White Supremacist Driving Silver Mitsubishi CA License Plate Number 8JIP519 Who Says They Don’t Talk To Blacks Reveals Why I Got To Get Harsh With White Sexual Harassers In Malibu

White Supremacist Driving Silver Mitsubishi CA License Plate Number 8JIP519 Who Says They Don’t Talk To Blacks Reveals Why I Got To Get Harsh With White Sexual Harassers In Malibu


I think the dyke broad might be living here cause I saw this very vehicle zoom as she shouted some dumb shit as I was doing a tarot reading…..

Alabama (wonder if them two were fucking cousins?) license plate number 9004BF5.

Right after I left from there – as can be seen in the video above – I saw the Cutty Black Sow who I talked about here…..

Racist Arab Seller Makes Good On Threat And Sends The Cutty Black Sow and Casper The Methhead Hoe In Sprinter Van They Stole My Way

Park right next to em in a conspicuous effort to protect her/they/him/Ashim, only to roll out before I came back lol ‘woke ✊🏻🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖👤👤👤👤

Here their (old?) license plate number: CA license plate number 8JIP519.

They drive a silver Mitsubishi (or else I think they still do as – as seen through my third eye I think they got into a wreck 😝🚗🔥🚗 (told that bitch that Santa Muerte shit is weak and is a cheap 99 Cent store rip off of Voodoo Loa Baron Samedi – I work with reptilians anyways 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖 They are my ancestors…..)

Here is the pos – both of these mofos – IT WAS EMBARASSING TALKING TO THESE TWO LOW IQ THINGS – that said, “I don’t talk to black people” while openly coming around – with his dyke wetback/crakkka friend – to sexually harass a black person, which you can hear here:

I swear if law and order wasn’t a thing (I’m not spending football numbers in prison for killing trash like this that are beneath me intellectually, conscious wise), I’d kill them.

I saw through my third eye that they parked behind me with the deliberate intent of being perverts towards me as I saw through my third eye them peering into my van while I was asleep.

I don’t tolerate that bullshit. You are not gonna come around here and sexualise me – someone who is very fucking powerful – down to a sex object.

That’s why I let these crakkkas know I’m in charge….

Here they are the first night coming around – they called the cops and even dispatch said, “Why the fuck you gotta be right behind her”……

And here they come back again. They wanted me to do something so they can justify calling the cops – as crakkkas do – but I called them first and they took off…..

Here that trash again, driving past, yelling “Bitch” as she passed me by while I was doing a tarot reading…..

Anybody who went to high school with me know how much I can’t stand stupidity, those with a lack of consciousness like these two.

I want to kill them.

Things like this – this is my personal belief system – should not be allowed to live side by side with us, co exist admist us.

Even as far as organic portals go these are the DUMBEST, STUPIDEST THINGS I have EVER had the displeasure of crossing inadvertent paths with.

Oh, how much I would love to kill them and stop them from breathing and coexisting with us, if only it were legal.

I have to settle for black magick to make this desire come true.

I saw through my third eye – it even spelled it out in words – that they lost their car aka home in a car wreck 😝 which explains why the next day she was flying in some brown car yelling what she yelled…..

I don’t even like giving energy to trash like that but you have to cause fuckers like that will fuck with you and fuck with you till you stand up for yourself just like with what happened in this situation…..

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

There is a method to my madness and why I don’t put up with caucasians, wetbacks and their bullshit around here…..

That night after that trash came over to fuck with me again they had some more gangstalkers sent to irritate me……

These guys were okay….. and respectful.

And these idiots here, I don’t know what the fuck they were trying to accomplish…. you know these were goofy ass crakkkas…..

I just went right along saying how crakkka males have no testosterone and that’s why they have to compensate with toxic masculinity and misogyny, which they created as an offshoot of white genetic annhilation, since they knew the big strong powerful muscular black man can steal their women any day of the weak, hence why they envy black men so much……

Here’s the chart saying white “men” have no testosterone:

Link to where the chart came from….


White men look like bitches to me.

That’s why in their cult-ure they need their women to look weak, so they can overcompensate for the huge lack of testosterone they have in them, which scientific evidence in that chart abkve shows…. showing I EVEN got more testosterone then them.

Whereas blacks can just get muscle after a few seconds of working out such as I have seen even in my case, whites males, who due to having higher levels of estrogen have to OVERCOMPENSATE by taking steroids, drugs to get what we got, naturally…. they can’t even work out without it being a health hazard…..

That’s why at them “Mr Body Builder” contests they have to mimick OUR color so their muscles stand out and they “look” stronger…..

Also, there is a reason why even when they build muscle, they still look fat as seen in their “Men’s” Strongest Competition contest…..

Compare that to these regular black folks…. even the skinny amongst us have natural muscle tone without working out…..

I’m a great example: I ain’t worked out in years and still look built…..

You can see it in the wrist…..

When I DID work out I looked like this….

– I was huuge!

And I was 99lbs, able to pick up 100lbs back then…..

That’s black strenght, baby 💪🏾

We get that shit without even trying or dying like white folks do, trying to work out to look like us…..


That’s estrogen. When you have alot ot estrogen, it makes you flabby, fat whereas when you have a lot more testosterone, like us, it makes you fine, fit……


I mean, folks talk about transgenders but we have been missing the big elephant in the room which is that, genetically and scientifically, white men are women.

