The False Outrage Over Netflix Cuties Exposes How Misogynistic Our Culture Is Over Female Sexuality

The False Outrage Over Netflix Cuties Exposes How Misogynistic Our Culture Is Over Female Sexuality



Fuck these men and boys up cause I’m tired of the shit!

Of course, the great gun owning, kill folks, lethal chair state of Texas…..

The same state that wants to make women and girls go back to the coat hanger cause crakkka jeebus told them that a woman should not have control over our bodies by wanting to ban abortion are the same ones that wanna protect us from having any sexual thoughts, desires and inclinations….


Thought that was a lil boy or a transgirl ✊??️‍?

That said, this is why I hate organic portals: all these stupid robotoid mofos wanna kill the FEMALE director of Cuties all cause she exposes that lil girls have sexuality, you know, in the same vein it’s widely accepted if a young boy fucks a hot grown FEMALE (cause heads will roll if, gasp, a boy is gay and wants to have consensual relations with a same sex teacher) teacher.

Ya’ll wanting to “protect” these girls from their sexual feelings is no different than when women and girls get rape victim blamed and slut shamed for what we wear and that we have to “cover up” to avoid it…..

Ya’ll are fucking sick! First off, I am from New Orleans where twerking was invented in the 80s and has been around for a very long time. Twerking is what lil girls all around the world do! Why the massive attack on someone EXPOSING the nee fun thing lil girls do, with or without it being captured on film…. TF you want em to do? Ballroom fucking dance? Riverdance?

I remember when that goofy ass mofo went out of his way to look like a fucking fool, trying to embarass his female-child from trying to do what her NATURAL hormones tell her and attract lil boys…. He would NOT do that shit to his boy-children….

I’m thankful I ain’t never been in a relationship with a man and I will kill one who tries to get with me. Speaking of which after I beat the dude’s ass here – he need to stop listening to that reptilian that got him fucking with me cause it will seriously get him hurt….

Stalked By A Child Molestor

I beat his ass here.

I Feel Good Cause I Feel Fucking FREE

He still ain’t getting it. He WILL get hurt really, really bad!

That being said, that idiot’s mentality up above gives rise to the type of slut shaming HYPOCRITICAL misogynistic bull we see here:

This a great read (I rem. in high school our teacher – Mr. Waller – I hated his ass – had us purchase this in our political science class):

This is why we got a fucked up cult-ure tied against women and girls: “That’s just Brock being Brock” and that grown ass man sexually harassing the girls, but note how females are told we have to cover up to avoid it AND – NOTE – how sex is used as a weapon against us, as rape and sexual harassment are used – when it shouldn’t ?

Ask yourself WHY is sex being used as a weapon when it intrinsic for both us to engage in it to keep the species going. Ask WHY are females made to see it as an act of terror, WHY sex is used as an act of terror against us!?

Let that have been shirless girls or women….

That’s why I go topless – not to titilate boys and men but to educate mofos shit, esp. shit used to nurse babies, shouldn’t be instantly sexualized and how we shouldn’t be subject to instant sexualization if we expose our bodies which is why I jump on dudes for their reactions….

Ya’ll need to change ya’ll thinking towards us….

I’ve long said that the whole slut shaming, rape victim blaming cult-ure lies STEEPED in the male desire to control women’s bodies for their reproductive agenda….

Missy Misdemeanor Ellitot No Man GLOW Proves Men Are NATURAL Energy Vampires

That is why they wanna control our thinking patterns on it, tell us when and where we can have sex, in what context, gender policing our thoughts, desires by slut shaming us if we decide to control who we want to fuck and when, using the whore virgin complex to control us and shame us for having any thoughts and ideas on sex that are outside the realm of chastity and even projecting their nasty ass sex desires on us as this mofo did here…..

Mofo With Micheloeb Beer In The Car Says He LAPD After I Run His Thirstay Azz Up The Skreet

Hence why I ran his ass up the skreet cause I saw him coming from a mile away….

Them mofos will even use violence to enforce it like what happened here:

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

– This mofo a straight rapist!


THEIR mentality is – as with so many other males – is that “I am out here being topless for them (like I want they ugly old greasy white boi ball nuts ?) and since she defining her body and space on her terms we gonna use violence to police her and subjugate her to the will of what men want.” Bitch got me fucked up! Hope he enjoying that ‘woke I put on him! Just wait till I break down ALLL your REPTILIAN, DEMIURGE protection:

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

god the demiurge LOVES RAPISTS, CREATED THEM to enforce misogynistic norms meant to enslave women and keep us being breeders for his holographic matrix prison so we can entrap souls into these bodies from which the demiurge can feed:

That’s why this reddit article called it right by pointing out that men are literal walking living parasites designed and engineered by the “creator” to just see women as “things” to breed with:

VERY Power-FULL article and great read. That is why women try to stay looking young (to compete) and why a woman’s attractiveness to a man’s libido as we age due to decreasing infertilness. It is like we are given a “break” from the breeding farm via natural infertility as we age ?

