Discrimination At Smart and Final And Bank of America And How Evil Entities Use Organic Portals To Attack You

Discrimination At Smart and Final And Bank of America And How Evil Entities Use Organic Portals To Attack You

ALRIGHT, THEY GOT SOMETHING REALLY, REALLY fucking evil going around. Unfortunately, whereas I THOUGHT I uploaded footage of the event – I SWEAR I placed it with this video here – IT SOMEHOW DID FUCKING NOT AND I AM PISSED cause that shit had cold evidence of them being assholes, being evasive towards me when I asked for their names etc. and I don’t know how to recover it.

When you watch the vid I look like the asshole but that was NOT the case!

Between my inexplicably losing my debit card while in route to send off a necklace amulet he ordered which you can purchase here and then this – there is something FUCKING EVIL trying to destroy my ass as I break away from it…..

Imma try to see if I can recover the video but here are stills taken from the MAIN videos from yesterday…..

If I were these fat wetback bitches, I’d be jealous too……

This bitch look like Smeogel in the face……

Looking like Free Willy on land. Fucking landwhales.

Ya’ll go call bomb these bitches:

Smart and Final
(it’s the one by Pico and Sepulveda)

11221 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

You can hear them fucking up in the damn video…. thank goodness for ubiquitious recording devices……

That said, I overheard them fat demon, serpent seeds of Quetzalcoatl saying, “That’s the girl who goes topless” and “Let’s get her out of here.” Then I overheard one say, “Let’s call security” and I hear on the loudspeaker, “Security for aisle #5” where I was the only motherfucker in.

The fat bitch here’s name is Kaylee, trying to be white by having a white girl name:

And this squinched face thing right here’s name is Kelley.

On the tape she said something different, she said Kelley but on the receipt it says “Israt” which I STRONGLY KNOW wasn’t her fucking name…..

Trying to call me a rat!

Man I gotta try to recover those videos……

There used to be a REAL nice black lady who had JUST started working there and I see she isn’t there anymore


That said, the bullshit didn’t end there. I went to the Bank of America and ran into this Ruth Bader lookalike named Camellia who treated me like crap:

– Bitch still wearing the mask though they uplifted the mandate.

If that don’t scream organic portal, I don’t know what does….

I was over at the Bank of America in Santa Monica and, after losing my debit card, I had to withdraw money!

It was the one here:

1430 Wilshire Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90403


That said when I saw that a customer she had just finished dealing with left and I walked up to get my money, she told me she was busy.

However when that Asian woman walked up, without announcing herself as being open, she had all the time in the world to cater to her.

– I mean, as soon as I arrived at the porta potty, he, in an official vehicle, shows the fuck up!

This is what happens when you finally start starving entities and doing serious, major work to remove them from your energy fields and thus your life.

– It ain’t the ego, that’s archons…..

They send organic portals after you as a way for them to display their lack of contentment with your wanting to emancipate yourself and no longer let them use you as a pawn to play their game and use you as a form of energetic sustenance as well…. Also, as I sensed yesterday, they send em to fuck with you so as to throw you off and keep you concentrated on them and not getting the entities, the archons, the main culprits, off your ass…..

That’s why, just like with the debit card, those videos I was processing from the Smart and Final incident inexplicably went missing…..

It started with my cutting off those two tricks which was crucial for my breaking free. It was the start and the perfect time as I have done lots and lots of healing…..

Why You Can Not Be Around Folks Who Are Spiritually Not Like You

Serpent Seed With Devil Spirit Working For Brent Air Towing Calls Black Woman A Nigger

….Then it lead to this shit here….. I got more to talk on their ass tomorrow in the next blog…..

Attack of The Organic Portals

Then, this shit here.

I kept feeling “out of it” and drained as I was processing the video and hence why I lost it and now I know why.

I saw an entity that looked like this which I profiled in a past blog – he comes up as the “king of cups” in my reading – as the culprit that pretty much blocked me from showing the confrontation at Smart and Final AND caused me to lose my fucking debit card yesterday. As said in that blog below, he practically pulled me into a pocket universe and said I will never get away from him…..

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

I have seen him before. He is a reptilian who has “celebrity status” and lives in a realm where humans are slaves to reptilians. He put a collar around my neck (to control my throat chakra) instituting me as his “pet human” who he uses for sex.

It explains why this reptilian fetus popped up one time:

In the astral plane I am being used to have reptilian babies. As a matter of fact two seers confirmed this for me!

Those two tricks I believe were getting possessed by this shit and being used vicariously, physically as a way for this entity to have sex with me in the 3D realm.

Now that I am breaking free this shit is ramping up attacks.

It already got me through vicious, vicious blocks on my money – redirecting me back to sex work – and those two tricks – as ways to get my money up.

That is why blocking them – regardless of the cost – is necessary for the sake of my Soul is at stake.

Imma talk about the difference between archon possession and demonic possession in the next blog!

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