The Difference Between Demonic Possession Vs Archon Possession

The Difference Between Demonic Possession Vs Archon Possession

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She once came out yelling she a Satanist which you can hear here:

Meth Mouth Prostitute Reveals She Is A Satanist And Is Proud To Be Possessed

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The deccicated mottled grey skin.

Key thing is, unless invited in, demons aren’t trying to work with you.

Now, archons on the other hand…..

As explained here…..

They don’t come to destroy you completely per say as demons do but their purpose is to hold you down with addictions, urges as in the demiURGE and other ways that is designed to keep you from connecting to your Higher Self and thus ascend back to where your Soul came from so they – and the demiURGE – can continue to feed off you……

Remember: Demons go for broke! They want you dead so they can get your Soul! Archons on the other hand want you alive and as healthy as possible so you can stay in this physical 3D realm – where they reside and thrive – and cause you to have addictions so you can feed them, hence the term: “Feeding the spirits” 👍🏻

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