The whole thing makes me sick!

Ya’ll ain’t no different from them muslim cult-ures that tell women and girls we gotta cover up to avoid sexual harassment and rape by men. America likes to think they open minded and special but you peel back some layers and ya’ got some fucked up shit about ya’ll, too:

5th Incident of Harassment by LAPD for Being Female and Topless In Public In L.A.

Ya’ll mofos are no different from those mofos except ya’ll got arbitrary morals pushing it due to ya’ll sexualizing shit that shouldn’t even be sexualised to begin with: the female breasts, which is used to feed babies for motherfucking cesare borgia sake!

Every day women and girls overthink their clothing choices out of fear of getting sexually harassed by fucking male animals, and everyday these mofos get enabled by a society that sees women as meat and objects for mere sexual pleasure and not as full fledged human beings. This is why you all are pissed off at Cuties! Ya’ll are the fuck ups, looking at a mirror that reflects YOU ALL’S oversexualization of the female form and body. Boys play doctor with lil girls growing up so, ask why you all are quick to encourage a boy who goes out to find a girlfriend while wanting to kill any male suitors who wanna date your daughter?

This makes me sick! Google difference between daughter 1st date and son 1st date…..

These some insecure ass mofos….


This is sick and speaks to EXACTLY why I wrote this:

How it should be ??

I am happy I grew up in a household ran by a strong female head! My mom, like I am, was the captain of the ship – a no nonsensw womben, like me, who don’t take shit! Like her I AM controlling and domineering and, like both my parents, fuck my whole family is anti social (so I am warning fetishizers of strong women, stay the fuck away or else you will get hurt, seriously). Step the fuck back.

My dad was in the picture, great man and he was more of the feminine nurturer. I never went on dates, esp. when young! Non of us did! Our parents were overprotective of us so nan of that shit went down in our house!

That being said, it was not long ago that daughters, females were deemed “the man of the household’s” property! That is why I said this was sick:

There are incestuous overtones to this and this here….

Nan this ain’t it, homes….

That said, like with the being hardwired as parasites to see women as mere reproductive vessels to reproduce with, this shit may have a biological reason behind it:

Interesting read….

For a very long time, males have viewed their wives and daughters as property and this whole “gotta PROTECT – see how that shit keeps popping up – our daughters on first dates” is just another extension of that. Protect her from what? Cause you know other males are predators…. dat it?

That being said it is almost like they are “defending” ie “protecting” property which is the main underlying basis for that mentality!

That being said THE REACTION to Cuties exposes how fucked up society is towards females with their gender policing, denial of women and girls’ autonomy over what we do with our bodies. Even as lil girls we got and can have sexual fucking feelings hence why both boys and girls play those “doctor” sexual experimentation games. The whole thing that girls gotta be pure and “protected” is the same shit that asserts females gotta be fucking virgins till marriage and gotta be pure to get raped, etc.

It is a mentality that rests in a lack pf respect for females and putting us into a box as if we are one dimensional characters who are supposed to be sexually chaste:

I mean women were forced to wear fucking chastity belts to “protect” em from rape – why not put teeth down there (it is cause they wanna punish the women and girls and not the dudes ?)! That is the same underlying mentality making people wanna ban aka “protect” lil girls from their sexuality in that film, “Cuties.”

That is the SAME mentality behind female genital mutilation: to lit make sex pleasureable only for the male and not for the female:

It tell no lies, huh….

I see shit on a deeper level than what most folks do hence why I don’t tolerate shit…..

Telling women not to wear sexy clothing, not to dress provocatively – all the same thing designed to keep women chaste and from being sexual beings by shaming us if we so choose to do so while encouraging men to see us as sexual pieces of meat, as objects with no thoughts, feelings = not a person!

That’s what you teach your daughters when you teach em not to be sexual creatures and explore their sexuality!

FOH! We are flawed beings with sexual feelings just like you! We got a RIGHT tp those feelings, just like you! Ask yourself: why does female sexuality borne outside the imprisoning model males have foisted upon us upset you? Cause ya’ll mofos are misogynist pigs!

It ain’t cuties with the problem, YA’LL got the fucking problem, YOU fucking dudes and females with internalized misohynistic ideas and values are the ones with the fucking issues.

That is why I am glaad ✊??️‍? that lgbttq people are in the world now cause, thanks to us, we are making the radical gender changes necessary to change this world from “a man’s world” – as old woman beater James Brown would say – into an lgbttq world:

– I wonder if this a young lil transgirl here:

Speaking on dat James Brown shit, I remember not too long ago when folks laughed at Ike Turner for beating Tina Turner and just laughing at domestic violence as can be seen here in this clip as a Hell’s Angel describes beating a lady – who Hunter S. Thompson tried to save, to which the audience laughs:

This the same abusive underlying mentality wanting to ban “Cuties.” We ain’t your property heaux. Fuck ya’ll ??

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