More EVPs The Underground War Between The Deros And The Teros Clones And More

Before I start….. somebody got ‘woked:

I saw it in my cards….

I warned ya my spirits don’t play that shit…. ??

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

You Gotta Watch Who You Open Yourself To When You Are Spiritual

Go steal energy from someone else you organic portal motherfucker…..

Enjoy the night terrors….

Someone else I got intranquil spirits on em. They won’t be fucking with me again!

That being said…. these EVPs are mad interesting…. I will say do NOT 100% trust what these spirits say cause as taught to me by a shaman Earthbound spirits LOVE to pull schadenfraude on mugs but, after this session…. while lying down, I heard a hisssss like a snake followed by my brother sounding worried then garbling like he was underwater or something put a sock in his mouth!

Cause of how I sleep my third eye been opening up expansively too!

Here the latest EVP sessions (I may do some more tonight):

To sum the first one here up it seems they are saying that my brother is “home” and then say “here”.

Here, these regular sounding ghosts are saying that “he is outside” with a lady saying, “For now” which perturbs me…. I then hear them say at one point “go get him” then – like yesterday – I hear them say, “he in death (which I wonder what that means?)”. I hear death again then when I ask how is he one says, “thirsty” and “help him” which bothers me…. I just played it back and it sounded like they say help him help me and when I ask for names one says Lucifer and the female says mal…. something…. then I hear a female voice say “help me” then at one point I hear what sounded like my baby bro say, “help me” in distress. Based on my third eye (and what I did for him recent) I don’t think he is in hell….

When I first start it I hear them FIRST say “help me” then when I ask where my brother is a lady, again, says “death” then I hear my lil brother wailing (I just hope what I see thru my third eye ain’t a screen and that he ain’t really in a bad place)….. he then cuts off….. This time they come off clearly saying he is with them and that he is thirsty – MAD CLEAR!!!! That sounds like hell. I WONDER if those are fucking demons! They then, weirdly, say “help him.” I can hear him wailing…. what sounds like him. When I cut them off I hear “Wait” then I exit…..

When I first start this one I believe I initially hear “devil” then the female. after asking what they think about me, it seems like she tries to say “mental problem” (that’s why I don’t like spirits being around cause their energy can influence others around you….)…. The guy says, “You always sit down”…. When I ask where my brother is the dude says “beelzebub” then I hear what kinda sounds like him (also while transcribing I SWEAR I heard a deeper sounding version of his voice saying, “Raven”.)…. then the dude says, “I don’t know.” Before they say hillside then here. Then at one point when again I ask for their names the lady says, “Trixie” which could be short for trickster…. I think they are these beings here who can shapeshift:

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

I hear what sounds like him yell, “Help me” then I hear the lady say, “nigger”. When I ask why they start stomping leaves at around 4am (I hear this shit EVERYNIGHT regardless of where I go) they play stupid and say, “I don’t know” followed by “can she hear” and towards the end I hear “tidday” then “fuck” I then hear “please” and I just roll out!

Whew…. transcribing is a JOB! That being said…. There is a story, well, a situation I have been intrigued in for the past coupla days, the last week or so…. in which is about the Deros and the Teros. I read some fucked up shit about the Deros, of how they are these fat ugly elephant snout looking creatures who started from very beautiful titans and degraded to this (after being hit by our current sun of which the original sun was said to be Saturn):

They look like that supposed Indian “god” Lord Ganesha (that’s why I warn ya’ll about war-shipping shit):

This him protecting a stargate!

He look a lil different. I don’t think – esp given the time the Deros were said to have degraded – that they come from the same species!

That being said, I read some fucked up things on em….

They turn living people into furniture after vivisecting them….

This here is an example of what I call a mind meld: while staying in a room adjacent to Shaver’s, Ray Palmer – the publisher of Amazing Stories – could hear the same voices Shaver said of humans talking about a fellow human who died on a rack set up by the Deros to torture humans on….

Shaver acquired his ability from some kind of welding tool used at the Ford manufacturing plant he worked at (there’s something spiritual about Ford cause my car done went thru all sorts of shit and still runs GRREAT)!

From what I read, they come from up out of sewer systems and secret basements and other subterranean places at night and snatch people up to pull back under to feed off of and they wait till their victims’ meat is sloughy and rotten and eat that shit. They also snatch up women to be held hostage and rape and torture, given them boils from the nasty ass lesions on their skin. This shit was recounted here by a poor lady who got kidnapped by them after taking an elevator WAYYYYY down into the Earth into a subterranean area after going in to see her boyfriend (who was working late). Poor thing recounts her experiences here…. Hollow Earth_djvu.txt

That’s some horrible ass shit!