That is why white men like women who look like lil fucking girls, with the body of lil girls (it’s just now that they are following black men by liking women with hips cause their asses – due to their pedophilia disposition/preoccupation – are now dying out and are realEYEzing that the key 🔑 to not dying out is to get on with women with curves, which black and latino men have long known to be the truth)……

I know this from having worked in the sex industry alot of white boys are pedophiles…..

You don’t see black men being into that shit! That’s what white boys like; they fucking pedophiles.

When you see brothers doing porn they fucking grown women.

They may fuck snowbunnies cause it is a fetish that sells cause white boys get off on watching it (I know cause I had a white client get off on that)…. it’s some slave-slavemaster cuckold thing they got…. but that’s all you gonna see brothers do…… not all that weird shit the caucks do…..

That’s why they dying out…..

Imma say something as well – from my experience here is more proof that white men are bitches….. aside from generally having on average small penises which, as the studys above shows, derives from an egregious lack of testosterone (and more estrogen), making their dicks in effect, clits, I note that white boys have a bitch way about them:

As shown here:

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man


Crakkka FLEES When I Threaten To Put Witchcraft On Him

And here:

This KKK crakkka cop goes after the smallest black girl – a child – there…..

Note white boys will be willing to boot up to a – usually small – black woman but won’t boot up to a black man their size or even a lil below their size…..

Here a great example…..

This demon seed of Eu-RAPE-a’s license plate number ist…. CA license plate number 5XMZ959:

That’s why white KKK Krakkka KKKops shoot black women and men equally…..

– And it’s always with a gun like here cause kkkrakkkas are cowards due to excess estrogen….

Actor Toby Bronson Shoots At Black Woman He Sexually Harassed

They can’t confront us on equal setting and if we fight em they call the cops…..

That said, it’s cause white “dudes” are women! You are dealing with women when you are dealing with them cause, as the studies show…. they lack testosterone, they have more estrogen, so you are dealing with bitch niqqas – or in this case, kkkrakkkas – with bitch ways…… which brings me to more elaboration in this article of how this impacts me…..

LOL that mofo TOOK OFF when I threatened reptilians on him lol 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖

They know that shit real….. them reps don’t play 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖

These Rich Satanic Malibu Assholes FLEE When I Threaten To Put The Reptilians On Them

That said, this why I don’t play with these mofos…. including them wetbacks, who are a lil bit better than the crakkkas in that they are more humble and understanding…. and scared of my witchcraft…..

This was a barrel chested big Mexican dude, trembling before me cause of my spiritual prowess…..

See, this why I don’t care for wetbacks. Like the crakkka, they’ll help a crakkka bitch while leering anf perving at me, which is why I don’t allow that shit from especially them…..

You ain’t black, bitch, whicg is why I ran his ass right up the skreet….

Go leer at your own, I tell them alll the time…..

Alot of em – cause their demon serpent daddy Quetzalcoatl would shapeshift into a white man – worship whites and think cause they are a little lighter on average then us that they are “better” cause they are closer to white like this wetback here, who I had to put in his place and let him know that he is not white by letting him know that he is a wetback….

So therefore my rules of engagement with em are the same as whites….. Gotta humble them cause they come out from the jump disrespecting us – calling us mayates which is a dung beetle and that word is meant to be lower than nigger – and especially hyper sexualising black women so I enjoy ruining these wetback’s day not only by telling them that they are not white but letting them know I look down upon them too with their low IQ asses, hence why they make great hard workers but not smart workers…..

WHY Are Blacks Trying To Pander To A Race Of Degenerate Pedophile Rapists Leafblowers

– We all know I say no lies and they know it, too 🖕🏻💩🇲🇽

That said, getting back to white folks, this is how they treat me…..

Human zoos involving blacks as zoo exhibitions were once a thing. You can read more here:


That said, this is how whites around here want to treat me but I do not allow it.

Many of the blacks who lived in their vehicles who came before me would allow for such maltreatment by these cluckerbeasts – my old term for kkkrakkkas – would allow it, allowing themselves to be played as step n fetch’s like this kneegrow here who got paid by a crakkka to tell me to leave town (he lost his home – his van – in an ironic twist of karma) AND he told me how these crakkkas wanted to pay him to stand outside some other kkkrakkkas home and say that he owes another kkkrakkka money.

That’s how lowly they think of him…..

They tried that shit with me and got ran up the street…..


See, I know how ya’ll think cause I was one of ya’ll in my past life – two past lives, includuing one where I was a white supremacist….

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Astral Vision Shows That I Was A Female Nazi Concentration Camp Commander Named Irma Grese

– See, white folks got a conquering mentality. You can’t just let live, you gotta conquer a people to feel at the top of the food chain then you all become comfortable once ya’ll steal folks’ land, displace them, impose your “laws” on them after stealing their shit and then establishing yourselves at the top of the food chain through a system you invented and slanted in your favour – hence the term, “white privilege”, and then thumb your noses down on folks who can’t make it in the system you invented to be slanted in your favour and revolve around your ways…..

See, oweing to those past lives, I got a conquering mentality too and that scares ya’ll and I know it and, cause of my physical and spiritual dna I am A GOD, a connoisseur of using the unseen 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄🦖 to make folks abide to me and play my game.

That scares the fuck out of you all. And I know it.

Have a good day 👍🏻🌞

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