a  piece of shit as he used his lawsuit money to go on and pursue other things such as highway robberies and other activities and crimes which you can see here. Maybe the LAPD should have shot his BLACK GREASY FILTHY NASTY ASS!). Anyways, this just proves and points to the fact that the LAPD is not about justice but about rewarding those who do in fact harm and abuse innocent citizen’s civil rights such as myself with a…promotion! Smdh, done!

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