I Called ICE On The Food Truck And Reporting ALL Their Illegal Patrons

I Called ICE On The Rainbow Catering Food Truck And Will Be Reporting ALL Their Illegal Patrons

I’m sick of this shit!

You can hear them in the video, one of the female employees, called me a nigger and one of their low vibratory “clientele” say some shit as I pass by, minding my own business.

I’m sick of this shit.

Every morning I wake up and I hear these fucking illegals say to me, an American, to “Leave”, “Go”, “Get out of here” (all while I’m in my car), calling me a “crackhead” cause I am black and homeless – it’s that dehumanization that gets to me and can open up more avenues of diserespect if not dealt with, “Fuck up her window to get her out of here”, calling me a hoe – yesterday I heard him and that fruit vendor who had some goons throw a spattering of Chinese food on the roof of my car say “Leave nigger” – calling me a monkey, a nigger.

I don’t fuck with people unless provoked. I otherwise stay in my car, mind my business. I don’t care what you do, I honest don’t care about your nationality, your legality – none of that’s my issue but I will make it my issue if you cross me!/strong>

The worst is when they gaslight, project on me and call me “crazy” when I confront them and ask them respectfully to cease the disrespect!

These mofos are predators and I have outlined it in numerous blogs…..

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

This ONLY works on THEM for a reason ??

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

To fuck with their biz I’ll sometimes wake up and play 6000 hz frequency and meditate to repel their “customers” as the high vibratory frequency of both the music and the meditation is too much for their low vibe energy having asses to take….

That said, one day I called ICE!

@ 1-866-347-2423

Here is their food truck info:

14311 Lemoli Ave.
Hawthorne, CA. 90250

Interestingly I have been seeing ICE pass daily every day and will be fervently supporting their efforts to wipe out illegal immigration!

I also have been compiling the license plates of all their “clients” (the ones who fuck with me like the ones in the Johnson and Sons Bay City Tree Preservation who I overheard in a convo refer to me as a nigger while talking to the worker there):

– I will continue adding more license plates there until this disrespect ceases…..

The call to ICE went thru and they showed cause, guess what, no one patronised them ??

What’s crazy is when I did the red blue and white flag of the U.S. showed on my telescope…..



No one showed after ??…..

I threw some rice as an added measure of protection (in Chinese culture rice is designed to bring good luck and ward off evil entities, like wetbacks)…..

These wetbacks who after talking shit about yeah she a hoe – bunched in that truck and took off when I called ICE ICE BABY YEEEEAH ❄ LOL!

Same with this asshole here…..

These stupid mofos must think they are dealing with an uneducated young indigent black lady from Figueroa. BITCH YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE ORIGINAL KAREN ??‍♀️ Back in my old apartment I was FEARED by tricks cause I had a HABIT of calling up, not the supervisor, but the CEO of a company (which I was able to get easy access to due to my “white sounding” professional reporter voice) AND COMPAIN – IN WRITING (I know how to do it ??) to the CEO or anyone epse near the top AT HEADQUARTERS and get them fired from there jobs.

Here is one example….

Mexican Truck Driver At Sysco Calls Black Woman A Nigger And Flips Her The Middle Finger

Republish: CALL TODAY – Mexican Truck Driver At Sysco Calls Black Woman A Nigger And Flips Her The Middle Finger

I don’t play.

I don’t know if you can hear it here as my window was up and they were talking low (I can still here as voices carry at the beach) but they were talking shit, calling me at nigger at one point – again:

And here are these wetbacks talking about fucking with my car (you can hear him mention car):

Let me end this by saying: too often in our society, in many jobs, people are taught as a microcosmic form of mk ultra, to put their heads down and deal with conventional forms of disrespect that shouldn’t be…..

9 to 5 Jobs Are A Humiliation Ritual

I said it here that our common, banal jobs are forms of humiliation rituals meant to demean you and take away your human spirit via taking away your inner integrity, eroding at it over time, which reduces your humanity by eroding at your sense of self respect……

That being said, I have heard from numerous people – mainly organic portals – “Just put up with it!” See, I am not like you all. I am a “sensitive”, an empath! I can feel and read people’s Souls before they even talk, I can feel the energy of a room, a place, a whole area. Because my consciousness is more evopved than most, most people won’t get me. And I understand. But I also understand that for the sake of my own inner integrity as well as physical protection, it is not a good idea to put up with disrespect in any form cause I can feel the “future” as if looking down a tunnel of where it leads to.

