Drunk asshole works for CHP ironically as a motorbike mechanic ??

Friend saw it on the side of the road and immediately felt it was some asshole who had fucked with me…. he found his shit strewn around.

Divine justice got served ✊? ‘woke ??‍♀️????




Just the other fucking day I was chilling in my usual spot on Topanga when THIS happened…..

Here is this beaner’s license plate…..

I was chilling, minding my own business when this BEANER came down the road, filming in a very flagrant manner.

That said, I approach in a VERY friendly manner (due to still being in a good mood on Sunday) and, after energetically letting my guard down, this pos trash demon seed of Quetzalcoatl causes me to fight him – he said why I’m angry in an antagonistic manner when, as can be heard on tape, I asked if he was okay (I’m angry because of pos’s like him who force me to BE on guard as I will explain later….)…..

He threw his beer at me (pos was drinking in his car), I threw it right back then caught up to him and threw a rock at him then chased him out of Malibu as can be seen on tape……

If I see this demon I am gonna kill IT!

Here is why……

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

6000 hz frequency and a can of raid as explained here…..

I don’t see them as people. I look down upon them. I don’t make any bones about it on this blog.

They act like robots and have a subhuman way about them such as can be seen here where they war-ship the ground white folks walk on, such as crakkka calling this dude “boy” as they did us during slavery…..

Their consciousness is extremely fucking low to where I can honestly say they operate on the level of a roach, hence why spraying their asses with a can of raid works on them everytime……

As a erudite, a very intelligent person, I don’t respect them or see them as operating on the consciousness level of your average human because they have a simple mindedness and a lack of depth in their thinking.

Talking to or with them is like talking to a wall of concrete.

They are not capable of understanding higher concepts or nuances. When I try to explain where I am coming from they just go back to “you hateful, you hateful” nevermind what they do to us…..

Here is a prime example of said dismissive and unempathetic behavior…..

….And note my response.

I don’t care to win them over. After all I look down upon them and see them as beneath me!

They are trashy….. PEEP how ole dude got a beer can and more than likely drinks ITSELF to death (hopefully he does cause then that will be one less wetback to deal with)…..

Look at that demon’s face. IT could not even articulate itself…..

I find them to be incredibly stupid (I find many of them got those same slit eyes that mentally retarded kids have) and operating on a consciousness level where they are body-steeped in low vibratory behaviours: excessive drinking (I have entity attachments issues stemming from my old apartment – many folks in my old neighborhood develop a bad penchant for alcohol due to a brown energy grid in the area which was tied to my sacral chakra), obsessiveness with sex which is why when you go on the border patrol website on ig – of all the illegal immigrants THEY CONSISTENTLY rank as the biggest perps for pedophilia and rape, CONSISTENTLY!

Here, look! Right in front my van was a wetback just WAITING for me to come out proving what perverted degenerates they all are…. no exceptions!

They have an obsessiveness with turning women into broadmares and impregnating them as can be seen with what happened with me recently when I let my guard down and had copulated with a wetback for money who, when I noticed he came in me, said with this blankly stupid face: “Yes.”

Thank goodness for Plan B:

– Still I notice that yesterday – a coupla days after taking it – I was spotting brown blood which I think is a sign of implantation of the egg by sperm.

Plan B is supposed to be highly effective (I wanna kill these “pro life” racist white supremacist mofos for making access to reproductive control for womben very hard as Plan B is $56. Meanwhile a friend was able to go down to the 711 and get something to make his dick hard for only $11. This is why I HATE this male patriarchal ass society. That juxtaposition is SICK! They make shit for the advantage for men cause they ain’t gotta get pregnant but we supposed to suffer cause they wanna use OUR bodies to carry THEIR fucking legacy, hence why they IMPOSE their last names onto us! It’s sick!). If that don’t work, then Plan C – the abortion clinic – will.

I ain’t having no lil basturds, no parasites in me and I DAMN SURE ain’t having no fucking wetbacks in my superior ass bloodline.

