My Thoughts On The LA County Sheriff Clean Up of Venice Beach

My Thoughts On The LA County Sheriff Clean Up of Venice Beach

They did the right thing…..

– This is a video taken off of Tony Vera’s channel showing how Venice Beach looked back in 2010, showing that it wasn’t always this bad with the homeless problem contrary to what ACTORvists say…..

As stated here he kinda capes alot – almost to a blind degree – for the homeless as he has even said he has been there himself.

Here below is but an example of said impossible caping…..

Breh, as I said in the vid above you just can’t be blindly caping for the “right” for mofos to take up whole entire blocks with their foolishness, their trash. That’s how law and order starts to break down like you have in places like Messy-co and Brasil where there is no respect for the rule of law and thus you get total pandemonium and anarchy.

You can go on his channel and see how he blindly capes for the unconventionally housed (my term cause I CHOOSE to live in my van and not live in a hovel of a “home” known as an apartment which you rent and will never own thus it is not your house….)

As an aside I peep the unfairness of him not getting credit for documenting this while that white boy “German In Venice” is getting all the credit erstwhile Tony been documenting homeless issues in the area for years……

Here he is getting an interview with Sheriff Villanueva (fucking GIV ain’t got this shit):

Here he is interviewing a brother who says that allegedly he was set up for selling drugs in the area to the homeless, Gary Featherstone (nice looking man and I love his native copper colored indian name ?? #BlacksAreNativeToNorthAmerica):

– Very interesting videos and interesting interviews I bid you all to watch…..

Here are clips in which folks he has interviewd touch on some interesting things….

This guy here from New England mentions how A Bridge Housing is killing folks…..

Here another guy saying they do copious amounts of drugs at A Bridge Housing

Here is Tony basically saying there was a death there, corroborating what the other folks been saying…..

See, as someone who is “homeless” and been in shelters I been saying this alll along….. the homeless industry – and it tis an industry – is big business.

When I stayed in one I overheard how they get paid $3,000 per person they can get in and how many owners of these homeless shelters be taking paid for vacations on the government dime cause everything gets donated and they ain’t gotta give shit.

Alot of violence goes on in those shelters, not alot of healing. When I stayed in quite a few they mentioned how they will hook you up with housing but for many folks who went along with that they all atest that it is a ruse to keep you there for mad long so they can make money by keeping you there from the government.

That’s why many mofos opt to be on the streets.

A prime example of how the government don’t give a fuck is the case of Elvis Sommers and the tiny home idea he came up with in 2012 which quickly got struck down by the government even though the property on which the cute lil tiny homes were to be placed on were private property……

This is a guy who was struggling, nada penny to his name and he came up with a solution erstwhile……

….Them shits going into their personal coiffers, wallets, pocketbooks.

Like I said the homeless industry is an industry!

That said, look Imma break down the real issue……

Alot of the homeless come from other states. As can be seen in the vids above that were taken from streetpeopleoflosangeles’s ig, many “homeless” who got homes in other states (and even here) boondock for the nice weather, VERY lax laws on crime AND the free flowing copious generous amounts of drugs you can get that would get you hit with felonies in other states……

Here another problem….

Other states are deliberately coming out here and dropping their homeless, in some cases giving them free bus tickets or, as can be seen above, ambulances driving across state lines (sure that is a felony) and dropping their homeless here.

You combine this with nice year round weather and you have a disaster of epic proportions that will inevitably happen? ?

BTW here is how Gavin Newsom “won” the recall as taken from streetpeopleoflosangeles’s ig……

Also, some of these actor-vists don’t help.

People don’t realise this but all this actually started with a lawyer with good intentions named Carol Sobel:

She was very instrumental in bringing about two major landmark lawsuits which kept the cops from just randomly snatching up homeless folks’ shit and literally kicking them in the ass and telling them to “move on”……

I am NOT trying to say shit but….. I can’t help but notice as an avid fan of World War II how the sheriffs here look like a conquering army waging war on the homeless (somebody gotta do something – right outside the airport courthouse I saw an encampment), complete with people praising them as can be seen on V Day:

Here you got ACTORvists like Peggy Kennedy who is allied with Tony Vera who BLINDLY defends the homeless, even when one attacked Tony Vera for filming him (I can’t stand this bitch and wish someone would hurt her)……..

Here she is telling the police and the safe team to let a violently mentally ill man harm himself and possibly others…..

Here she is arguing with a reporter irrationally over the homeless situation…..

Here she is spotting a reporter posting “no homeless” signs as if it’s his job all around Venice……

And here she is grabbing the cameraperson’s shite:

Another important point I wanna bring up which this man did here…….