The guy who told this is named Richard Shaver:

I SWEAR if I did not know this man was born in the 1920s and this pic was taken circa 1940’s something I WOULDA SWORE he was a time traveling hipster from the future…..

For telling the truth about this shit – as they do with ALL people like him – they gaslighted him as a nut and had him committed AND put in prison.

Problem is – in one instance even a prison guard corroborated what he had said about a Teros named Lydia helping him to escape:

Based on this description the deros sound like the wetbacks (who are even built like the deros)….

….A slave worker race created by the reptilian, Quetzalcoatl who, when left to they own devices, do fucked up shit…..

This gentleman REALLY talks about em:

His story REALLY intrigues me and unlike in the past this story was READILY easy to find on the net censoring ass agenda driven CIA NOW asset Google is now suppressing THE SHYTE out of it! He talks about how they are the sole ones responsible for creating ghosts etc. – I myself recall an entity named TH thay sounded like a STRAIGHT robot and brings to mind the concept of a holographic universe:

I have seen with my own eyes (when my third eye was wide open and my crown chakra too) hyperdimensional beings that appeared LIT like 3D holograms….

That said I peeped some interesting shit on that rapper Kid Buu:

– Looka how they trying to – well, they dead (pun intended) fuck up his chit:

Funny, on wikipedia it once did say his music career went downhill when he came out a clone….

Looka how the lamestream media bashes him after he revealed that….

Someone tried to argue that that was split screen but how could that be when they aren’t doing the same actions…..

That said the Gucci Mane shit is a trip!

This video breaks it down here PEEFECT…..

Thru my third eye Eye ? Sea that Gucci Mane is in an underground facility, similar to this….

I saw a woman walking thru a plank like boardwalk pouring something into the pods….

That said YOU GOTTA BE A STUPID MOFO GIVEN ALL THE INFO OUT THERE (that they are trying to suppress and censor) TO STILL WANNA MAKE IT IN HELLYWEIRD! You LIT are giving up YOUR SOUL to make it where they will kill you and place your soul in some astral prison where you will be stuck there for all eternity, like they did with Kanye West:

Kanye West’s Soul Is Being Held Hostage In A Deep Underground Military Base By Aliens In the Astral

They mind controlling his soulless ass CLONE:

Hollywood Reporter ADMITS Kanye West’s Blonde Hair SHOWS that He IS UNDER MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL

I mean you can start a website (if you are interesting enough, like me) or even start a youtube channel (that chit gonna change tho) to launch your own self and make your own gains.

You can see the lack of soul in the left one’s eyes…. Eminem’s look STRAIGHT like a rubber mask….

Those are fucking clones!

That said, that’s why I be wanting to slap these fucking agents and organic portals (I just put ‘woke ✊? on em) when they tell me or try to shame me for not wanting to go back into the lamestream or live a lamestream life, like this mofo here who outed himself:

Gardener Earth Guy If You Keep Telling Me To Be A Wife Imma Take Your Sons Out With ‘Woke

My Boy Fellow Youtuber Gardener Earth Guy Admits He Worked For The Navy To Troll 1st Amendment Auditors

My best friend said no lies when he said them matrix agents be coming at me HARD, even in non human form:

This why my life is so materially hard. It is not cause I make it hard for myself but there are unseen forces (that can only be seen via the third eye) that hold shit back for me – a very powerful strong hand (or hands) to DELIBERATELY keep me from doing what I came here to do which is raise humanity’s vibrations by teaching (I’ve always been told that I am a very good natural born teacher but not in the toxic societal sense).

I was born, incarnated into this world to do a certain thing than leave once done. Like “Jesus” in the buy-bull you don’t get the opposition like I do unless your soul is special and you came here for something special….

I’ve gotten reptilian influenced “love bytes” as Eve Lorgen says in the form of unusually obsessed deranged stalkers in which my very existence is their addiction, with one saying, “I don’t know why but I am addicted to you” and he was someone I was at ODDS with – I could sense the energy – a week before:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

I Have Completely Healed

Those mofos are like fucking GNATS! They keep coming at you and coming at you at the worst and most inopportune times and it will be like you will be influenced in the spirit world to lower your chit so you can sustain a hit from them mofos….

If all that don’t work, they try to court you with Earthly possessions – like the devil did to “Jesus” – and that is when you stand tall and tell em, “Nah fuck you and your Earthly trinkets” and it will often come in the form of folks pressuring you to join the crowd and be obsessed with material (instead of spiritual) shit!

It is all demiurge shit:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

You just gotta keep your head up and see the delusion and insanity of our society.

Keep your head up!

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