Astral Travel Where TMZ Has Toxic Environment And Warning About LAPD

Man, my spiritual life stays POPPING!

Anyways, last night or should I say early this morning I had a WEIRD astral travel experience in which I saw that TMZ had a TOXIC WORKING ENVIRONMENT (wouldn’t be shocked if true) in which there was a lot of sex, sexual innuendos, abuse of interns (compelling them into sexual situations, holding shit over lower employees heads), forcing people to like shit they don’t want (corporate politricks). It seemed to take place in an upper level apartment – like a townhouse – that was, of course, in the City of L.A. I remember there interns being paid – hence why they put up with the abuse cause they saw it as a leg up. There was a dark haired, cute man who kinda reminded me of a former client I saw as a sex worker. I also recall a black woman being there, too, who called herself trying to encourage me to go along with the program. It was all very deep. That said, as a challenge in my own weird quirky way to EXPOSE their fucked up behaviors since people who like to do dirt don’t like REAL PEOPLE SINCE REAL PEOPLE WALK IN THE LIGHT – I went topless and that of course shocked those evil mofos doing dirt in the dark cause pure honesty and realness puts evil, HYPOCRITICAL mofos who are living LIES OF LIE-FS AT UNEASE! Those are facts! I recall proudly walking out with a “Fuck You” attitude along with a feeling of satisfaction and triumph. I recall being in a parking lot at one point and a black lady encouraging me to stay. That said, I don’t know why I would see that in TMZ! I don’t watch their show but when I did they seem to have great dynamic. I believe what I stumbled into was an alternate, astral world version of TMZ that was morally dirty (in a lacking in conscience way), where the people were evil and did fucked up things in that work environment to survive, where people practically walked over others and had no respect for the soul of the other individual. It was extremely toxic, full of contradictions and full of callous people who just didn’t care and had no souls. I recall back in my old neighborhood on Hauser Blvd in L.A. seeing an interdimensional, astral meeting composed of various entities – some of whom were crocodilian, snake like aka reptilian and the ones that are all black with glowing eyes of various colors – wearing robes of various colors, going from apartment building to apartment building, holding some type of meeting. I don’t know what was discussed BUT I KNOW they were not too far from where TMZ is located. That’s probably why the astral version of TMZ looked grimy and was so full of hate.

EDIT: I wanna say, too – at some point – I was in my childhood body. I was off of Chef Menteur – lol @ the name – Blvd in East New Orleans (where I grew up). That said, I had my mom stop to take pics of me with Power Lines. As a little child – I DON’T FUCKING KNOW WHY – but I was drawn to power lines (I just got a vision of my past life self in child form – a Vietnamese china white girl – grasping for a power line, dressed likee!). MAKE IT EVEN WEIRDER – I knew how to discern the “boy” from the “girl” powerlines, lol! Reminds me of this scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind where Roy builds the “Devil’s Tower” in his living room via an obsession induced perhaps by his alien heritage:

– Yes, I also grew up not too far from a NASA plant (bet they ain’t still there) AND used to have a lot of visitations from aliens (their appearance or better yet intrusion was marked by an eerie darkness that would overcome the household)!

The astral versions of places ALWAYS, ALWAYS look different from their 3D counterparts. I recall seeing with my regular vision via my third eye (which seems to connect with my third eye) a tornado in Los Angeles in the downtown area. I recall reading a blog which you can read here: in which astral projectors talk about how the alternate versions of places look very, very different from their 3D counterparts – very different. Also, what takes place in the astral will materialize here, too.

That said, the second part of what I can only call a vision was disturbing while I experienced it tho. I am familiar with it in real life and am very cognizant of it, too

I was talking to the young man who I discussed, here:

Who looks like this guy, here (I found the thumbnail of a vid in which a woman talked about her schizo wife):

– Unibrow and all…

Anyways, me and him got back on good terms. While talking – he revealed to me what the LAPD told him about me: that I am a crazy bitch, that I am a psycho, that I am a liar and anything that’s involving any sort of offense against me – they will handle it with bias against me. It was so personal the way they were talking with him, look good friends assuring the other “nothing won’t happen to him.” At one point, it almost felt like the LAPD OFFICER WAS TALKING THROUGH HIM! The way they talked about me was so fucking personal and hateful – the shit was scary!

I believe this to be true and this vision only revealed what they say about me to others – including those who have done wrong to me – as I have learned from others. You can even read about one of those episodes, here:

– Where, after I sense (fuck it, KNOW) that they told these ILLEGAL ASS (Them niggaz were funny, tho.) tow truck drivers I did porn, they posted DICKS OB MY CAR (that shit kinda funny I gotta admit):

Here the second one where they drew a smaller dick – which describes their own – on the rear passenger side window, lol, smdh!

I recall the time LAPD Wilshire Division blocked me on twitter.

My old neighborhood was crazy (cause of me, lol!). I had SO MANY FOND MEMORIES – Spiritual journies, crazy experiences, etc. There’s nothing like it – well, Malibu is a close second. There is even an alien base located off the coast of Malibu which you can see here:

Anyways, I been heard from various folks that the cops out here, LAPD and all, want me either dead or in prison but to hear it – I mean, the experience was so vivid – from the Spirit Realm, communicating to me what is actually going on tripped me the fuck out! It was so raw and real – just hearing it in such a raw, audacious manner was just an attack in and of itself. It was sooo vicious, uncouth, HATEFUL AND UNJUSTIFIED!

That’s why I know I’m special; to get so much unprovoked HATE you gotta be in this world (I heard a sheriff’s deputy early this morning turn on his siren in an attempt I sense to fuck with me while passing in my car. I just honk my horn in response).

That’s the beauty about dealing with the spirit world. I know people say I’m crazy like I give a fuck (that’s a badge of honour to me), that I lost it after having lived in that old apartment (there was alot of spiritual energy there due to two mirrors facing eaxh other) but I see it as finding myself and my place, what I am designed to do, my mission in this world – which is ALL I cared about before I left my old apartment. After all, I AM ABOVE the nuasances of being concerned and so thus trapped by measily societal hivemind borg organic portal robotoid expectations (I have an overstanding of things and see people for what they are and not for what they appear to be) and I don’t care anymore of trying to appear to be “of the world” aka keeping appearances or keeping up with the joneses at the expense of being me…

So many higher functioning spiritual people (mean people with more than just the lower chakras which is what is all there is in organic portal people – look that phrase up to see what I mean) loss themselves to the world, trying to be of it instead of realizing that you are different than most people so thus you are in it but not of the world!

That’s what in part I am here to teach those who can be reached; to explore your highest spiritual potential and escape this matrix of a maze the Demiurge and the archons created for you all in which they use organic portals and potentially highly evolved spiritual people with black auras and other low vibratory auras to keep us down. That is why I got attacked awhile back which I talk about, here:

That’s why I pay the bill; so that in turn I can serve as a beacon of Light, truth and Bravery to anyone who is on a level of consciousness who can “feel me” if you know what I mean and be Brave to Break Free of this false Matrix-Paradigm system, too!

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