If push comes to shove Imma use my third eye to send it BACK TO HELL just as the wetback mofo who impregnanted me came as I have done here……

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

Just Killed Another Lil Basturd Using My Third Eye #ThirdEyeAbortion

Imma have to ‘woke that wetback!

– Just did it. I saw that a wetback ancestor of his was trying to protect that demon seed so I sent that demon seed bitch and that demon seed spawn back to hell…..

– As an aside, I just recently had sex with a half Indian half Sri Lankan (HE WAS BEAUTIFUL) AND HE PULLED OUT, AS OTHER RACES HAVE DONE! But wetbacks, they are on some conquistador shit when it comes to women. Toxic mofos.

It is ABSOLUTELY APPALLINGLY DISGUSTING how in their simple minded cult-ure they are stuck on stupid. You can’t rationalize anything with them cause they are too stuck on fucking stupid.

I had an evil ass archon entity that for a long time had me connected to them to act as a energy food source till I cut it, making me empathize with them in a way I could not understand – and that I knew was NOT coming from me, hence why I wrote this…..

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

They have an obsessiveness with having families, a very robotic existence, a mundane life as if, as if like a robot – they are programmed that way.

Another thing, these slow mofos could be brown as shit and think they are white and thus better than blacks……

Here is a demon seed proclaiming such here……

It made my day to tear him down and let him know what he TRULY is by calling him a wetback ??????

Fucking beaner!

Here a good example:

Racist Wannabe White Wetback Attacks Young Black Man For Saying He Wanna Date His Daughter

This is why I don’t get why black people try to associate with these low vibratory mofos: they think they are white and think they are better than you.

To go to show you further how low vibratory they are, they got a HUGE culture of death in which they war-ship santa muerte (who I saw was weak in the astral realm) who is cool with cartel members killing babies etc.

I mean they got a birthday practice called Mordida where they treat the celebrated child like shit…..

Proof That Mexicans and Latins Are Demonic As Displayed By Their Celebration of Mordida

A good example of this is one time I knew a Mexican kid who was very sensitive young man and he told me how his parents got off torturing him and fucking with him as a form of “play” when he was a kid, telling him “playfully” that they were gonna abandon him, a 5 year old child.

They are sadistic inhuman mofos.

This is why I can’t stand em – and won’t apologise for what I say here – cause they are the antithesis of me, the enemy of all that I am, and I am RIGHT!

I’m always right!

I don’t like interfacing with them unless I absolutely have to! I feel my IQ points and energy levels going down just being in their mere presence.

6000 hz frequency is a frequency that EFFECTIVELY repels demons, reptilians and other low vibratory entities. It don’t work on them and ONLY them – no other race – for nothing:

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

It’s their bloodline. This is why they can not change and they act consistently as I have described. It is their bloodline:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

White people are assholes and I don’t like them either – but they are not as bad as the wetback. There is a lil bit of sense with em. There is also some empathy with them as well – tho. as my mother taught I keep my distance with them as well…..

But, as described here, cause of their bloodline, I find that wetbacks are used CONSISTENTLY to break up your spiritual growth when you try to ascend:

Low Vibratory Wetback Comes To Perv And White Man Saves The Day

Wetbacks Following Me Around For Energy After Reptilian Tells Me It Wants To Suck My Lifeforce

That day the wetback who this article about came around to fuck with me I was doing very good of breaking free from those entity influenced alcohol urges and given the stress of the situation, I succumbed to drinking again, fucking up my ability to fight off this shit…..

I remember very vividly talking with a friend in Miami and when I was on the precipice of doing GREAT spiritual work for him – lo and behold and piece of trash WETBACK – NOT a pretty Cuban or Puerto Rican, came and fucked everything up by bashing on walls etc in the place him and his boyfriend resides……

What I am trying to get at is is that due to their bloodline, they are sycophants for demonic entities. I find them EXTREMELY toxic and energetically nauseating to be around. You have to lower your consciousness just to talk to those motherfuckers which is why I don’t care to be around them.

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