White Punks Pissed Cause I Am Not A Bedwench to Homeless White Cluckerbeast

HERE IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO I CREATED BACK IN 2013: Now onto the video: Here are the comments of his “supporters” – bet they wouldn’t give him a bath of warm hot piss if HIS life depended on it (the homeless guy who they are “caping” for): Look at this lil racist ass youtube channel […]

Photograph of Real Feline Alien Cat Lyran On Earth

[videe_widget width=640 height=480 autosize=false autoplay=false loop=false volume=100 thumbnail=http://video1source1.videe.tv/pcovers/161137527.jpg mute=false async=true background=true videoId=112545] I always said I wasn’t human…   I want you to look at the right eye (or from your perspective, the left) in the picture down below: Note the vertical shape, much like a cat’s pupil, which you can see below: Also, note […]

Exposing the Sexual Predators and Possible Closet Case Homophobes Who Work At The Barbershop On 684 La Brea Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036

That said, look at this shyte:                         Look at the messages he sent me: I suspect it was either one of the two guys here (more so the one sitting down since he said in the email messages that he was, “sitting down” and […]

Attacked By New Millennium Barbershop Employees In Los Angeles and Selective Enforcement by LAPD

REMEMBER THIS GUY HERE:                     Who harassed me for being topless in public as you will see further down in the video below: (Here is a picture the dumbass sent with the email and compare with the above pic and note the similarity in eyes, nose, […]

Black Woman Starts Topless Movement in L.A. And White Woman Gets Credit

I knew this was gonna happen:   Link to article here: http://www.vice.com/read/we-spoke-to-the-woman-fighting-to-legalize-toplessness-in-los-angeles-424   Here is PROOF I did it first: http://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/cacdce/2:2014cv04803/593138                         I felt it in my bones which is why I STOPPED “blogging” about “topless activism” on my site and started focusing on MYSELF on […]

Harassed by Crate & Barrel Batty Boi and the Mental Illness That Is Homosexuality and Transgenderism

*NOTE: I DON’T THINK IT’S A MENTAL ILLNESS BUT IF YOU COME AT ME MORALIZING AND YOU SKATING ON MORAL THIN ICE YOUR DAMNSELF – I’M CALLING YOU OUT!! Now, before I go into my rant on gays, trannies, etc. I just want to start off the topic that kinda started it (well, my thoughts […]

Possible Identity of the Misogynist Perv Who Stalked Me: Recks Robert

::BREAKING:: THIS GUY IS A FUCKING STALKER! His obsession with seeing me “topless” combined with obsessing over telling me that it is not “socially acceptable” for me to be topless COMBINED with him knowing I went to the eyecare place on Monday and Thursday of this week shows he is a STALKER and possible rapist […]

Black Women Stay Away From White Feminism #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

In this video here:     I basically explain WHY white women are not and will NEVER be our friends, no matter how hard they try to act, swoon, and be as if they are one of us and understand our pain: THEY NEVER WILL! No honkkkey ever will!   With that said, in a […]

Sexual Harassment by Reliance Home Services Driver

This is why people hate niggers:   Niggers claim that they detest stereotypes, yet they are at the forefront of supporting their VERY OWN STEREOTYPES, ESPECIALLY NIGGER MALES!   The other day, as I was innocently minding my own business, driving down Wilshire Bvd, I was accosted by a Reliance driver (whose contractor license no. is […]

Second Incident of Harassment by Officer Goldberg After Filing Lawsuit Against LAPD

  I noticed that, right after the Bank of America incident, which you can see right here, I have had a second encounter with the LAPD in which numerous times the PD officer on the scene, Officer Goldberg (badge No. 36672) told me that: 1) They showed up for a naked lady (nasty ass) 2) […]