The Reason Why The Demon Seeds of Quetzalcoatl Are Worse Than Whites Could EVER BE

The Reason Why The Demon Seeds of Quetzalcoatl Are Worse Than Whites Could EVER BE

Damn, they are telling whites to straight up breed out to extinction…..

White people do the shit that they do – and understandibly so – out of fear out white genetic annhilation. I don’t like those motherfuckers….. but I undetstand.

You can read more about Dr Francis Cress Welsing’s postulations on fear of white genetic annhilation here:

….However, with the wetback, it’s their bloodline making their propensities innate……

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

This is why they do this…..


And this…..

The difference is it is innate in them!

They are nasty by nature:

When you read about Quetzalcoatl, NOTE all the stories say that this serpent reptilian shapeshifted into a white man (they even thought the conquering Spaniards was the return of their white “god”.

I say this to say, they think that they are white and they war-ship whiteness and wannabe white.

Read here how this wetback comes to the rescue of “whiteness” by backtracking and implying “We (blacks) want to be white” which, spiritually, I felt this THING regards ITSELF as “white” too like this thing here….

Then when I throw his shit back at him and point out the fucked up shit their people do, he puts “people” in quotes like that is not his own…..

That demonstrates what I been saying about how their low IQ asses will BLANTANTLY AND TRANSPARENTLY try to be like white people and pull jedi mind tricks but can’t cause they are too simple minded to do it…..

Here is the rest….

And here are his IG’s….

I hate doing this shit. I only wrote this shit today cause of this asshole! These mofos ALWAYS act as sycophants when I am doing major spiritual work on myself. He didn’t have to respond! It’s like they get sent to cripple me from ascending as shown here:

The Reptilian Seeds of Quetzalcoatl Are Meant To Keep Us In A Low Vibratory State

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

Low Vibratory Wetback Comes To Perv And White Man Saves The Day

That said, in conclusion, I notice that 6000 hz frequency – a frequency known to repel reptilians, demons, and other low vibrational entities – ONLY works on them…..

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

Running Wetback Biker Gang Up The Skreet With 6000hz Frequency

I wonder why…..

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