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Madonna and Her Bandage Draped Dress

Isn’t this a damn shame: Well, Madonna wanted to go in this “outfit”: what is so obscene about the breasts, you say! Why is it that Anne Wintour of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art decides that this is “obscene”? Yes, I am quite certain for a gala of that calibre (one that takes precedence with rick folk, especially the rich and the snooty) walking in with ANY sort of bare chest – even male – would be “offensive”, dare say? However, in this case, it was unanimously and paciferously slammed for her being female and baring breast: why?   That

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My Experience being Female and Topless in L.A.

Here, in this video, as you shall see (and hear) here: I walked around topless in L.A. that day 3/16/2014. I also talked about it in another video, here: After my experience of being arrested by what I presume to be two racist cops, Ofcrs. Morrow (badge No. 38519) and Noble (badge No. 36691). In my experiences, not ONCE was I street harassed (I had people gawking and staring, but seeing a womyn topless in L.A. is an unusual sight indeed), not once was I TOUCHED (I usually get these reactions when I am COVERED, not when I am topless)

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