Vision Concerning An Armageddon Chakra Pool, Donna Martinez and The Origin of Evil At Chicago’s Cabrini Green Projects

Wow… I have been getting visions as if late.

I thought the previous ones were astral travels which they very well could be but these are VISIONS, MAN, VISIONS!

That said, the first one concerned how people who have been helping me see me as a Christ figure which makes sense since all throughout my blog I’ve been mentioning how I keep seeing 888 (with it one time being on my DEBIT CARD as a security code) with one older lady cupping my face back in the shelter where I lived and saying she sees Christ in me. It reminded me of this:

It makes sense giving all the demonic mofos who been coming for me – even most fervently (the closer I feel I am getting to my destiny) to throw me off my path, the fact I NEVER even going back to when I was a small child cared to be around rich people or materialistic people (which is ironic cause my parents kinda were, they were all about “keeping up appearances”), the fact that I prefer to be around those who are downtrodden, poor or just down to Earth (BUT NOT STUPID – those with a heightened level of consciousness) and esp. those who are on a deeper path. I feel that given all the adversity, horrors I have faced and with the level of consciousness that I have combined with an “overstanding” that I never had before – a clear knowledge of my destiny, my lifeplan and the path I am supposed to take along with the fact that I love to spread knowledge – something my detractors like Donna Martinez who I will be talking about in a few like to steer me clear of along with others – I feel like I am walking the Path of Jesus. I’m not gonna lie. The resemblance is TOO FUCKING UNCANNY: Rejecting society, being natural, being real and trying to serve as a beacon of breaking free from this fucked up Demiurge run matrix while having evil used forces in the form of law enforcement try to steer me off my path by throwing unnecessary cases, having EVIL, DEMONIC PEOPLE try to get close to sabotage me (which is analogous to how Satan tried to make a deal with Jesus to throw him off path), even tempting me as was done to him – yeah, I’m walking that path, no doubt. SAME EXPERIENCES AND SAME CHALLENGES!

That said, the second part concerned a woman named Donna Martinez who I talked about here:

LISTEN TO THE VID IN WHICH I REFER TO IT SHOWING THE BEST EXAMPLE OF HER BODY BEING TAKEN OVER BY DEMONS, EARTH BOUND SPIRITS (I sense a few grey aliens, too). THAT IS NOT HER!!! Go back to her old videos like 2 years or more back and you can see the difference in how she talked, acted – she was in control. The demon that is in her now on that site even said it wanted to kill off her body. THAT IS NOT HER!!! Listen to those tapes…

That said, I had a vision where I was in a kitchen, I saw crazy ole Clifton Rainey and some of the other women from THAT sector of youtube. That said, ALL the men were worshipping Donna. That’s not important. WHEN I CALLED HER OUT, I SAW HER TAKE THE FORM OF A YOUNG LIGHT SKIN SKELETAL LOOKING WOMAN, not unlike what I talked about here regarding a demonic entity which I have seen whom people make deals with for fame, etc. then suffer here:

She had on a black wig!!! She even stated in one of her recent, rambling vids that she worshipped a skeletal entity and how demonic she is. That said, the skeletal entity combined with the fact that she has aliens IN her reminds me of this astral travel where I saw Baron Samedi’s eyes change from coal black – like a grey alien – to normal which I discussed here:

That said, she gave off an aura of drawing in men. I got the sense she was stealing energy from them via their sacral chakra just as she was doing to her own son. I been warning you all about her. I think the other females cam see it but are being called “jealous” to shut them up FROM EXPOSING THE ENTITIES IN HER BODY! I reca her/them even saying in the vision that “No one will believe me for exposing them” in her which has unfortunately turned out to be true. I recall at one point her confronting me, I put on a tae kwon do karate uniform on and BEAT HER ASS (Which was symbolic of Light Defeating Evil) using a karate kick – One. She got scared!! I remember it was Clifton who set it up in a kitchen that was reminiscient of my childhood home, meaning she was on MY TURF! If it’s true – which I don’t believe it is as her son once told me that she overspent and had money isdues out the ass – bruh, don’t come for me!

Now, the third one was VERY INTRIGUING! I got wind that there was a “body of water” off the I-10 in Tennessee that would open up “near the End Times” in which people could use to open up their chakras.

Now, here is where it gets weird (It was SOOO vivid): I was walking down a city sidewalk with what appeared to be “my family” – they were white, all blonde, the mama stocky – seemed like they were from Utah. Reminded me of this:


The significant part was when I sensed they were LOOKING FOR THEIR MISSING DAUGHTER (I believe that the missing girl was who I was in a past life as talked about above and the family was looking for her). I got the sense she was murdered. We later came to a parking garage, going to police when I got the sense that the girl’s (My past life Self) blood was USED TO FILL THE “BODY OF WATER DESIGNED TO OPEN UP CHAKRAS” which I mentioned earlier which then a second sense hit me that she was a sacrificial lamb designed to aid humanity in it’s development. I believe that was me as represented by my past life Self.

That said, the final and last one – I saw it early this morning – was I had a vision of thd violence that goes on at the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago then I heard someone say that “it is on ancient indian burial ground”. It’s more complicated than that as I will explain. The Cabrini Green projects turned into this huge open space land which seemed landscaped, like a park – with a HUGE CONGLOMERATION OF TREES IN THE MIDDLE:

I felt like it was a million years ago. I got the sense that it was the “Tree of Life”. I saw regular trees mixed with tropical palm trees which were then changed it seemed by my mind into regular trees. I had the sense that reptilian space-nauts dressed EXACTLY (This where they get their inspiration from) Sektor from Mortal Kombat existed then:

I also felt that there were creatures that were as big as the tree (musta been 100 feet into the air) in which I flew to the top of. I then got the sense there were creatures bigger than the tree, at least as tall as the “Cloverfield Paradox” monster at the end:

The End!

This shit was real and it was exposed to me via the Spirit Realm that it is REAL! These visions were PROFOUND so I hope you all take em seriously as you read them!

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