….A while back I saw a bust, a statue of Abbot Kinney, the man who founded Venice Beach. On it’s inscription it stated that Venice Beach was founded for the poor, the indigent……

I can’t find anything on this but I know from talking with locals – really nice people who grew up there – that it was always a place that catered to the more blue collar middle class of the city and was the only place where you can live by the beach without having alot of money as well as a place where you can be quirky, idiosyncratic….

You got your characters…..

– He’s a very nice man….


It has always been a gritty and weird place but when the richie riches came around, throwing their weight around it stole the energy, spirit, Soul and character of the place…..

It is also fucking up shit for Malibu…..

– Ole boy sheriff he coming out here too…..

I came around to Malibu in 2017 or 2018…….

– I know that white supremacist walking in front he likes giving hepatitis C to black women…..

…..It’s starting to get bad again…..

….I don’t see how families can come out here and find spots on the beach…..

That said there are alot of refuse moving from Venice Beach to Malibu, such as this niqqa brushing his teeth like he in Africa…..

Here is his license plate……

….He was playing some loud music, polluting the forest just now…..

Looka them backing up not to far for no reason…..

And HEAR ??? they are playing loud music…..

They on meth…..

– I heard them talking about “we gotta get her out” yet they COME AROUND FOR ME!

….And then you got this trash right here in the RV……

Who sells meth out their RV which I provide examples of such right here……

– They from Chicago…..

….I have never seen these people out here in all my time in Malibu (as an aside I had apartments from 2008 to 2016 in LA) and I can tell these scumbunnies are “refuges” from the Venice Beach cleanup.

They are coming over here to fuck shit up as they did in Venice.

I have heard thru thr grapevine how them RVs are dumping their waste such as this convo taking place between the lifeguard and this dude who’s a local who surfs around here……

And here are RVs obscuring porta potties cause there are so many of em…..

As predicted, the problem just got moved around with no solution in sight!

I am gonna proffer a solution: send many of these assholes who JUST came out here and never had a conventional home or apartment BACK to where they came……

I know it is a violation of the constitution but there are ways around:

Proffer INCENTIVES that make them not wanna live out here such as – I hate to say – repealing reforms meant to help the homeless. Cracking down on laws where people be sleeping on sidewalks and shit. Use the laws we already got to make it less hospitable and thus less livable for motherfuckers admist the homeless population that are not good.

Now, like in the Matrix, you will have a certain subset of people who just don’t have it in them to live conventionally. People like me. I don’t fuck with drugs, contrary to popular belief. I don’t drink everyday but when I do I overdo it resulting in some of the crazy ass shit you see me doing…..

That said, you will have people really not meant to be part of the system. People like me who see a new way of doing shit and whose minds, consciousness lies in thinking outside the box. A perfect example is this young here who spoke to Sheriff Villanueva:

Now granted he just up and moved out here but listen to his wisdom and the pearls he drops and how he is not impressed by Villanueva’s title.

He is probably a Crystal Child, a new age term for those meant to raise the vibrations of the Earth.

I myself am an indigo warrior. I have a warrior instinct. My job is to on a spiritual level dismantle old systems – but not in the confines of the system – and use my great spiritual abilities to bring change, which I have been doing for much my life honestly.

One lady in a feminist collective said I am an agent of change and this is true, which is why I get hated on and I’ll ‘woke you with no conscience.

Test me.

Here are more on indigo and crystal children/people:

The best way to describe it is a certain consciousness that goes beyond what most of these dead people – who I call organic portals – don’t have.

I can not be around people for too long cause I have a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity (and low tolerance for bull) that easily puts me at odds with them and factor in having a Soul (most mofos – including many of you all reading this – lack a Soul) which makes it to where I easily take on your emotions as I would a disease and it so thus makes me severly at a disadvantage for dealing with you.

It is why high level beings like angels – when they visit – get the fuck out cause the collective energy of people is too low vibratory.

I can not function in regular society and when you got the heightened level of consciousness I got, you wouldn’t want to either.

It is crazy the shit folks wear blinders too. You HAVE to be Soulless to deal with it.

Thus folks like me do best keeping my distance from you all and living an unorthodox lifestyle sorta off grid. We have a higher purpose then what goes beyond your mere labels and titles and social strata.

It is bigger than what you can see.

Thus concessions have to be made to allow us to live a lifestyle so we can fulfill that higher purpose for humanity as a collective.

Soulled people like me are the batteries for the matrix after all…..

That being said, you can’t just have mofos doing whatever – sleeping on sidewalks, taking up spaces in front of buildings, establishing tents etc. I don’t wanna make this about, “Oh they lazy they coming from other states to do drugs.” This is true. BUT nuances must be understood. They can not be laying up and posting up anywhere unless it is in the confines of reasonableness and rationality, as long as you ain’t blocking public sidewalks, keeping disabled people esp. from passing thru.

Folks come from places like Brazil to flee favelas, not live amongst them.

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