For instance, years ago, when in NY – I was working for a company called “Attack! Marketing”! I’ll never forget when they flew us out to Chicago for “training” – that place was fucking wholesale mk ultra complete with cloned workers, telling us to let patrons slap us on the ass and at a “training” session we were supposed to let managers do this (they didn’t pull that with me tho.) etc but I’ll get into that another time – they had A WETBACK manager “Newport for the blacks” and it was us Team New Yorkers, Puerto Ricans, blacks, whites and all who ran that wetback ass off the stage ??

That said, the main point is – I recall telling my friend Byron that I was gonna get fired. My intuition. He, being not as psychic and attuned to the collective consciousness as I, said, “Oh, don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Two days later I got fired!

I’ve been told my energy is different, “Too much” (cause I have a Soul and they don’t = organic portals) by others! I am different based on my energy signature from others cause I am more evolved. This has caused me to lose every job I ever had.

That being said, all in all, I am saying what I am saying to say – most of you are gonna look at me from the outside paradigm of how you see things (and thus project cause of your limited view of sight) and think I should accept this shit as reality cause you do! Energetically, it fucks with my spirit, my inner child, to do so and can cause me physical illness as well which is why I raise hell!

I have been reading the Diary of Paul Dienach for the past coupla days (it’s a great read and you can download it on Kindle)! Based on what will happen in the future – those future people know what I know now which is your society is sick! Ya’ll society is fucked up! It’s instituted on exploitative labour, knocking another person down to survive and there are ways to spread the wealth equally, which is why I embrace The Great Reset:

The Paul Dienach Diary Predicted The Great Reset AND That It’s A GREAT Idea

This idea of economic striations leads down to creating straiations, disaparities based on race which results in inequality, interestingly started by the whites of Britain whose colonialist mentality of economic striations has lead to creating even more disparity striations based on race, etc.

These wetbacks look down upon me cause in addition to being unconventionally housed (I like living in my car), these idiots got me pegged as black and all the stereotypes that they have of us that comes from their limited consciousness low vibratory minds.

This is why I have to raise hell.

Look, I will keep it real! When you are surrounded by idiots (I ain’t talking about economics or anything but consciousness) you have to fight to get these dense idiots who can only see the obvious and lack the intuit skills to think deep and see deeper than the pond they can only see – you have to get blatant and rough.

I don’t like it. It is out of character for me, but you have to do what you have to do to declare your humanity when idiots seek to dehumanise you based on ignorant, archaic, simple minded notions of who you are cause they can only subscribe to in their limited consciousness stereotypes to see you!

I’m out ?

I also wanna add, as I say in many of my blogs, these mofos function on animalistic level of consciousness which is why they have a penchant for obsessing over sex, drinking, fighting (for the sake of it and not for defense as I and other normal people do), woman beating (destruction of the higher conscious divine feminine) and other low vibratory behaviours that requires only a pulse and barely any blood to the brain to operate on:

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

Shouldn’t of called it a satanic frequency that they operate on cause that’s giving them too much credit (satanic actually requires a higher level of consciousness – Luciferian light – to comprehend). They are animalistic and their vibrations, their energy says it!

I was reading the diary of Paul Dienach and the way it is described as how we treated sex in the 21st century (Paul Dienach was in a coma and while in it traveled to the year 3600 something into his future incarnation and while his future self was out of his body and he was in it his future self’s friends gave him a rundown of all historical events leading up to their time – it is a great read!) and the future folks spoke of how animalistically and primally our society degraded sex to no more than a physical action and chemical reaction (that is why I innately look down upon it as I stated here):

Now look at these comments by a few wetbacks on my fruit vendor vid and tell me I am lying regarding my saying they operate on an animalistic impulse practically with regards to how they see – and act – in the world….

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