False Detainment by LAPD Officer Timothy Estevez

This video pretty much tells it…

The officers involved were: Estevez (badge no. 36886), Deckel (badge no. 41400) and Sgt. Morse (badge no. 41400). This comes on the heels of my first false arrest in which Sgt. Morse – who was involved in the first arrest and was instrumental in having me locked up on false charges (being topless and female is NOT illegal in L.A. or anywhere in California for that matter) appeared just as, interestingly, Ofcr. Noble appeared in my first harassment by LAPD cops for being LEGALLY topless in public in an attempt to scare me out of practicing my civil rights after the first false arrest. It was obvious that they were out to get me and they deliberately sent Timothy Estevez, who you can see here, who did not like me, to come get me. Well, it didn’t work as I don’t let anybody – even LAPD – scare me. I let no one scare me.

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